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Project: Wheatgrinder Enters Public Beta

Posted by (twitter: @oldtopman)
Monday, April 22nd, 2013 10:49 pm


I am proud to announce to the Ludum Dare community that I have finished my entry in the 2011 October Challenge.

The game is “Project: Wheatgrinder” and can be had for the unbelievable price of $2 here!

Payment Processors – What to do?

Posted by (twitter: @oldtopman)
Friday, September 28th, 2012 11:52 am

With the October announcement just behind us, I’ve been looking at three payment processors. Paypal, Google Checkout, and Amazon Payments. Deciding between them is extremely difficult, and information is sparse. All I want to do is release my game as donationware, nothing fancy.



Paypal has it’s problems. That being said, it has the easiest way to do what I want it to do. A neat little donation button that I can just paste into any old website (more on that later). No bank accounts required, no complicated payment options, no funny math on monthly paychecks. I’ve used them before for other things and they’re alright. But the question remains, are they worth using when I risk all the money I’ve made.


Google Checkout:

Google Checkout, like other Google services, has a motto of “Don’t be evil”. While I have no doubt that it’s not perfect, they don’t have the reputation of PayPal. I’ve used Google Checkout a few times, and it’s pretty good. Unfortunately, they require a website that you own the root directory to (no domains). How you are payed is delightfully unclear, and I’m continuing to research this for what I can get. Furthermore, the whole setup seems to be configured towards selling physical products, which I won’t. I’ll simply be charging $5 for the same download that everybody else gets for free. On top of that, there is no Pay What You Want setup, like there would be with the PayPal donate button.


Amazon Payments:

Amazon Payments is run by the same people that run Amazon Inc. I have no doubt that they know how to process a lot of money quickly and efficiently. The “one click payment” option sounds pretty good for what I want, but hardly anybody uses them, and as such, there is even less information than on Google Checkout.  Amazon does not have a PWYW button either.



PayPal has been in business the longest, and knows just how to make a deal, sell goods, and pay people. Unfortunately, they also know just how much they can get away with, so using them is a gamble.

Google Checkout seems to be a decent payment provider, but they are fairly new to the scene, and as such, there could be some bumps going down that road.

Amazon Payments is unknown. While they have a great deal of experience selling things, they are unproven in the indie sector.

Of course, this is just donationware, I don’t need download links or DRM or anything of the sort. I’d have no idea how to even begin on website development anyway! If any of you have used these, or have ideas on what to do, I’d appreciate all of your advice.


…maybe I’ll just take bitcoins instead 😛

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