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Pac Hunters

Posted by (twitter: @thatorange08)
Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 12:04 pm

My Ludum Dare experience didn’t go too horribly… in the duration I came up with 3 quite nice game ideas, 1 of which turned into my Ludum Dare game jam entry(the other 2 are potentially future projects).

When faced with the “You Are The Monster” theme, I started thinking of various classic video games, and trying to reverse the roles. At first I thought reversing Pacman would be a bit too ambitious, thinking the AI would be hard to program… but when I finally decided to hunker down and give it a try, it turned out it wasn’t so difficult(experimentation paid off!).

And that is how Pac Hunters came to be.

hunting a dangerous pacman

In Pac Hunters you take control of a single ghost(you switch to another one if you get eaten) and try to help corner the sadistic pacmen who are attempting to make off with your highly valuable ghost pellets! After catching all the pacmen in each level you will go to a new room with new challenges. It’s very important to keep the pacmen from ever reaching the powerups, if they do… it can be fatal. Don’t let them eat all your pellets either.

You can give the game a go right in your browser on the Ludum Dare page:

About halfway through the Jam I was reading the rules and discovered even the music has to be made in the time limit… which means no browsing the internet looking for a suitable track! Fortunately one of my composer friends was online and was happy to compose a track for my game! I don’t think the music could have been any better! Really impressed by my friend, Nicholas Short!

Thanks for reading and have fun! :)


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Monday, April 29th, 2013 8:34 pm

So, yeah. With family and such I wasn’t able to pull together the basic movement system until today. I set a reasonable expectation for myself, a one button Pac-man. However the delay cost me not being able to add more levels, smooth the movement or find all the little bugs in the movement. Still for my first LD I think I managed all right.

Without further delay, I introduce:

MINI the MALISM Potatoe Beetle

Title Screen


Tools: Game Maker Studio (only because of the notice of 3 hours before it started) and some MS Paint.

Pacman Revenge!

Posted by (twitter: @Galvesmash)
Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 8:59 pm

My name is Gabriel Galves and I come here to talk about my little game of February, Pacman Revenge!


In 2010 I created the first version of this game in Flash, now I decided to do a remake using Construct 2.
It was my first experience with such a program.

Pacman Revenge! PLAY
Basic game where you control the Pacman with the arrow or WASD keys and shoot with the mouse to kill the ghosts and gain points.

# onegameamonth – Galvesmash

Game Submitted!

Posted by (twitter: @caranha)
Sunday, December 16th, 2012 1:37 pm

5 hours before the deadline, but I have to work tomorrow, and I didn’t get any sleep yet (5AM now). *Sigh*

Well, the game is mechanically done, and I think I did a nice job graphically as well. I added some music to the opening and closing screens. It is autotracker music, but much, much better than nothing. The opening screen has a small animation, I hope you like it!

There is a bunch of stuff that I wanted to make in this game, but didn’t had the time to. A better coder than me could probably have done these on time too. But so far, I’m happy with my entry.

Now it is time to sleep a little, and get ready for the rating marathon! Whee!

Go play my game :-)


Posted by (twitter: @caranha)
Sunday, December 16th, 2012 9:23 am
Game at 38hs. 10 to go!

Game at 38hs. 10 to go!

After 38hs, I have something actually resembling a game. Wakka Wakka Wakka sounds are in! Even though the AI is pretty dumb, the game provides a decent challenge. If you could try it and let me know what you think regarding difficulty levels and controls, I would be eternally grateful! Also tell me what you think of the sounds!

Now where do we go from here? First I need to fix the shitty (literally!) intro screen, and also add a high score screen (including music for both – the game screen sounds fine as is). After that, some way to ramp up the difficulty (speed up pacman, increase power pellet time, different maps?). If there is enough time after that, I will try to fix the Java applet, that somehow stopped working after I added sounds to the game :-(. IF, very IF there is still any time left, I will try to put into the AI. But that is not likely.

Prototype Number Trois!

Posted by (twitter: @caranha)
Saturday, December 15th, 2012 8:21 pm
Now I have a much more "pacman-y" look, power pellets, victory and losing conditions!

Now I have a much more “pacman-y” look, power pellets, victory and losing conditions!

Links to play:

25 hours into the dare, this is what I have achieved. The game now has a definitely “Pacman-y” look to it, with the new maze tiles. I’ve improved the ghosts’ look a little too. The main difference this time is the power pellet. Pacman can now kill your ghosts, who will become confused and erratic during the duration of the power pellet. The map in this prototype is a test map that should allow you to see the different options (victory, losing, having your ghosts eaten by pacman, etc).

You select ghosts using 1-4, and you move with ASDW or the arrow keys. If anyone could provide feedback regarding the responsiveness of the controls, it would be much appreciated!

