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First 16 mobs

Posted by (twitter: @gillenewnovo)
Friday, September 4th, 2015 3:54 am


We already have 16 monsters, probably put a few others that I will not disclose to not spoil the surprise, but now I have to animate 15 of these monsters 😀


New boss Sketch

Posted by (twitter: @gillenewnovo)
Thursday, September 3rd, 2015 4:31 am

I had some time yesterday to make another boss, then see how this getting, is not yet ready but 😀



Pissed off Zombie – Post mortem

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015 1:34 pm

I made a fast RTS game when you are pissed off zombie who have enough of “zombie killing” games.

At the beginning you own cemetery, which is a spawn point of your army. Every seconds your army is bigger and bigger.

You can’t wait to long, your opponent’s army is also growing. So you should find a weak spots and attack him.

If you kill all enemies from their spot (like base camp), all the graves that are near the base start to spawn zombies. You must think which spots you should take first.


Your opponent are sending troops to your main base, so it might be require to sacrifice some bases, and rescue another spawn spot..


This was the first time when I made pixel art, and I’m satisfied with the effect. I have used piskelapp and it was very easy to use for me.


I like the final effect so I think about developing more content to this game. This is not a game for a big fun after 5 seconds of play. You have to try it few times, to find out good tactics. User learn the game from every play. I’m not sure if it works while ludum dare, so I think about making a user guid or adding some helper on the first levels of the game.

If you are a fan of RTS do not hesitate to try!

Inokan – Boss Concept

Posted by (twitter: @gillenewnovo)
Tuesday, September 1st, 2015 8:35 pm


Today I could just creating this monster, and this let me very slee.. py… zz……z z… z .. z.z .z

Entry :3

Inokan some boss

Posted by (twitter: @gillenewnovo)
Monday, August 31st, 2015 9:26 pm

New concepts of some boss of the game, for D&D lovers :)

Tomorrow we has more.


Inokan – Post-Jam

Posted by (twitter: @gillenewnovo)
Sunday, August 30th, 2015 6:36 pm

With more time and imagination I have a whole dimension to populate.

We also will add more gameplay enhancements, leaving the enemies spawn more controlled and in specific locations.

We plan to do something really cool and fun here so…
.. any suggestion to the game is welcome :)

Entry Here


“The Admin of The Dungeon -In a MMORPG-” Post-mortem: The idea

Posted by (twitter: @@DatamoshGames)
Saturday, August 29th, 2015 12:22 pm

Hello everybody! How are you today? We are feelin’ good! We are Datamosh (a small indie studio, from Argentina) and this is… frankly, I don’t remember. But it is not the first time we take part in a Ludum Dare jam.


Our team consist of a 2D artist (me, Kaeru) and a programmer (Pablo). I think this time the idea stroke us by surprise and in a very organic way. In about an hour after the theme was announced, we had a very clear approach of what we wanted to achieve. The final result is far from perfect, but we feel that is nice, friendly and approachable. Our biggest concern is always to come up with something way over the top or “overworked”.

I want to share some quick tips in -what I think-, had a very good impact in our productivity:

  • We have better and much experience than previous jams (this is obvious, but I have to write it down)
  • We also took part of the LD32 a couple of months ago, so I think we were familiar with that “set of mind” required for a jam
  • So, we kept it “simple”. And focused on the original scope of the project.
  • Based upon experience, by taking a look at our previous games; we optimized the speed of the 2D art by sticking to a SMALL 32×32 tileset for characters.
  • Better time management AND good resting!
  • We took the theme in a less “abstract” way than previous jams. We were more “literal” this time.
  • Whisky -sorry, scratch that-

So, was this your first jam? How did you came up with your idea? Remember, you can play and rate our LD33 game!, leave yours in the comments below!



Rate Inokan!!

Posted by (twitter: @gillenewnovo)
Friday, August 28th, 2015 4:31 am

Hey guys, we are thinking about the continuation of the project, taking more polishing and for this we need your feedback.

Please visit the link to the Entry Page

Out West Post-Mortem

Posted by
Friday, August 28th, 2015 2:12 am

Well, it’s that time! This has been my first Ludum Dare, and it has been great so far. Thank you for all the support! Right, now onto the important stuff.

Out West Promo Photo

Play “Out West” here!


The Concept:

My goal with this first Ludum Dare was to make something small that could be developed, finished, and played without any major bugs. I had been experimenting with text adventures and pixel art, so I chose Twine as my tool, since it’s very easy to use, can be expanded upon, can incorporate art, and is contained completely in one HTML file that can be hosted anywhere and played by anyone.

Once this choice was made, I decided my secondary goal was to try and create a very tense and atmospheric mood with only text, art, and time, disproving the common notion that text adventures are perceived as boring slogs which appeal to a certain niche audience (myself among them). Granted, I cheated a little by including art, but as a picture is worth a thousand words, I felt it would enhance the gameplay immeasurably.


