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Reptilians are among you

Posted by (twitter: @deathraygames)
Wednesday, April 27th, 2016 9:44 pm

I find it’s nice to see other games that have successfully worked with the same general concept as me. My concept was Reptilians, and I’ve found there are a variety of other LD35 games featuring reptilians — some where you stay hidden, others trying to discover us.


Against Us

My Game


Posted by (twitter: @RA_Siewart)
Saturday, April 21st, 2012 5:26 pm


I didn’t do as much work as I hoped I would do. I struggled with Unity’s annoying physics for a few hours, then a few hours more.

I also didn’t know how to do things in Blender (the way I usually do them in 3DSMax), but I was not tempted to go to the dark side (they have cookies, you know). So I guess that’s a good thing.

On the bright side, modifying a shader wasn’t as hard as I expected, even though I have never really done that before.

Then I did some more struggling with Unity’s physics.

But that’s probably the price for making a 2D game in a 3D engine, without any real support for upside down physics.

Oh, wait, somewhere in between I watched the news, apparently our government officially failed today, well who didn’t see that coming, from the start. Bad thing is, it will (continue to) cost the Dutch society a few million euro per day. But this is not the place to discuss political matters, is it? My apologies.

Tomorrow I will have to do all the art: graphics, music and sound effects. Design some additional levels, including some storytelling and finish the game. I should also add a nice license, probably a GPL for the code an some Creative Commons lisence for the art.

If there is some time left I will also do a post about the design choices I made.

Sorry, no teasing screenshot for you. There is not really anything to see yet.

Well, I’ll go to bed now, probably for 6 hours, and then do the more relaxed part of making a game tomorrow.

Good Luck in finishing your entries, dear opponents!

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