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Game published on OUYA and ready to download and play for free!

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Tuesday, March 11th, 2014 12:28 am

Game published on OUYA and ready to download and play for free!

If you have an OUYA and have an account click on this link to start the download automatically in the console!:

Click to Download The Running Dead on your OUYA !

The game will start to download in your OUYA! is only 1.9mb!

Ninja Twins working on OUYA! (Video)

Posted by (twitter: @DavitMasia)
Sunday, July 7th, 2013 8:34 am

Friday i received my OUYA and started to port Ninja Twins.

Actually the game runs perfectly on OUYA and can be finished at 100%

You can see the video here:

Unfortunately, the engine i’m using(Multimedia Fusion 2) still not have all the options to upload the game for revision.

I thought was complete but when i tried to upload i get an error saying:
“apk is missing res/drawable-xhdpi/ouya_icon.png”

I know the icon must be named exactly “ouya_icon.png” with a resolution of 732×412 and placed at “/res/drawable-xhdpi/” but this last, the directory location MMF2 still not have the option! :(

BTW, i hope an update adding the necessary to upload the game for revision. While is time to adapt No Time To Stop for OUYA too 😉

Here you can see the video taken from a Pre-Alpha version:

Recommended wacth on full HD to see better all details/effects 😉

The game is still in development and will be released “When it’s done”  but i hope get finished on 2014 for desktop versions and release the mobile (ios/android) and OUYA in the nexts weeks.


Nedd more info? check this links:

Official website 

Concept Greenlight

Tigsource Devlog

GameJolt Profile


What about OUYA?

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Tuesday, June 25th, 2013 1:00 pm


I guess you all know that extremely successful Kickstarter Project called OUYA. Yeah, that (indie) console thing 😉 Well, you also might know that it got released today and so on.

(Here should be an Image of the OUYA)

Android based Console for 99$

Soo, that’s where I wanted to ask you, what you think about it? Sure, it got funded with 904% of their goal, what is equals to 8,5Mio Dollars, but I heard many people talking about it and how hard it will fail.

It has 1 GB of RAM and a low-end chipset and it is based on a Smartphone OS. Nothing really impressing, though it will cost only 99$ and has an interesting concept of selling games: Only In-App purchases. Well, my experience with In-App purchases is bad. Too many Freemium games, Coinstores, etc. There are just too many games (I’m talking about  Google Play and iTunes) that are really awesome and free to download. But when you are ingame, you have to spend money to win the game. (A Game wich solved this problem excellent was Team Fortress 2.) I am scared that it will be the same on the OUYA since it is the only way for developers to gain money. On the other side, when enough people solve this thing good, it might be cool, like being able to play and achieve everything in the game (in a normal time) without spending money but being able to buy stuff like Hats (Yeah, everyone loves them) and so on.

Long things short,

Do you think it will be a success? Are you going to buy one? And, most important, do you want to make a game (maybe for the Ludum Dare) for it?


Cheers, numpad

My no entry for LD26, still too slow to coding, next time!

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Tuesday, June 18th, 2013 9:42 am

I started to work in “No Time To Stop” near the Ludum Dare 26 and my idea was enter with it but unfortunately no arrived with enough gameplay, still i’m to slow to code :S

At first the game was made using a 16 color palette with a resolution of 120×80 and scaled later to 8x, all very minimalistic, here the first game style.


Now my idea is try to do something more colorfull with shadows/lights and glow but keeping the 8x pixel-art, here a screenshot:

No Time To Stop


To see the game in movement:


Some info about the game:

Resolution: 960×640
Genre: Arcade/Platformer with some logic/puzzles
Platforms: Win,Mac,Linux – Android/iOS – OUYA and maybe GameStick
Engine: Multimedia Fusion 2


For complete info you can check the official website or if you want to follow the development check the Tigsource Devlog .

And a few days ago the game was uploaded on Greenlight 😉


And well I hope code more fast for the next compo or at least enter some fun-playable!.


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Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 12:45 pm

This Suese has received his OUYA Dev Kit.   You are witnessing quite possibly the first 3rd party image of a working OUYA console.  How exciting!

Revolutionary Indie game console for the TV.

Revolutionary Indie game console for the TV.

Lots of people said we wouldn’t get this far,  but we did.  The Indie game has changed.  The TV is now ours!  Rejoice.

I’ll post the unboxing video soon with my initial review with bugs and bouquets alike.

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