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Why do I participate in Ludum Dare?

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Monday, December 19th, 2011 11:09 am

There are many possible answers, even some impossible ones, but only one’s accurate.

I’m ridding myself of perfectionism.

Every time I start a project, I get stuck at worrying over every detail obsessively, to the point where the actual progress suffers. Ludum Dare with its strict time limit forces you to cut down on excess and only bring the meat to the table.

You can’t just wait for inspiration to strike out of nowhere. Inspiration comes when you’re actually doing and refining things. I was in a dead end in the night of day 1, but now I have a game I’m happy with. Perfectionism at its best is quality control for things you’ve already created, not a toll that blocks you from creating because “it won’t be good enough”. And LD always gets me in that sort of flow.


I told you it’s possible.

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