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[Orchid] Codename

Posted by (twitter: @exodrifter)
Sunday, December 15th, 2013 2:45 am

It’s kind of dark in here and Jim is sleeping.

2013-12-15 03.28.41-small

I’m here to announce our participation in Ludum Dare before I go to sleep. Well, this post is a bit of a late announcement, seeing how Ludum Dare 28 started hours and hours ago, but if you’ve noticed any pictures of people who were mysteriously not explained, that’s us. Specifically, team Whitesnake was snapping pictures of their members earlier and happened to catch some of us in the background in one of their posts. In the red is me, exodrifter, and in the white shirt is Jim. Our third member is William, who had some sort of crazy magical psychic skills and didn’t end up in the shot.

Whitesnake is actually working at the same location as us and it’s kind of fun to bounce back and forth and see what shenanigans people are up to.

William and I are both Computer Science students at UT Austin and Jim is serving in the US Army. It’s easy to guess what William and I are mainly doing (programming). Jim is doing a smorgasbord of things like design, art, and music. We’ve decided to call our team “Orchid”, and since I like code names, super top secret (not really) shenanigans, and kind-of tautologies so much, we’ve also decided to code name the game “Orchid”.

We had to start late because William and I had to take an algorithms final exam earlier today, so the ball on this game didn’t really start rolling until 17:00  CST. I actually still have another final exam on Monday, so I’m going to have to take breaks from development to study foreign language.

Here is a screenshot of what we got so far. It’s mostly stuff I’ve worked on, since William seems to be too busy working at the moment. We’re making a world domination-esque game similar to DEFCON in some ways.


This is what the game map looks like so far. I have based most of the city locations off of cities that exist in the real world. There are also wonders on the map that you can defend or destroy and those weird box reticle things are where you can build units. The goal of the game is, well, to destroy everyone else. More on that later.

We decided to make the github repo public, in case anyone wanted to take a look:


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