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drew a bad BIG BAD.

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Saturday, December 12th, 2009 11:55 am

Started to quickly draw a baddy.  A dwarf was suggested… which then turned into a dwarf with lasers on it.  Since the baddy needs to shoot up and down you see.

Drew a really bad BIG BAD… turned out more like a flying green pumkin than a dwarf with lasers on it.

The laser will just be an animated line, and a sound that goes bzzzzzzzz.  With of course a particle effect explosion when it hits something.

Speaking of particle effects, I kind of got my flare going.  So the flare can light up areas either thrown left or right.  Maybe will make it follow the mouse… not sure yet.

Now it’s time to go down to the pub for a friends birthday.  Feel kind of ok about maybe getting some gameplay in tomorrow… and maybe getting a basic game going.

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