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Friday, January 11th, 2013 12:01 pm

Well, the results are in and it went like this

#28 Innovation 3.98

#103 Theme 3.80

#170 Mood 3.19

#181 Humor 3.09

#188 Audio 2.96

#200 Overall 3.29

#202 Graphics 3.40

#356 Fun 2.86

Innovation: Holy crap that went well, and I can see why. It’s a pretty off the wall concept and it stranded out among the crowd and I can see why I got so high, Heck if I didn’t gave up in the middle of it I’d probably got in top 25 (unless the mindfuck ending gave it a higher score)

Theme: Gotta say, I really didn’t really like the theme so it’s kinda odd to do well on it, it made me go a hour just thinking a decent idea and changing it after 5 hours of working on it so yeah..

Mood: The direction was kinda weird but I guess it’s added to the mood for some and killed it for some.

Humor: When I was thinking of the two categories I thought this and Innovation. I was thinking this of a kinda silly funny idea but I guess the ways stuff got corrupted and well…. I was kinda idea dry when I was thinking of stuff to happen, still not bad score.

Audio: Audio isn’t something that I’ve done in every game I’ve made so far so I’m not too used to it, still  it went well. I saw sfxr in the tools sections and decided to try it out for the comp and while I should have gotten more used to it beforehand it went okey. I got a pretty catchy melody as the “Flowerz” main theme and I feel like that is the reason it got somewhat high.

Overall: Surprisingly nice score considering how the game wasn’t too fun, I was not sure how high i would get on this and decided to be happy if I was above the avrage be really happy and I got better than 75% and that’s a muuch better than I expected.

Graphics: Gotta say Graphics had the toughest competition, it was my #3 highest score wise yet among the thing I got the lowest rating, Still I’ve never seen myself as good at grapics so I’m glad that the effort I put on this went well.

Fun: Expected to get worst on this and… yup. I never came up with any good idea to make it more fun and heck it even was one of the main reason I rushed the game. still I got over the average so it wasn’t as bad as I expected.

Anyways I’d definitely join the next Ludum Dare. It was a nice learning experience and I finally succeeded to upload a game, something I have troble with considering I’m kinda of an perfectionist and is kinda bad at finishing stuff. Thanks to this I also saw One Game A Month and decided to join it (and join twitter) to improve on myself even further. (If anyone is curious my twitter is

Still until the next ludum dare I intend to look at the tools from the tool bar to see if there is anything else that work well/works better than I use right now, also I used Game Maker Studio for the first time for this Ludum dare and it was a huge mistake with all the differences I didn’t know of and I’d definitely try to learn more about it until next time.


If anyone still interested in playing the game click here. 


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