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I’m in, first time LDer

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Friday, December 14th, 2012 8:26 pm

So, my idea is pretty cool so far, still have some stuff to flesh out. So, you know when you play any classic RPG, and you have to go around the world and eventually you find out the bad guy is the cause of all your frustrations and has been from the beginning? Well, I want to make an RTSque (is that a word??) game, where you build an evil base, recruit minions, have them help create your evil plot, then you figure out who the hero is and send minions to thwart the hero. More than likely the hero will survive your lackeys and eventually come to your evil base to beat you! Making it possible to win, but very difficult!

Should be pretty simple to make (I believe, I’ve been wrong about project sizes before XDD) so I’ll get to making!

Making it in Game Maker using Phoenix Lighting engine and some other tools (will be outlined in the contents). Ohh yea, this is for the longer Jam, not the compo.

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