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The World Within – Postmortem

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Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014 11:09 am


When the theme of current Ludum Dare was announced, and I read it in the morning, I was kinda puzzled. Even though I voted for it in the final round, I couldn’t come up with any ideas that felt original and  were possible to realize in such limited time span. Which worlds can be connected? The world of living and the world of the dead? The world of rich and the world of poor? The world of dreams and the real world?  It also turned out, that I didn’t have almost any time to work on Saturday, and hope for finishing a game for the compo was lost. So I was a bit discouraged by lack of time and ideas, and was not even sure if I should participate at all.

But I’ve missed previous LD and was eagerly awaiting for this one, so I pulled myself together and started making the freaking game. I decided to stop wandering between ideas in fruitless search for the perfect one and settled with the idea of connection between real and imaginary worlds in child’s vivid imagination. (more…)

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