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evolution escape – post mortem

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Wednesday, August 29th, 2012 3:47 am

This time we were not able to finish the game, but we do learn some important lessons :

1. make agreements with the team, believe on me : personal events during the ludum dare can ruin your tighty schedule, so before start make sure everybody involved is in the same pace, and with the calendar free.

2. practice the basics of the technology some days before, even knowing Unity3D, as it’s not my daily basis tool some basic activities took more than expected.

3. react fast, as we had some changes in the people involved in the project, instead of creating useless code while waiting for the artist, I should change the game plan and go with something that could be done with my own artistic resources.

4. share results on facebook is not that hard :) check on this

5. define as a team what will be the folder names for the game assets in unity, so when the export package all over the place madness start, you don’t loose precious time reorganizing files, materials all over the project.

6. don’t make reusable code for ludumdare :) make straight forward code, and then after the ludum dare, find some time to refactor and reuse wherever you like.


hide and seek – what I did

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Sunday, December 19th, 2010 7:33 pm

As expected this participation didnt reach the end with an complete game, but at least I moved forward in some research 😀 was able to create some nice pieces that I believe I will use soon or later :

– store the user location and movement direction in a server
– make the server based on tomcat
– remove the inactive users from the list of current users
– make unity to send the current position and movement direction of an character
– receive on unity the result of http calls using POST

now my next steps will be :
– beased on the list of objects from the server, keep track of the necessary objects to create and show.

good luck all !

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