Now to dive into some basic AI for Pacman and the ghosts!

Second Prototype! Reverse Pacman

Posted by (twitter: @caranha)
Saturday, December 15th, 2012 10:28 am
Second prototype of my game. All placeholder art, but most of the mechanics are in place.

Second prototype of my game. All placeholder art, but most of the mechanics are in place.

15 hours into the Dare, and this is what I got to show for my efforts:

The basic mechanics are in place: you can move your ghost, and you can switch among ghosts. If pacman eats all the pellets you lose (and go back to the main screen). If you manage to catch Pacman, he dies, and you win (and go back to the main screen). There are a few mechanics that I have yet to implement (power pellets, scoring, ramping difficulty), but the game is mostly feature complete now. Now it is the time to add actual art, sound, and balance to the game, and this is my plan for sunday.

Feeling good.

Here are the links to the prototype:

Tiny World ’82 – Post Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @yorgle)
Tuesday, April 24th, 2012 7:52 pm

For LD23, I decided to go full-retro, and make a z80-based game that runs on Pac-Man arcade hardware. I’m not going to lie to you, I didn’t even come close to completing it, and I’m totally fine with that. You can see the “finished” product here. From there you can get the romset (mspacmab – bootleg spaceman, for reasons I won’t get into), the source, and the link to the google code repository that has my Z80 kernel which I used for it. Fact of the matter is, I wanted to do a Z80/Arcade rom game for LD, I did it, and I’m happy that I did. I think I may do this for future LDs as well, learning from each (failure) along the way.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish something in time for either the regular compo or the jam, but I wanted to see how much I could get done in time, without going out of my way to devote all 48 hours on it.

I was coming home from a work trip, so if you watch the time-lapse off of the link above, you will see that I’m actually working on it in an airport (in Atlanta, Georgia) as well as on an airplane, along with on the couch at home and at an office desk. I squeezed in as much time as possible.

The main thing that prevented me from getting (a little) further is that I was planning to spend evenings on the work trip i was on, in re-aquainting myself with the tools (assembler, z80 kernel, etc) that I haven’t really looked at in about 5 years. I also wanted to add support in my “Llemonide” z80 IDE/emulator, for building and better debugging. Instead, for various reasons, I was unable to have any downtime at all on the work trip to devote to this project. I was essentially going in to LD completely green on the subject. I spent a lot of time creating the project, remembering how my z80 kernel works, basics like that which should have been old-hat.

So what did I learn? Spend A LOT of time getting familiar with your tools. Do practice jams. Try to minimize the amount of boilerplate stuff you’ll be recreating to save time. You need to spend your time making your game, not fumbling with your tools.

Better luck and progress next time!

As a sidenote, all of the source for mine is available at the page for Tiny World ’82, along with links to the tools/kernel, and the romset. I have included instructions to running it within the Google Chrome browser, in case you don’t have MAME handy. Check it out and review it if you like. I’m just hoping for an non-zero score on this one. 😉

LD Retro

Posted by (twitter: @yorgle)
Saturday, March 31st, 2012 7:37 pm

In the past, I’ve made a few arcade ROM hacks, new Z80/Pac-Man hardware ROM code, as well as writing some tools that quite a few people have used over the past 15 years or so (AGE and Turaco). Being that this next LD is notable as being the 10th, I figured I’d celebrate by attempting to do an LD entry that is “retro” to the fullest extent that I can think of.

I’m going to do a 16kbyte “Ms Pac-Man Bootleg” (mspacmab) romset entry. I will provide an emulator so that you can play it in a web browser (or at least via Java) or you can drop the romset into your MAME emulator port of choice to try it out. (Note: This means I’m targetting that cpu (Z80) Memory Map (Pac-Man Arcade Hardware), Color PROM (MsPac-Man), etc. You will be able to burn the roms, and drop them onto real hardware to play this!)

I’ll be using my z80 kernel (some routines to simplify screen drawing, handling a coindrop menu, that kind of thing) which is available on google code here: . (Also there are the graphics tools mentioned before (Turaco), as well as a slightly modified Z80 assembler, adding some things that simplify use in a constrained ROM memory map)

It should be pretty fun and very challenging! I invite any of you as insane as I am to pick your retro platform of choice (Commodore 64? PET? Amstrad? Sinclair? Atari 8-bit? Amiga?) and go for it for this one along with me!

I haven’t really been in a Z80 headspace in a couple years now, I’ll be starting this on the end of a work business trip ,coding in a hotel and airplane, then working on it while helping care for a toddler, and that the tools aren’t as advanced as for other platforms…

I’m sure my entry and effort will go down in a blaze of failure, due to so many things being against me on this, but I’m going to give it a try anyway. 😀

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