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Game Development; A Four Month Retrospective

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Monday, December 16th, 2013 11:39 am

So, I have been learning C++ for some four to five months now. Last Ludum Dare, I used C++ to make a text adventure game. That was the first ‘official Ludum Dare’ game I made with C++, and I was pretty happy with it. This game had no graphics or sound, and that’s because I didn’t know how to program those at the time. This LD, I made a game with graphics and sound, personally, I think it’s pretty cool I was able to learn these skills in just four months.

Or, as I put it in a post on the second of October; “I am still learning more and more about C++ and OpenGL, so maybe next LD I will have sound and graphics. Who knows.” I am proud that I was able to make something playable in OpenGL and SDL in the span of just 48 hours that also had sounds and graphics. Thank you, everyone.

My progress over just four months, represented by menus.

I will still be doing a post-mortem after the voting ends, I just thought I could share this cool experience with you guys.

Here we go again

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Saturday, December 14th, 2013 7:33 am

It’s Saturday morning here in Argentina and I already wasted a lot of time, but I think I can still make it.

I’m using my own opengl-based engine, Crimild, and standard tools for asset creation: Photoshop, Sketchbook Pro, Blender, Audacity and Sfxr for sounds.

Wish me luck!


I’m in!

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Friday, December 13th, 2013 10:08 am

This is my third Ludum Dare.

I’ll be using SDL + OpenGL. I also have a small code base I use which can be found here

Anyway, good luck everybody

Being Proud of Games

Posted by (twitter: @powderblock)
Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 11:41 am

Something I am coming to learn well is being proud of the work that I do in games. I have quite a catalogue of 15-20 projects I consider ‘playable’, probably five of which I am proud to be called the father of. My latest project, a building block based game, is a game I am very proud of. It is one of the most visually pleasing games I have ever made, and the gameplay is calming. I look forward to the next Ludum Dare.

A ‘house’ I built in my game.

Thought I should share that with you guys.



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Tuesday, November 26th, 2013 1:49 pm

Hey guys! Just finished up an amazing Jam where the point is to link a button in your game to a charity of your choosing. You may have heard of it as we have all been talking about it for a few weeks now here on LD. Anyway, my game is called MINIMALISTIC TURBO and I am very proud of how this turned out. This was my first game with a menu, sounds, actual graphics, and I really am just really glad with how it turned out. I think what I enjoy most is the tight controls, gameplay, and how there are very few bugs, no really, I gave this to my testers and they couldn’t find anything that was actually a bug. A few small tweaks, but no game breaking faults. This is pretty big, if you remember my last LD game, a text adventure that was pretty buggy and more often than not break for testers. I am still pretty proud of the text adventure, it was really big for me at the time and still is pretty complex, anyway, that just shows how much I have grown.
Something else I added in this game were sounds I haven’t really had any experience with sound in games, I mean, I had played around with some stuff, but this was my first game that really embraced that and did it well.


I am a little bit unhappy with how my text ended up on the main menu, the taglines at the top are different lengths, and I couldn’t figure out a clean and quick way to center it because I am using outdated OpenGL and GLUT. if I could learn how to do textures soon that would be more than helpful. .-. I tried to get SOIL to work DURING the Jam, and well, that didn’t really work. However; I didn’t try too hard on that. I learned about getting burned out  and sticking on a problem a while ago, in a Mini-LD. (Pro-Tip: When stuck on a problem, find a kludge, make a note, move on, come back to it later.)

Anyway, all in all, I am really proud I was able to do this, and I hopefully helped the Red Cross along the way.

Wanna play my game? You can look for it here, or download the game.
Use the hashtag #MINIMALISITC_TURBO to tweet about my game! Or, follow me on the twittertwaters (@powderblock) for live tweeting late night fun.

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Friday, August 23rd, 2013 10:54 am


I am in for the Jam! It’s my third time but I never finished a game.
This time I will be using my closed source library which is more flashed out than my open source one.


  • Go
  • OpenGL 3.3
  • GLFW 3.0.2




No sound. Library has no sound support at the moment :(


My goal is not to give up, if a bug or problem arises with my library.
And to finish a game, which means just uploading something which can be considered a game.

I’m in

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Friday, August 16th, 2013 3:48 pm

This will be my second Ludum Dare, the first outside of the Jam. I’m planning on using C++ with SDL for OpenGL, but if the theme seems to need it I’ll use Unity3D.

No matter what, I’ll be using Photoshop for 2D graphics.

If I use C++:

– SOIL (Simple OpenGL Image Library)

If I use Unity:

– Blender for 3d graphics

Runaway Money

Posted by (twitter: @grimfang4)
Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 2:41 pm

It’s been a full year since my last LD…  ::sigh::  But it’s great to do it once again!

