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An Orc enters into a bar.

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Friday, April 17th, 2015 10:41 pm

First thought about doing a game alone: you have no one to discuss with. Can be bad or good; but i got an idea, i pictured, and i’m already working on it.

I had to move to my 5 yo computer with windows: Mac and iOS makes things hard.


So far, the game is simple:

Beat em up. You are an orc in a roleplay game, like D&D: you get insulted by a drunk guy, you left your weapons at the castle. So, you berserk and start fighting with everything at range: brooms, chairs, mugs, even some people and dogs.

I hope i can at least make it look like one: no programming and not being an artist will have some costs in time, but hey: i’ll learn a lot, i guess.



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