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Made a tool to convert images/videos into 8Bit/Pixel Style

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Monday, February 5th, 2018 4:31 am

If you are on a gamejam with short time and you need some pixel assets you can use PixaTool that easily help you to convert images/videos into 8bit / Pixel style.

So you can use 3D render images, illustrations or painted images to give that PixelArt feeling. Also have batch processing and can export videos, look the info in the official page and their tutorial to learn how they are done.

Here is an example of the conversion quality

Software link:

Hope you like it! ūüėČ

Artist searched! – HellowPixl

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Sunday, March 26th, 2017 2:51 pm

Hello everyone,

I am looking for someone to help me with art in a game!

The game isn’t for a lududm dare, it’s my current game, and you an see it on my Youtube Channel HellowPIxl!

A link to the current DEvlog is here:

If you wanna help, make sure to write me an email to or write me a comment!

See you in the comments!

LD37: Obelisk – Now on Android for free!

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Friday, February 3rd, 2017 12:31 pm


Following the end of LD37 we have been playing around with the idea of taking Obelisk and expanding it into a full game, but first we wanted to polish the experience we had post jam.

This led us to develop a targeting system for the hookshot and we quickly realised this made it playable on mobile… so we though “why not?”,¬†slapped on some touch controls and threw it onto the Google Play Store ūüėÄ



Hi guys!!

My game “Fat Hero Adventures” (I began to develop it in the past #LD35) is already available on GooglePlay and AppStore.



Fat Hero Adventures
I hope you like it!! :)


“Fat Hero Adventures” already available on Google Play!!

Posted by (twitter: @SantiHisteria)
Monday, December 12th, 2016 11:34 am

Hi guys!!

My game “Fat Hero Adventures” (I began to develop it in the past #LD35) is already available on GooglePlay.

You can download it here:

Fat Hero Adventures
I hope you like it!! :)

P.S.: … and very soon also available on AppStore!


Antique Battle

Posted by (twitter: @@JessusCreator)
Monday, August 29th, 2016 7:55 pm


This game is based on having fun beating all the enemies and try to keep your life safe.

Enjoy it.


Abandon Compo

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Monday, August 29th, 2016 7:41 pm

(accidentally had my game private D; )

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 6.09.19 PM

Initially submitted to the compo, but I added some more polish and another level because there were more ideas! The rewards stage is pretty unfinished and i wanted to do more with it but the time wasn’t there

I hope you guys enjoy it, I had a lot of fun making this. There are a lot of things I would have changed were it a full fledged project but I’m still pretty happy with it overall


play here (html in browser. no downloading :)

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 3.26.34 AM

Small Update

Posted by (twitter: @TheFish523)
Sunday, August 28th, 2016 1:42 pm

Fixed the camera for my entry. Each time you jumped you couldn’t see the enemies below you, it was annoying.

Screenshot2You can get it here .

QWER: Making a pixel game in Unity

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Sunday, May 8th, 2016 8:59 am

Howdy! This is my first post on LD and I thought it would be cool to share what I learned making QWER, my game jam entry for both LD35 and LowRezJam2016.

First of all, feel free to give it a go and rate it if you haven’t yet ūüėČ


Submitting for 2 jams at the same time meant respecting both the theme from LD35 (ShapeShift) and LowRezJam’s rules.

Here’s a summary of the main¬†rules:

  1. Resolution should be 64×64. This means that the game can only have 4096 (64×64) pixels on screen but does not limit your viewport to be 64×64. For example, QWER uses a default viewport size¬†of 640×640 but as each pixel is rendered as 10×10 onscreen, the game resolution is still 64×64.
  2. No inter-pixel movement.¬†This means that objects in the game are not allowed to move in increments lower than 1 pixel. In context of Unity’s transform component, the x,y,z of an object’s position cannot have decimals. (E.g: transform.position.x=10.4 is not allowed)


Taking those rules into account, here’s some¬†tips for making a pixel game in Unity:

