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Introducing “Carl the Crack Head”

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Friday, December 14th, 2012 11:51 pm

so yea, I am doing an Atari VCS/2600 game, though I have to work this weekend …


You are Carl, you are a crackhead, its 10 days before Christmas, and the only gift you can think of is a gigantic rock that will “send you to the moon” . Of course no one in their right mind will give that to you, so you make your own holiday spirit … by stealing enough crap to buy the boulder via breaking and entering.

At first it seems too easy, as the decent folk of the city are out shopping, or at plays n whatnot … but since you live in a small town you quickly run out of new targets, and the owners of the houses you already hit get wise… and more defensive of their property, nothing will stop you but a number of bullets into your drug tweaked body.

Items finished:

  • Multicolor Title Screen
  • City Map
  • Play-field Collision
  • Carl’s sprite (non animated atm … depends on time)
  • Controls
  • Atari Missile collision with Carl, fired from enemy
  • Enemy collision with Carl
  • Java port of “Stella” emulator setup on my personal site so people dont have to find a emulator to check it out

My two screenshots ATM:


carl city

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