This time I made Runaway Money, a party game about being invisible and stealing money.  Sounds kinda fun, right?  Does it also sound kinda strange that a multiplayer game would use invisible players?  Yeah, me too.  I had to think a while to make sure it was possible.

As it turns out, it is and it’s pretty fun.  Give it a try with your friends!

Can Anyone Please Help? (SFML)

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Saturday, April 20th, 2013 9:20 am
Help Plox!

Why does this happen?


The first comment here seems to confirm Stingray Polymathic’s (Thanks again!) description of the issue:

I’ll go see about adding in a floor() method to see if that solves things.


Floor() ‘ing and position update values did the trick for now, and seems to be the best way to handle pixel perfect rendering ( which in retrospect, is rather obvious).

Click for a better look at it. It’s a very small 128 x 128 px sprite which should be rendered at a 1:1 scale from my understanding, but for some reason is occasionally distorted. The blue ‘eyes’ are the wrong size and the red triangle looks off if you look at it closely. It might not seem bad looking at the picture, but it’s been annoying.

Background info:

I’m rendering an sf::Sprite in my update loop in a  sf::RenderWindow, with the texture from a png file. Everything seems fine usually, but sometimes the sprites seem to distort a bit. As you can see from the clipped screenshots in the background the sprite usually looks the same, but occasionally looks like it does in the running window.

Vsync is enabled, and the top middle yellow text is from a very simple frame rate display i wrote, the top right is from fraps.

If it helps, i use SFML 2.0 rc and you can find all of my library code & the sfml binaries here:

I have no idea why this happens. It seems random.
Further, until I move the sprite, it continues to be distorted in exactly the same way every frame.

OpenGl 4.3 Context according to my logs. Anti-aliasing is at 8. depth bits at 24.

Nvidia GTX 550 ti, driver v 314.22 (latest)

Windows 7 x64 bit ( engine is built/running 32 bit though ).

Any help, tips, or pointers would  be vastly appreciated.
Thank you!

Here’s what I have so far

Posted by (twitter: @DJ_Link)
Sunday, September 30th, 2012 4:27 pm

So here’s what I have, a small iOS game =)

I call it Puwang


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Sunday, August 26th, 2012 10:05 pm

So many problems this LD, being the first week of the college semester had tons of homework and rolling blackouts in the area (thanks to the fact that a LOT of people are home doing homework, on a super hot day with the AC’s on, worst power outages of the year so far).  Actually lost power twice yesterday!  Thank god for battery backups and incremental saves though, I pushed through and though i lost a lot of time and didn’t quite do all I planned I managed to release a complete game again, just recorded a bit of it to show off the evolving aspect.  The creatures body parts are independant and when you kill anything you “absorb” it’s DNA/traits and it reforms you into some…generally pretty silly looking things. (blob with bat wings and a wolf head, wolf with bird head, etc…basicly any combination of the monsters found in the game)  It actually works pretty well and the dynamicly combining sprites don’t look half bad, especially for artwork I did 😀

check it out here, it’s short as i cut straight to the evolving parts, but then the game is pretty short too, there’s only about 7 map areas but they’re all linked and you can freely explore them. (the maps are all done in tiled so you can edit them and link in more maps too if you really want)


Unavoidable Delays

Posted by (twitter: @LyndonArmitage)
Saturday, August 25th, 2012 7:40 am

I have to go out now to an aunts birthday and then see a friend off to their new house so I won’t be able to program for the rest of the day, hopefully I will be able to have something small and finished by the end of the Jam however!

In the mean time here’s another screenshot, so far I have some collisions and death, it needs the AI and evolution part to come but for now it’s shaping up.

Little Progress

Slowly but surely

Posted by (twitter: @LyndonArmitage)
Saturday, August 25th, 2012 4:14 am

I started working on this at about half past 9 local time (two and a half hours ago) and now have a simple engine built that I can play with.

The first screenshot of the engine


As you can see, it’s very basic at the moment, and looks a bit like Asteroids (which I have made in the past) but that’s only due to me not bothering to change the background colour to a blue.

All objects will be made up of simple shapes. At the moment I have only implemented rectangles and triangles; the funny shapes you can see are just part of the background at the moment and I made them to make sure everything worked with displaying before implementing the shapes, they might even get removed entirely.

The objective of the game is to fend off increasingly advanced enemies made from similar simple shapes to you, that slowly evolve depending upon which ones last longer than the others. I plan on using a very simple genetic algorithm for cross-breeding the enemies to make them slowly evolve.

Think how Spore’s microbe stage worked and my game will hopefully be a bit similar but not as pretty and with more emphasis on evolution instead of design.

