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The Music Box Postmortem

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Sunday, May 4th, 2014 2:47 pm

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The music box is a hexagonal voxel horror


The good:

The atmosphere was set really well with the music and dynamic sounds such as breathing and footsteps.  The voxels turned out really well being hexagon shaped rather than the boring old cube shape and some times when I was play testing i completely forgot that this was voxel.


The bad:

This is gonna be a bit longer than the good. Even though the voxels looked nice I didn’t have enough time to vary the textures so most of the map is all one texture. The engine I set up for the voxels for this LD wasn’t finished. I still didn’t have an efficient way to place blocks.  So I had to do all of that during the jam. That and the sound took up too much time, as a result the scares were pretty poor due to time. I rushed one type of scare and reused it. The first scare is probably the most effective but the problem is the player can easily be looking the other way and not understand why there is a screaming sound. The gameplay also was pretty bland, you will understand why if you play it, I don’t want to spoil it.

Also some people end up dying near the end of the game because they got hurt too much in first scare and didn’t notice their hp dropping. I should have had a sound effect and an effect visually in the fps camera. I found a glitch late into development which I never got time to fix. Some of the doors would go out of control at times when they were open due to collision with a wall beside it. If the player got hit by the door it would either get time stuck in the ceiling or be shot though the roof and out of the map. Pretty funny at first until you figure out you have to start over. This glitch could have easily been avoided if I made a better way of placing the voxels and other objects. The theme of hexagonal voxel world should have stayed consistent throughout rather than having some smooth models and then some low poly ones.


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what I learned:

-How to create triangles, uv map a primitive from scratch in unity

-How to make 3D models  in blender that are uv mapped

-I need to focus more on the result of the project before I start

-I must stick to graphical themes





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Sunday, May 4th, 2014 5:54 am

I’ve had a fair number of questions about the story and message of my game, Beneath the Surface. Commentators seem to be unanimous in finding it “disturbing” or “dark” or “depressing” — which was absolutely one of my intentions — but only a few seemed to identify the messages behind the obscene gameplay. So I’m finally writing a post-mortem that will hopefully address these ambiguities and expand more generally upon the development process. (It also occurs to me, in a sick whimsical way, that the term “post-mortem” is particularly suited to a game this macabre. And with its near-genocidal content, the term may even need to be pluralised.)

[Spoilers ahead!]


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