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Ludum Dare pro tips: polish up your Unity builds

Posted by (twitter: @rjhelms)
Friday, April 22nd, 2016 12:31 pm

We see a lot of Unity games every Ludum Dare. In the past, I’ve heard some griping about this, but let’s face it: Unity is perfect for game jams. It has its quirks and limitations, but when time is of the essence, you can’t beat a platform that’s easy to work in and lets you forget about the basics, and jump right in to seeing your idea in action.

However, this can be a bit of a mixed blessing: because Unity handles so much for you behind the scenes, there’s a few steps that are easy to forget about when it comes time to package up your game and submit it, but which go a long way to polishing up the impression your game makes on people rating it. Unity’s gotten a lot better at handling these things in a sane manner, especially with version 5.3, but it still benefits your game to give things a once-over.

If you’re not using Unity, feel free to ignore this post, but if you are – read on! I’m mostly going to be focusing on standalone builds, but it’s a good habit to get in the practice of thinking of these things even when you’re intending on making a web game.



Sunday, April 19th, 2015 3:16 pm


Yaaay, we’re in the polishing phase! So far, we’ve got an adventure-like game with …

* four animated characters

* dialogues with voice-over!

* slide-show-style intro story!

* how-to-play page

* funky Creative Commons background music effects

* credit page

* pizza and woodruff lemonade


ButtonFail ButtonPlayAgain

My 12 hour progress

Posted by (twitter: @TomboFry)
Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 4:30 pm

I got stuck for ages with an idea for the theme, so I went with a generic shoot ’em up game! The levels are randomly generated and are different every time you play. Some people say my games are really well polished. Others (myself) say I spend waaay too long on the tiny details…

I’ve learnt well from Vlambeer, using lots of their tips from “The Art of Screenshake”. If you haven’t already: look it up, it will make your game more awesome!

Please tell me what you think so far! 😀

Tomorrow’s Todo:

  • More themed levels/content
  • Music
  • Unlockable weapons?
  • Explained story?

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