Rediculosis Final

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Thursday, April 26th, 2012 5:41 am

I added some bits and bobs to my entry version of the game. I’m done with it for now, but maybe in the distant future I’ll come back to it and make a much better version.

main changes:

– added sound and music

– added pause, sound and music toggle

– changed level layouts to be more interesting

– changed speed of the game to generally to play faster

You can download it for Windows from here:

150 Rated – Favorite Picks + Tiny Defenders Postmortem

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Tuesday, April 24th, 2012 8:45 am

I’ll start with the part that’ll interest more people….now that I’ve rated 150 entries, here are my top 7! (in no particular order)

Bottlecolonies By tcstyle : A clever little strategy/puzzle  game, the art direction is great, the sound both fitting and awesome, and the gameplay itself is solid and complete…a joy to play

Nanofactory By JustinMullin: A solid puzzle game about a nanobot assembling widgets, a little hard and cryptic at first but the puzzles are both simple and clever

ANT SURF HERO: THE SURFENING By Jigxor:  A refreshing change from the massive number of dull uninspired platformers,  aside from a few physics issues it’s really fun,  and riding on top of the ant is amusing to say the least.

Housefly By dacap: You play as a fly on a mission: to get back outside!  It’s a short but very immersive adventure game with solid controls, great visuals and sound…its hard to describe but the flight control feels “right” for a fly. Very fun.

Recluse By chambers: You play as a snail with a neckbeard in a “metroidvania” type game….but with a twist.  Easy 5/5 for innovation personally, I don’t want to ruin it by the starting room is misleading and it quickly introduces one of the most unique gameplay mechanics i’ve ever seen. (even if it is mostly a gimmick…it fits the theme very well)

Hero of Rain By 31eee384: Extremely incomplete but what there is of it is very enjoyable, the story is both fitting and interesting, the gameplay is for the most part pretty good (though touchy at parts). All around a good feel to this game.

Fusion Time! By NeiloGD: A simple but solid arcade-type game where you fuse atoms in a sun.  Theres not much too it but the explosions and strategy of timing the fusing makes it surprisingly fun to play.

Please try these out if you havent! Most still have a pretty low number of ratings and could use some more love! Also, <shameless plug> I really wouldn’t mind a few more tests on my entry as well, it’ll be linked below with the timelapse and postmortem</shameless plug>


First off, here’s the link, try it out yourself and let me know what you think!

I have to say…I had more fun with this theme than I would have thought, it was a lot easier to make a game that fit the theme but was still….you know…a GAME..than it was for “alone” (LD22)

What went right:

  •  My game Idea! I came up with it MUCH faster this time and IMHO it’s a much more fun game than my 22 entry
  •  My cross-compilers were already set up, saving me a lot of time testing the windows build
  • Using my sprite editor (listed in the tools section to the right) I was able to do what little spriting I needed very quickly with decent results, it was MUCH easier than trying to do it in GIMP (great editor….not so good for animating)
  • I planned fairly well what I would have time to do,  I was complete (though had to cut a few units) and able to submit before the rush.
  • Deciding early to render with opengl instead of plain SDL was a good call,  I ended up abusing it quite a bit to scale/recolor graphics & text (SDL can do it but it’s so slow it would be near unplayable..).  Having recently written a LOT of OpenGL code also it was pretty fresh in my mind and I was able to painlessly get it up and rendering.

What went…welll…not quite as right:

  • Once again, LD fell on a weekend I had to be gone quite a bit, I wasn’t home on saturday till nearly 6pm, so I lost a good 18 hours of copetition time there (seriously, i had NOTHING planned that couldn’t be moved for like.. a month prior and a month after…only that one day)
  • I had to take care of some stuff outside friday and was EXHAUSTED after the theme was announced, ended up losing even more time by going to bed early. (though i did finish a opengl renderer + sound system before then)
  • I had a OpenGL/SDL/Angelscript based game engine I’ve been working on for quite some time that I was going to use so I could concentrate more on game code….unfortunately I had some last minute issues and there was no way I’d get a windows build of the engine working in time, so I had to change plans and just write a renderer/sound/input engine from scratch during the competition.

And of course, here is the timelapse video! (with soothing music added)

tiny world war

Posted by (twitter: @grimfang4)
Monday, April 23rd, 2012 11:35 am

All done!


I managed to finish in time, adding menu music, a level, basic splash screens, multiple weapons, sound effects, and more animations.

I had to trim some features to make it, but everything turned out just fine.  The final product is definitely worth it.

It’s still not up to my standards of originality, but it’s fun regardless.  I would have liked to add secondary weapons, so we’ll see what happens to it in my spare time.  I was able to build a reasonable level.  It’s not that pretty and was annoying to make, so I only made one… :(  I was really hoping to make a couple more, like desert and river levels.  Also, “tiny world war” is a demonstration of my latest framework using the SDL_gpu library to drive 2D OpenGL accelerated graphics and using Box2D for collision physics.

Overall…  Success!  I’d like to put networking into a future version, which will be a good preliminary step toward doing the same to my current main project, Don’t Blow It!  When that does happen, there may be a new release on my website.

See ya guys next time!

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