  1. Camera Setup
    QWER Camera SettingsFirst at all we have to set the Camera Projection to Orthographic, this is because the game does not require depth and is 2D. The other thing to set is Camera Size. In Unity, an orthographic camera size is defined by the height in pixels from the centre of the viewport to the top. Since our game is 64×64, the camera size (also interpreted as half the height) is 32.
  2. The Grid
    QWER The GridThat one is more of a personal preference thing. I have an empty GameObject called ‘Grid’ under which all other objects in the scene are nested. Notice as well that the Grid’s x and y positions are both -32. What this achieves is that all the nested objects’ ‘localPosition’ values will range from 0-64, 0 being left(x) and bottom(y) and 64 being right(x) and top(y). This makes it easier (for me at least) to deal with¬†object positions compared to (-32 to 32).
  3. Importing Sprites
    QWER Dot Import
    The important settings here are Pixel per Unit and Filter Mode.
    By using a Pixel per Unit value of 1, we make sure that whatever sprite we import will display at exactly the same size as the original. E.g: A 10×10 sprite will display as exactly 10×10 in the game.
    Unity’s default Filter Mode is Bilinear, which smoothes out edges. Since all our sprites are gonna be low rez, the smoothing effect will blur them out. Setting Filter Mode to Point makes sure the¬†sprites willl look sharp.
    QWER Point FilterBilinear:
    QWER Bilinear Filter
  4. Pixel Movement
    Here’s a screenshot of the Pixel Movement Code. Code can also be found¬†here.
    Pixel Movement CodeFirst of all I’d like to say that this is not the most optimized code, but for a small game like QWER, it does the job. This script is basically a base class from which GameObjects that need to move should inherit from. What is does is internally¬†increment the values of x and y positions depending on the speed provided BUT only move the GameObject on screen when the new position reached a new integer.E.g:¬†An object at position x=0 is meant to move 0.4 pixels right¬†each second.
    Second 1: Internal x = 0 + 0.4 = 0.4, Onscreen x = 0
    Second 2: Internal x = 0.4 + 0.4 = 0.8, Onscreen x = 0
    Second 3: Internal x = 0.8 + 0.4 = 1.2, Onscreen x = 1That way, we make sure that we abide to rule #2 which is No inter-pixel movement while still allowing for all kinds of¬†move speed values.A Vector4 is passed in as parameter where x,y,z make up the position of the target and w is for the speed. Here’s an example of how it is called from a derived class: QWER Derived Code Annotation


That’s about it. Hope some of you guys got something useful out of this. If you wanna know more, the source code for QWER is available here. If you have any questions,comments or suggestions, you can reply on this¬†post or contact me on Twitter¬†@Orukinawa

“The Admin of The Dungeon -In a MMORPG-” Post-mortem: The idea

Posted by (twitter: @@DatamoshGames)
Saturday, August 29th, 2015 12:22 pm

Hello everybody! How are you today? We are feelin’ good!¬†We are Datamosh (a small indie studio, from Argentina) and this is… frankly, I don’t remember.¬†But it is not the first time we take part¬†in a Ludum Dare jam.


Our team consist of a 2D artist (me, Kaeru) and a programmer (Pablo). I think this time the idea stroke us by surprise and in a very organic way. In about an hour after the theme was announced, we had a very clear approach of what we wanted to achieve. The final result is far from perfect, but we feel that is nice, friendly and approachable. Our biggest concern is always to come up with something way over the top or “overworked”.

I want to share some quick tips in -what I think-, had a very good impact in our productivity:

  • We have better and much experience than previous jams (this is obvious, but I have to write it down)
  • We also took part of the LD32 a couple of months ago, so I think we were familiar with that “set of mind” required for a jam
  • So, we kept it “simple”. And focused on the original scope of the project.
  • Based upon experience, by¬†taking a look at our previous games; we optimized the speed of the 2D art by sticking to a SMALL 32×32 tileset for characters.
  • Better time management AND good resting!
  • We took the theme in a less “abstract” way than previous jams. We were more “literal” this time.
  • Whisky -sorry, scratch that-

So, was this your first jam? How did you came up with your idea? Remember, you can play and rate our LD33 game!, leave yours in the comments below!



Making Progess –

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Monday, August 24th, 2015 4:39 am


Making progress

Mine Upgrade

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Sunday, July 12th, 2015 5:28 pm

Howdy, I’m back!
I used today to polish off a game I started late last year; Mine Upgrade! (LD #29)

Mine Upgrade is a Point & Click, Idle & Upgrade game where the aim of the game is to progress in Cash & Upgrades.



Once again it was created for the Kongregate Weekly Contest so any Rates & Comments would be greatly appreciated :-) you may play the game at the link below

Edit: Mine Upgrade is currently 4th place! Thankyou!! :)

Did you play Scream(But not too much)?

