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A Slight Hindsight

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Tuesday, August 28th, 2012 7:57 pm

Sorry I didn’t post a pre-mortem / “I’m in”. I had planned to… Really!

It doesn’t feel like it, but this has been my 7th Ludum Dare, and as always, I’m satisfied. If you’d like to try my game, you can do so here: ← There is also a timelapse there, but I suggest playing the game first if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Here’s what went down, this Ludum Dare:
– I went to bed at 6am, when the theme was to be announced at 11am. 5 hours sleep.
– I made something and walked around in it for a long time when I could have been expanding what I had.
– I fell asleep at the computer for an hour or so, and then went to bed afterwards at I don’t know what hour, but when I had to wake up, It took me a while for my senses to alert, even though I was consciously trying to focus.
– Finally decided what to do with said thing I made, and started doing it. Started getting tired at about 2am, wasting more time and “play testing” my game. Had to take a break.
– A hot milo didn’t help. Tried to battle the tire because at this point I wasn’t satisfied enough with submitting what I had, and I was worried that if I went to bed I wouldn’t be able to wake up until after Ludum Dare ended. I fell asleep again at the computer.
– Luckily, I woke up probably around 2 hours later and had the alertness required to awkwardly record sound effects, compose a track and add some final touches.


So what can we learn from this series of events? I had one hell of a time. That, and also, something I’m beginning to realise, is just how much more could be accomplished with a focused mind and a plan. I feel I could have done twice as much if I kept a better todo list and had things in the front of my mind to do instead of wasting time playing my unfinished game. Oh, and also having a better rest, like last time. To be fair, I haven’t really made this kind of game before, so I was learning as I made this too. I still look forward to playing the games where everything went right; I don’t think anyone has seen what can truly be achieved with 48 hours, even though so many people leave Ludum Dare in awe.

Well, it’s time to rate more entries.

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