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A Hard Day’s Turmeric Work

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Saturday, December 14th, 2013 5:16 pm

Its been a merciless day of crashes and misunderstandings. The theme also toppled our planning we had started the day before.

We split the work so we had two persons in the prop / photo / clean up in GIMP department.

The physicist took upon himself to serve coffee and tea during the first hours of the day. Then he dug into the department of music and sound effects.

One responsible for putting together and animating the main character:

The main character.

The main character.

I’ve been struggling with getting acceptable mechanics for the character controller, the camera and many other things. There’s a long long way to go tomorrow, but to encourage ourselves we switched from colored blocks to the graphics we’ve been working on:

The Character on the crackers platform with the parallax volcanic backgrounds.

The Character on the crackers platform with the parallax volcanic backgrounds.

The Architect came for a few hours, pointed at our weaknesses and said they could only be fixed if we added a frog. We will have one, we promise. The game will be perfect!

Sprite Code for Unity and Desktop Photo

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Friday, December 13th, 2013 7:47 am

Unity 2D Sprite Animation

I spent the warmup weekend cursing the collision detection in the new 2D mode in Unity for several hours until I realized that there was a new OnCollisionEnter2D. Makes sense, but lesson learned: know your tool before starting. I would have been so frustrated if those hours had been tomorrow afternoon, that I don’t know what would have happened.

After that debacle, I made a Unity2D Sprite Animation Script that I think turned out pretty nice and easy to use. Probably there are better and more efficient out there, but since we’ll probably use it, it needs to be available. So here you go. If you want to use it, consider it public domain.

Short instructions: Use Unity’s sprite editor to break up sprite sheet(s) into sprites. Then add one SpriteAnimator per type of animation you want on your game object (e.g. ‘walk left’, ‘walk right’).
Add one SpriteAnimationSelector to the game object with the SpriteAnimator(s). The CharacterController is not a full controller by any means, but it shows how to interface with the SpriteAnimationSelector.

Finally, this is where we’ll code, more computers are coming:

The living room game making table of the turmeric jam jar.

The living room game making table of the turmeric jam jar.

And here’s where we’ll try our luck with using stop-motion in making the game:

The animation corner of the turmeric jam jar.

The animation corner of the turmeric jam jar.

All from our living room.

This jam jar is in and so should you be!

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Thursday, December 12th, 2013 1:59 pm

Last time around I had a superb 48h doing everything by myself. This time I’ve decided to drag along as many of my friends as possible to see if we can’t make something great and unexpected in 72h.

The codename for this operation will be: “The Turmeric Jam Jar

I (Local Minimum) will wield my superpowers of TruthTelling™ into the story whenever I’m not knee deep in Unity.

My wingman in code, Björn, is the one of us who actually has any computer science merits. However he’s hard to pull away from doing these sort of things:

Björn's Java Graphics

But esthetically I’ve had something more along the lines of this type of stop-motion that our chief animist Pica pica spends her days doing:

Pica pica's stop motion animations

I have no clue how to merge these aesthetic expressions, but happily for us we also have an architect on board and a seriously skilled crafts wiz to make whatever we may need.

Our graphics will be brushed up in GIMP and if we get tired of animating and drawing we will probably use Inkscape as well.

One more person is confirmed, my resident physicist. Why do we need a physicist you may ask. Well I’ll tell you: If we were to make a game about a cat, and said cat had the ability to jump. I might be inclined to settle on a cat size and jump length that felt OK. With a physicist on board this won’t do. The cat will have to be 0.4 Unity lengths and jump no longer than 3, maybe 3.5 if really scared. How come a physicist will do this, you add. Well, SMBC has an excellent explanation for it here.

Ours is pretty far gone, but we like him still.

We are lacking sound on this list, but we have more people coming (hopefully), some of whom do crazy good stuff with Audacity and other tools. If not, we’ll have to invent something as we go.

Personal challenges:

  • Have everyone working towards any kind of common goal.
  • Not make a game about a cat, Björn would never forgive us.
  • Whichever theme will win, we will add #NoViolence and throw in an extra #NoSexism as well.
  • Since many of us are busy doing this advent calendar right now, if we could make the game fit with it, that would be the highest achievement of the all!

Tomorrow I’ll add an image where we work, and some code I did for Unity in 2D for the Warmup Weekend (a sprite animation thing I think turned out quite nice).

Good luck everyone.

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