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Hyper Soccer now playable in the browser

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Thursday, December 11th, 2014 10:50 am


Hyper Soccer is now playable in the Browser, go try it now. It’s a frantic little local-multiplayer game with gamepad support, you can even play with as many players as you have gamepads. So grab some gamepads and some friends and get playing. (Although gamepads may not work in the Web-Version, and you probably need to download the Desktop-Version.)

Hyper Soccer GameplayIt has a lot of match customization options: you can choose the unit types available, the AI Difficulty and the amount of units per team. Although, not all values may be reasonable…

Promise me to never do that.

Promise me to never do that.

Two teams with various unit’s consisting of four unit types, each with their own special ability, try to get the ball to their side of the field, to win a round of hyper soccer!

Grappling Match

I do however recommend a “only-grappling-hook” match.

 Libgdx doesn’t like Iframes

I had to jump through a few hoops, to get the HTML5-Build of my LibGDX game to run flawlessly on, because it gets embedded in an iframe. If you are having similar problems you may want to read the stuff below.


A Fine White Line – Now With MORE WEB!

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Tuesday, December 9th, 2014 4:25 pm

Play “A Fine White Line” Here!

I think something happened during the upload process and there was a misunderstanding with the files, so we ended up with a downloadable Web game but nothing that popped up in the browser. Of course, the individual with all the files set up had long passed out from exhaustion, which left the poor, defenseless, sleep deprived artist to set up a Web link at 1 am.

And then my internet went down. :C

It’s fixed now, though! 😀 Not only can you play from the web, you can download and play as an embedded media file right on our entry page!

Small victories.

I’m going to chill, drink some tea and play/rate some of your games for awhile.

If you want me to play and rate your game, hop into my stream and post a link in the chat box!

Here’s your Twitch Taxi:


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