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Ludum Dare 30 – Top 15 picks after 101 games

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Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014 12:05 pm

Out of the 101 games I played so far, 15 stand out. Click on the pictures to try the games.

1. Heart Star (AdventureIslands)

What it is: Retro, balanced, polished and complete with fantastic pixel graphics and short, compelling puzzles.

Why I like it: There is something nostalgic about it.

This is the one game I saw which could be sellable as is.

Heart Star (AdventureIslands)


2. Planetary Marriage Counseling (WeaselZone)

What it is: A hilarious game where you and your spouse are chained together and go on dates.   Works well as a two player co-op game.

Why I like it: It’s fun even when things are going wrong. Epic when things are going right.

It made me divorce my wife over and over again….for the fun of it.

Planetary Marriage Counseling (WeaselZone)


3. Dino Bolt (GeorgeBroussard)

What it is: An endless runner where dinosaurs are escaping a zoo helicopter.

Why I like it: It is fun and addictive. It shows you don’t need a complex idea to make a great game.

I lost time playing it.

Dino Bolt (GeorgeBroussard)


4. Mammoth Monkey Mole (ehtd)

What it is: A puzzler where different creatures have different abilities.

Why I like it: The sounds are hilarious and the puzzles have a good learning curve where you never feel it is too difficult.

You get to play a mammoth, a monkey and a mole. Need I say more.

Mammoth Monkey Mole (ehtd)


5. Hop Hop Planet (SnoutUp)

What it is: A 2-d take on Super Mario Galaxy.

Why I like it: It has great look, with lots of variety and a good replay factor.

All the things that can kill you look friendly, but looks can be deceiving.

Hop Hop Planet (SnoutUp)


6. Space Breakers (DJWizardCop)

What it is: Breakout with a Space Invader twist.

Why I like it: My wife will kill me if I don’t.

My wife wouldn’t give the keyboard back and she did the same when my daughter was rating it.   In fact she is probably still playing it now (I’m hungry – she hasn’t fed me this week).

Space Breakers (DJWizardCop)


7. Red Thread (NickZangus)

What it is: Two linked characters have to negotiate obstacles to reach each other.

Why I like it: The looks that the characters give each other when they die – it’s those little attentions to detail and some wicked, mean puzzles that make this game.

It’s cute and deadly.

Red Thread (NickZangus)


8. Galactic Bonding (alvarop)

What it is: You are a baby planet copying your dad planet’s facial expressions.

Why I like it: It’s short, hilarious and could be played by a toddler.

My daughter (not a toddler) keeps following me around trying to copy my facial expressions.

Galactic Bonding (alvarop)


9. Stanley Squeaks and the Emerald Burrito (Two Scoop Games)

What it is: A puzzle platformer where you play a hungry hamster.

Why I like it:  Cute as hell, and a great game mechanic.

I kept killing the hamster just to hear its death scream.

Stanley Squeaks and the Emerald Burrito (Two Scoop Games)


10. Lethal Reflection (Steve)

What it is: Geometry Wars.

Why I like it: Geometry Wars.

By the guy who wrote Geometry Wars. Need I say more.

Lethal Reflection (Steve)


11. Space Train (SupSuper)

What it is: Snake on a train…. in space.

Why I like it: Quirky and amusing.  It’s fun, but you really don’t care that it’s difficult.

I wore my train driver’s outfit while I played.

Space Train (SupSuper)


12. Burger Beat (TrickFishPie)

What it is: A running game where you bash the keyboard to operate your runner.

Why I like it: It is so bizarre that you have to admire the mind that created it.

Is it wrong that I find it hilariously funny when your man fails to jump a hurdle?

Burger Beat (TrickFishPie)


13. Orange (JaJ)

What it is: A moral tale in a Zelda-esque world.

Why I like it: The use of colour is good.  It does not feel worthy despite the subject matter.

A thoughtful idea, burdened by an overly long maze.

Orange (JaJ)


14. PRISM (rantt)

What it is: A puzzle platformer where they keep changing the rules.

Why I like it: There is a heavy emphasis on the puzzles themselves, not the packaging (which is not missed).

When I first saw it, I thought “not another of these…” but its strength lies in its puzzles.

PRISM (rantt)


15. Savior: Saver of Souls (John Drury)

What it is: Like Super Crate Box with rising lava.

Why I like it: Fast paced, short, and a classic example of the genre.

If only I was as good at this game as I was at killing time with it.

Savior: Saver of Souls (John Drury)



My picks after 100 games played

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Thursday, May 16th, 2013 11:44 am

I played around 100 games and still feel that it’s not enough. I find great new games & concepts on an everyday basis. These are the ones that I enjoyed the most (and were not featured that much afaik). Those already featured only got links 😛

Metahotel by Christian S.


Very addictive, very polished. I’d love to play this on my Nexus 7.

METROCRAFT by gregdevice


Blocky (Minecraft alike) graphics plus 3D Puzzles equals awesome.

Tubulance by merteor


Not the newest concept but a great take on it!

Dropblocks by Doctor Broccoli


Collect “bullets” and cut off parts of the world. It’s fun and looks absolutely stunning.

RogueOut by badlydrawnrod


The unholy child of breakout and rogue. A lot of fun! It actually plays way better than you think it would.

Save the Potato, Save the world. by JohnnySix

Save the Potato, Save the world

Very nice platformer. Has potatoes in it.

hru by gilmore606


Get a ball higher and higher. Very addictive gameplay and nice visuals.

