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Hi there Ludum Peers!!
Usually when we jam it’s just Robot Loves Kitty, the two of us, messing around and art/coding as fast as we can. This time was different and awesome!

We’ve been working on a game called Upsilon Circuit with a group of amazing people, and when the LD31 came around, we asked if they wanted to join us. (spoiler alert, all but 1 of them did this with us!)

It was amazing how much we managed to make in just three days!(it was also amazing how much more we wanted to do with it, and how big the scope got)
SO! here’s the shameless self promotion: Just Dance Dance Discotron Central
If you are interested in my thoughts on the jam after giving it a shot, there is a bit of a post mortem below!
Dance your robotic heart out!

TL;DR of whats below: It was great having such a fun game concept, and so much content to add so early on.. but we got overly ambitious and ended up not having enough time to put it all in, or fine tune the game much either. Such is the story with many jams, and we should have known better.

Post Mortem thoughts:

What went well?
We got our crazy game idea to happen on one screen
The whole team did their jobs amazingly, worked hard, and communicated together(yay)!
we came up with the concept quickly, assigned tasks and got to it really fast.
All the art came out beautifully, and it came fast and early, letting us get a better feel for the game, and play with lighting etc!
I’m pretty sure our animator knows more disco dance moves than he ever wanted to.

What didn’t go so well?
Things went so well the first day that our scope grewa bit and we ended up with something unpolished and unbalanced, and lots of content unimplemented.
sleep. Not enough. unable to function the last day.
Not enough music variation, we ended up fleshing out the game with a few free songs. Writing music is hard and time consuming and expecting more would have been dumb. what was made came out GROOVETASTIC though!
the artists didn’t have much to do near the end of the jam. this is a good thing, but also less fun for them

Saying no to additional ideas from teammates and ourselves was not really something we did much of, and we could have saved a lot of time for everyone if we had realized earlier that the things they were doing wouldn’t be making it into the Jam version.

things we made that didn’t make it in include:
Voices for all 21 dance partners and their 100+ questions. (and yes, they are awesome)
many more dance moves
Laser eye beam death robot mode when you fail a song
song selection/ continuous play mode or something,
online scoreboard
hah.. lots of other stuff..

SCOPE people, SCOPE!

All in all I think the game itself is a success, we had a blast, and I’m really proud of what we all managed to do over one weekend!

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