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The Aliens Came Postmortem

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Wednesday, August 28th, 2013 3:50 pm

If you want to play the game, you can play it HERE.

If you want me to play your game, leave me a comment with a link to it.

Title Screen

The Aliens Came — Postmortem

I had lots of fun this Ludum Dare! It was my second LD, my first in the compo, and I was quite happy with my results this time.

I wrote a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game about a citizen in a city that’s been invaded by aliens, and having everything conspire to make you revolt.

What went wrong:

What went wrong: I got shot by aliens and died moments before destroying their base

  • The timer for choices was the source of my original idea, but didn’t fit in the final product as well as I’d like.
  • The timer shouldn’t have been on all of the choices, but I didn’t have time to make a system to disable it for some multiple-choice scenes.
  • I created too large of a story to make art for in the time limit. With drawing as fast as I could for almost the entire second day, I still had to reuse art for about 1/3 of the game.
  • The default font was broken on one of my test computers, so I made my own. I’m not really qualified to design fonts however, so it’s a bit harder to read than it should be for large blocks of text.
  • I didn’t automate the resource handling quite well enough, so that slowed down some of my work.

What went right:

What went right: I did get plenty of sleep this Ludum Dare

  • I came up with a very achievable idea that was still interesting.
  • I built an extensible system straight off, so making the content for the game was easy.
  • I wasn’t overconfident, and used Unity again. I got all my cross platform compatibility for free, even though I didn’t make much use of the Unity editor and only  used one GameObject for my game.
  • I built a flexible level format, and was smart enough to leave the linking to the user, instead of trying to make a really complex automatic link maker.
  • I came up with an art style that I could successfully produce 80-something pictures in in only 16 hours, and it looks quite nice too.

I had a great time this Ludum Dare, and I’ve played lots of fun games. I’m excited to see the results, and eagerly awaiting next time. I’ll be ready.

Submitted: Carry Meow Home

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Sunday, December 18th, 2011 8:32 pm

My game is done and submitted!  The last hours were hectic, both in terms of trying to finish the game and because I had some stuff going on in “real life” of great urgency… so unfortunately I wasn’t able to do a lot of updating.  Ah well… I’m here now!  Here’s the entry link!

Brief summary and screen shots are included with the entry, of course, so I’ll use this space to mention some other things:

First, what went right:  Most everything!  I made a lot of lovely art, got most-all of my intended game mechanics implemented within the time limit, and got a playable game out of an already otherwise very busy weekend!  I learned some new useful programming tricks and now have a MUCH better understanding of how to effectively use SpriteGroups in pygame, which helps greatly with streamlining code.  Hooray for me!  Also it’s my damn birthday, so double-hooray!

What didn’t go as planned?  Well… I didn’t have any time for sfx/music, which would have been nice.  I also wasn’t able to add all the text screens I wanted for a narrative, but that’s actually less than 10 minutes additional work there, so I’ll have it for a post-judging version.  A few other little details: Cars on the road, maybe some time/score mechanism, possibly even predators?  Hadn’t put any thought into that last one really… just an idea that existed.  There’s also still some awkwardness with people’s movements that wasn’t fully polished and makes the games slower and more frustrated than it’s meant to be… I really want to redo some of their pathing logic when I get more time.  I also didn’t have time to add a few little in-game decorations I was considering adding… wouldn’t have really made much of a difference except visually… and without the improved navigation it would have made things slower, so maybe it’s for the better.

OH YEAH!  I also need to mention!  Did you notice?!  All the maps in the game are procedurally generated!  Isn’t that awesome?  Yeah.  I’m bad-ass like that.  Random roads, trees, buildings, ponds… people navigating between them… it’s pretty dang awesome.  Sometimes you start out right next to Mommy… sometimes insanely far away; I would like to make that less random and perhaps make it something like a difficulty setting?  Changing the map size and the number of each thing in it is trivially easy, so I could easy adjust for desired complexity.

Anyways,  yeah.  Please play my game if you haven’t yet!  And vote on it!  And more importantly, give me some feedback!  I want to make the best games possible, so comments and constructive criticism are incredibly helpful for me.  Thanks :)

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