Escape Shaft by Zathalos

Escape Shaft

The concept is easy: Survive! With only 3 lives & 3 shots per level.

GRAViTRON by grimpunch


Collect or get collected! 😀


And don’t forget (if you haven’t already played):

Budget Squad by deepnight


QbQbQb (cube cube cube) by rezoner

… by Dir3kt

Mono Caves by Jools64


Also be sure to check out:

WORDHUNTER by myself 😉

wordhunter v100 in-game


Posted by (twitter: @IcarusTyler)
Tuesday, January 1st, 2013 1:32 pm

Hey guys

So I’ve rated 333+ games now. Woo!

Also, here are some memorable ones.

Abrupt Salvation

You are an evil block-dude/dudette. Destroy the kingdom! Weirdly beautiful, and atmospheric. Very good use of Unity-resources.

I Never COULD Get The Hang Of Thursdays…

Array-of-minigames-story-thingie. Also, you speed-pet a turtle. YOU SPEED-PET A TURTLE

The Fall of Mr. Wily

This is one of the few games with a character-arc I’ve encountered. Excellent use of music.

Internet Avenger

You are the Internet Explorer, sent back in time, to destroy other browsers. Simple, but lovely as hell.

Seeds of Wrath

You’re a bird. Piss off the scarecrow.

Mad Princess

You are the Princess, who actually hasn’t been captured. She hasn’t bee captured at all! Also, she’s evil. Mwahaha. Lovely.


Hurt the cute guy to advance, but not too much. Too cute. Too much evil.


Jerk Simulator. You are hurting your friends. This is too villainous. Seriously, I can’t take it. You try.

Hell Guy Hells It Up

A game about sacrificing villagers and goats. Simple and efficient (also fun).

The World is Mine!

World-Domination-Simulator. You hire Goons and take over cities.

Hang on, this is my game. I am shamelessly plugging this! OH GOD SOMEBODY STOP ME


Once Again, my Top Eight Under 50

Posted by (twitter: @JshCrrgn)
Thursday, December 27th, 2012 10:14 pm

I’ve finally rated 100 of the entries. I was quite impressed with many of them, and as with LD24, I wanted to take a moment to draw your attention to some of my favorites that I feel are underplayed (have under 50 ratings). Here they are, in no particular order (click the titles or images to go to the entry page) …

Trolling – permanente1600 – 48 Hour Compo Entry

A nasty troll does its best to stomp over the flowers planted by a unicorn.

the BRINK – radmars – Jam Entry

Top-notch visual style and audio; feels like a complete game.

Another Castle – RosyPenguin – Jam Entry

Break into each castle and run away with the princess!

My Top Eight Under 50 Ratings

Posted by (twitter: @JshCrrgn)
Sunday, September 9th, 2012 9:26 pm

Now that I’ve rated over 100 entries, I wanted to compile a list of some of my favorite underplayed (under 50 ratings) games from that list. Here they are, in no particular order (click the titles or images to go to the entry page) …

Influenza – Miltage – Jam Entry

A flu virus tries to take over an office building, and must contend with managers, doctors .. and the dreaded janitor.

Eggplant farm – mokujin – 48 Hour Compo Entry

Brother amoebas fight for control of their inheritance, an eggplant farm.

Quantum Seed – motionbit – Jam Entry

A thoroughly appealing game both visually and aurally.

FronSkratx – muh_h – 48 Hour Compo Entry

A game I wish I was much better at so I could experience the later parts. See if you can get farther than me (you probably can).

@#$% Life! I’m the god damn SUN. – Phobos001 – 48 Hour Compo Entry

It may have little to do with the theme, but it’s fun to play and has a great title.

FLOWERBOT – Zccc – 48 Hour Compo Entry

A robot befriends a flower and has to protect it from danger.

Psychiatric Evaluation – ConflictiveLabs – Jam Entry

A mental patient has to keep his sanity up in order to escape.

The Evolution of Flight – AaronYip – 48 Hour Compo Entry

The Wright Brothers take on aliens as they perfect their aerial technology.

That’s all for now; I hope you enjoy playing these games as much as I did!

401 games down – here are my picks

Posted by (twitter: @IcarusTyler)
Sunday, September 9th, 2012 9:32 am

So I just played 401 of the 1406 games this LD (How? I’m a wizard). Here are some that stood out in one or more categories / are particularly interesting / are horribly underrated and deserve more plays.

(links to the LD-entries are in the headers/titles)


Cuboid Sandbox – cominu

I have no idea what’s going on. Some kind of cube-simulation, I fathom. But it is quite pretty.


One Day To Breed – Hazel

You are a cat. Find a partner, breed, and continue as the offspring until you have reached the peak of cat-dom. Quite cute. Also, the second game to feature boxcats :)


Happy Vegan Birthday – Huitre

Ridiculously good-looking point+click full of nice little gags.


EvoRide – inakrinat

It’s essentially Rainbow Road, but with a self-creating dna-path.


Species – mappum

I’m stil amazed by how this game manages to pull off what it does in 2d. More information would spoil the experience :)


FOR THE darWIN – TravisChen

You are Darwin. Dig out fossils to prove evolution, all whilst avoiding the church! Also, this game has the most sensible use of the NumPad ever. Top that!


Where am I? – AgentParsec

Play this game blind. Do not read the description. Do not read the comments. Every bit of information will cloud your playthrough. Just do it.


My Time – GamesByZed

1-day-extra-game by Zed, which is quite focussed. You are the Ludum-Dare-Theme “Evolution”. Show the other themes who’s boss!




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