The Bad:

  • The game is very short. I needed to keep myself in check; my games are prone to feature creep (which is one reason I participated in this jam) and tend to balloon into iii development nightmares which can’t realistically be handled by one person. Even so, I nearly didn’t make the deadline. There are three possible choices early on, and then another three later: These immediately necessitate nine different endings, plus different factors which dictate other variables that require separate endings, plus these all tie into the main ending, which must take into account everything that’s happened in the journey. Due to the exponential complexity being created, I had to cut off many ideas I wanted to incorporate and focus on making satisfying endings for what I had. That isn’t a bad thing in and of itself, but it forced the game to become minuscule, which is a bit more of a problem with text adventures, there being a finite amount of content with a definite end, as opposed to Pacman.
  • There was no time to add in any complex game mechanics. I know: Game mechanics, in a text adventure? Surely you jest! In all seriousness though, I wanted to add in even more interactivity through JavaScript enhancements. Unfortunately, there was no time to properly code anything myself or learn someone’s mod. I worked with what I had, and from the feedback it appears that effort’s been appreciated; But I would have liked to do something like roaming AI characters in the town, with random conversations as possibilities.
  • Almost no animation in the art. Again, this was time related. I didn’t want huge cutscenes, just little touches of animation that would enhance the world, like having the landscape bob up and down as if you were galloping on a horse, or animating flames, weapons, movement, villagers, that sort of thing. Repeating gifs, mostly.
  • The game is very linear. This is partially due to writing and the nature of Twine; the story requires a certain progression, and the creation of atmosphere and mood also require a certain amount of control. That being said, there perhaps could be a free-roam period before the start of this particular sequence which allows you to explore the world a little, or some other stuff which could expand the illusion of choice and open world gameplay.
  • The art. Some have commented how they enjoyed the pixel art, and I’m very happy they do – I’m almost a complete novice at it. In general, I’m quite happy with what I was able to achieve with a fire under my butt and limited art skills. I would like to get a bit better at pixel art and go back and polish up some of the imagery to facilitate better immersion in the world.


The Good:

  • The art. Again, I’m a pixel art beginner, and I’m frankly amazed that I was able to finish up all of it in time, and that it’s all decent. Nothing looks horribly out of place, and I’m actually a little proud of the final image that’s revealed at the very end. Gives me hope of improvement in the future.
  • The writing. This wasn’t my opinion all the way through; as I was writing the adventure I was horribly aware that, since it’s a text adventure, everything relies on the writing, and if I messed it up or it simply wasn’t good, the whole thing would collapse with almost nothing to salvage. That said, the feedback that I’ve received about the writing has been positive, with several mentions of it being very well written. I breath a sign of relief. Moving on.
  • I finished it. As with many game development beginners, I fall into the trap of being overly ambitious, even with text adventures. I am glad I put down my foot and had a very strict goal in mind. Though I had to work until the deadline because the art took more time that I anticipated, I still managed to incorporate all the stuff I had planned for this tiny little thing.
  • People seem to enjoy it! I’ll be honest, this was a nerve-wracking experience for me (especially ticking the little “Anonymous Feedback” box). I have never done a game jam before, and had no idea what would be said about something I made. I wasn’t expecting anything, but just the fact that someone enjoyed the experience the way I attempted to craft it is a wonderful feeling. Thank you all again for your feedback. It’s appreciated. And thanks to everyone who’s games I’ve played: They’re all wonderful, fascinating and strange! Well done!



I think I’ll work on this some more, give it a bit more of an edge. I’ll have to be careful: I don’t want to bloat the experience or dilute the atmosphere. We’ll see where it goes. Five minutes of story is vastly different from a three act structure. Either way, this has been an eye opening experience. If you play Out West, I hope you enjoy it. Good luck to everyone!

[New video] Inokan \m/

Posted by (twitter: @gillenewnovo)
Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 8:18 pm

We made a short film showing a gameplay. We intend to continue development.

Entry here

We conjure the game Inokan

Posted by (twitter: @gillenewnovo)
Monday, August 24th, 2015 9:45 pm

After a hard and fun work the game came out in a rudimentary way, but at least is done :3


Jam entry page

The nightmare of Inokan

Posted by (twitter: @gillenewnovo)
Monday, August 24th, 2015 1:13 am

My friend and I decided to collaborate in this LD to create a JAM entry, this is the result we’re getting so far





My first entry to ludum dare; Monster Twins!

Posted by (twitter: @@Crazu1)
Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 4:26 pm


This is a puzzle platformer with it own kinky twist. One of the twins defies physics and hangs around ceiling like it’s nobody’s problem. :) It was fun to make. I wish I had started making it earlier so it would be much longer. But anyway you take what you get. 😉

Monster Twins

Done…..Monster Of All Trades

Posted by
Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 4:12 pm

Compo Entry finished, kept it simple (2 kids and a Game Jam do not make light work) but it as my own work (if without sound) Its a 1 player card game where you play through a story deck of cards and use your own deck to overcome different encounters using the 3 tools at any monsters disposal, being scary, being spooky or being cuddly. Didn’t get to blog much about the progress so added some art below.  In the end weren’t we all monsters……


In the wood

Posted by
Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 7:38 am

Lets try…

My story is about a monster from a typical slasher horror movies, who loves to hunt for teens and lost people.

O Monstro Brasileiro

Posted by
Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 6:21 pm

Under development


Nossa primeira tentativa na Ludum Dare. Estamos com código em construção em conjunto com a arte como mostram os conceitos que fizemos para referenciar melhor a arte. Iremos fazer um jogo simples de tower defense ambientado na Idade Média como tema, mas preparamos um pequeno segredo para o final para se adequar na temática requirida pela Ludum Dare. As screenshots ainda mostram a construção inicial de levels com tilesets que mais tarde serão feitos por nós mesmos.

Our first attempt on Ludum Dare. We are still building the code along with the graphics, as the art concepts we’ve done and showed to reference better final art. We’re going to do a basic tower defense with the Dark Age as theme, but we’ve prepared a little surprise for ya, to fit the Ludum Dare requirements. The screenshots yet show we starting to test new patterns of levels with tilesets that later, will be build with our own made tiles.

20150822_200822 20150822_200834 20150822_200800 20150822_181255 20150822_180100 20150822_180109 20150822_180322 20150822_181133 20150822_181224 20150822_180012 20150822_180018 20150822_180036


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