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The First Day of My First Ludum Dare

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Saturday, April 21st, 2012 3:22 pm

The little pebble things are the comets you collect.

Every time Ludum Dare comes along I always said I’d do it. But I never could get myself to sit down and do it. This time round is different.

I’m not doing the Dare, but I am doing the Jam. Mainly because I felt better coding a game with a friend; Dan Bell. For the 72 hours, I’m staying at Dan’s place, as it seemed easier to work in the same room than over Skype.

So far we’ve made pretty good progress. Dan came up with what to do very quickly. Basically it begins like an Osmos style game, you collect comets to gain mass, and once you have enough mass you can move onto the next stage.

In the second stage you need to build up an atmosphere, making sure you don’t get too close to stars and boil away all the precious water you may have gathered (Will need to look into the science a little more).

The third stage is similar to the second, you need to avoid getting too hot or too cold, so that the life that has grown on your surface can flourish and not freeze to death. Again, we’ll probably look into this more on the third day.

Today we started at 7am and have managed to get most of the first stage of the game done. Neither Dan or I are artists or composers so we’ll probably be skimping on this things until the last minute.

We’re using Playn for all the game mechanics and JBox2D for all the physics. Both of these have been working fairly well, but are poorly documented at times.

Graphics: Inkscape/Photoshop/aseprite; We’re not really decided on an art direction yet, but will use one of those, tools.

Sound: sfxr and Creative Commons License Music (Most likely) I can’t remember where Dan found a good intro song, will ask him tomorrow.

I’m shattered, so night!

Maybe in

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Friday, August 19th, 2011 8:49 am

Not quite sure if I’m in, 50% certain I can get enough time to try. Then I also need to be inspired by the theme, 40% chance since I’ve got trouble with that recently. Now when it comes to getting done on time, I’d give me a 5% chance, I really suck at that. Finally this would be my first Ludum Dare, which adds another factor of 10% on success chance. These completely made up numbers leave me with a 0.1% chance of success, hooray for that.

I thought about using Ogre/SDL+OGL and a custom toolset I’ve built together with a friend of mine, but decided agaist that because I can’t do anything web-based this way (at least not until Ogre gets NaCl support). For now I’m using play’N (which was known as forplay until the recent name change and is still in alpha stage). While I might have to write code in Java I already have in my C++-toolbox, being able to easily export the game to HTML5 is worth a lot for me.

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