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Sunday, May 10th, 2015 2:58 am

It¬īs a metroidvania where your only weapon is screaming. This is my first ever Jam, and making this “minigame” was really fun.

I¬īm working on the Postjam version, adding a new whole area to explore, more abilities and working on the “screaming mechanics” to make them a lot better. I have a lot to do these days so ¬†I don¬īt think I¬īll finish it before the LD32 party is over. ¬†:(

But well, the solo-jam version is still waiting for you, so if you have time: please enjoy ūüėČ





Scream(But not too much) by Embalaje – Jam Entry

Elem3nts post mortem

Posted by (twitter: @_Pix3M_)
Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 7:33 pm

My blood and tears, my pixellated blood and tears….

So yes, I participated in this thing, and I made a thing. Things happened. Very things. I am proud.

The good:

I accomplished my goal of making a game which has significantly heavier emphasis on my background art. I required a simple-to-code game which allows me a significantly larger time budget for art.

Map for Elem3nts

Click this image to see it more properly presented, thanks!


I pulled off a similar game jam from over two years ago in the same time, but with multiple tower modes, a functioning upgrade shop, a functioning tutorial, multiple waves, including one boss.

You can see the earlier game jam which I just the graphics for. Being from two years ago, it was clear that while I felt I was a hot-shot at pixel art, I was significantly faster. My drawing fundamentals were much stronger and I could accomplish even more amazing things in significantly less time.

An accomplishment of years gone by.

You can see this game here 

The bad:

I’m probably one of the many people who pre-plan their games before the game jam starts. I originally wanted to make a sequel to another past game jam, recycling old code and making a rogue-like hack n’ slash.

My only real dissappointment was the lack of content where I am using a game that would benefit from having alike at least five more waves for players to go through. Programming also took longer than I thought, though this could easily be myself underestimating the scope of something as simple as what I have. However, programming was actually roughly half the time I spent. The other half was on graphics.

Oh yeah, some art assets were either rushed or unfinished. If people don’t notice, I could instead consider that a job well done, when I am able to make half-finished or rushed assets which people cannot tell was rushed.

Animated sprite of the annoying adventurer

The annoying adventurer, the boss of my game.

The interesting:

Of course, being a pixel artist, I put heavy emphasis on graphics to highlight my strengths and downplay my weaknesses. I purposefully go for games that are more art-heavy and lighter on programming. Drag n’ drop programming ensues (lol, I write GML instead of drag and dropping actions, but yeah)

See this rabbit? It seems pretty clear that my major influences are Japanese-style RPG’s from the 16-bit era

Original monster design. Do not steal.

Cutting corners with palette swaps is also something I love doing, but of course. I also make superficial changes so it’s not a true palette swap too :)

Rabbit sprites

Demure, angry, insane, happy.

Bunny sprites

Faces for when they get hit hard are also fun to do.

I also have worked my ass off into learning how to draw trees. I was high on THC when I made a realization of the sheer magnitude and the sheer magnificense of copy and paste as nature does with plants. This tree is basically everything I know about a tree’s anatomy, more or less. If you look closely enough, you will also notice that I copy and pasted the leaves in several areas to save time spent on drawing this tree.

Let me tell you a story

I put my name on it so devs reconsider if they decide to “borrow” my tree for their projects. *maniacal laughter*

I’ve in general also made massive improvements on my use of color, after getting feedback that I have not been pushing my shading contrast hard enough. I’m proud of where I got after what was basically an overnight improvement when I had to completely rewrite the way¬†I saw color.¬†All in the name of improving on your craft.

Pillar sprite

That contrast, yo.

All in all,

I worked, improved, and I accomploshed. I basically made the game at a quality I wanted to make. As for the sequel to the past game jam that I wanted to make but had to do a TD as an alternative option, maybe I can work on that in my free time rather than waiting for a game jam.

Work harder, expand my visual library, hone my artistic fundamentals, I am totally looking for the next Ludum Dare.

We did it!

Posted by (twitter: @@DatamoshGames)
Monday, April 20th, 2015 10:46 pm

We are really happy to have made it, finally. It was a long weekend. Later, we are going to make a proper post-mortem post. Right now, resting and social life is important.
You can play and rate our game, “Robot Uprising!” here:





Another one skill animation

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Monday, April 20th, 2015 3:10 pm

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