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Tuesday, April 19th, 2016 12:12 pm

Once upon a time, a great Copy Kung Fu master realized that his super important artifact was stolen by the Evil Ninjas!
And now he has to find it in the Evil Ninja Underwater Station… IN SPACE!

You are the Smartoninja – In order to return your ancient artifact, you invade to the base of Evil Ninjas and fight them turning yourself into any type of the enemy you meet: Fatoninja, Strongoninja or Speedoninja. Use your advantage!

Play it here

Wanna be naked ?

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Tuesday, December 15th, 2015 11:12 am

Have you always dreamed to play a game hero who is no longer submitted to clothing anarchy ? Totally free to move as he wants, in his natural outfit ?

Then Naked Ninja 1.0 is a game for you. Awesome graphics, optimized perfs, addictive gameplay, everything you need !


Play it here !


Don’t be afraid to share your scores with friends, so they can play too !

With (naked) greetings,

Have fun.

Lunchtime Ninja – Finished and uploaded!

Monday, August 24th, 2015 4:22 pm

Lunchtime Ninja is now uploaded and ready to be played! Really enjoyed this game jam, already looking forward to LD34 :)





Bread Ninja Post-Mortem

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Sunday, April 19th, 2015 9:30 pm

I actually managed to finish a Ludum Dare proper! Hooray!

So, Bread Ninja. I finally got to use my “Baked Goods as Weapons” theme that I’ve thrown around a couple times on Ludum Dare.

What went Well:

  • I got pretty much everything done that I envisioned for this project. I came into it smart, and cut down on the original idea I had, knowing it was too ambitious for a 48 hour Ludum Dare.
  • I think I managed one of the goals I had as far as player choice. Do you use your weapons? Or do you eat them to regain health?
  • I got to throw together a picture of a ninja with a bread slice breastplate, bread bowl helmet, and baguette sword.

What went not so Well:

  • No sound of any kind, because I have no ability in the audio department.
  • I had to cut the story bit from the actual game, because it wasn’t coming together very well, and time was running short.
  • Didn’t get to have an enemy call the main character a “bread head”


So, this is how it feels. My second try on Ludum Dare, one Jam, and this Compo stuff… pretty nasty.

You really need to know what you’re doing before trying to get a game done in two days. I didn’t knew by the way.
It is really important to get a good overall package but sometimes, like happened to me, it just feels could be more than this.

I started development on Saturday morning, my idea wasn’t even well polished inside my head, but somehow i’ve managed to finish it. Maybe not.

I’m a graphic designer, so visuals are really important to me, knowing that I can deal with that in a short time. This is also pretty bad for me since my priorities are always Visuals – Audio – Gameplay (in that order) and maybe, with a little more emphasis on the gameplay part, I could got this game a little more complete, and with some extra things as extra lives or shooting aliens, powerups and those kind of things.

The audio part of my game was special. Suddenly, i’ve remembered the movie Birdman, and that beautiful musical score from the great Antonio Sanchez. Then i’ve remembered i’m a self-taught drummer and the “music” for my game was finished.

But well, this is it, i’m really proud of my brain, he didn’t exploded already.

Check out my try on this compo —->>> HERE

BTW, the image on the post is a… tada! free wallpaper!


Pixel Ninja – My Results

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Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013 1:28 pm

Hey everybody,

I am not a man of much words, so I’ll just start with my Ludum Dare results:


Coolness 72%
#133 Theme(Jam) 3.67
#199 Fun(Jam) 3.08
#234 Humor(Jam) 2.29
#358 Audio(Jam) 2.49
#359 Overall(Jam) 2.90
#370 Graphics(Jam) 2.85
#405 Mood(Jam) 2.53
#468 Innovation(Jam) 2.27

That’s how I did. In my first Ludum Dare ever, the 26th. Pretty nice, huh?


First, I’d like to thank everybody who rated my game, so:

Thank you, karsyf, nintendoeats, danielcmessias, gizmo, Jesper Oskarsson, Jellycakes, SuperlevelSebastian, myachin, Felix20, qdowngames, sekaru, FREEZX, Xanjos, acro, HelkeGames and hgouveia. You guys gave me nice feedback!


Let’s get back to the table. I was really lucky to see my entry on the 359th place(Jam, Overall). “Theme” also was one of the two things I was aiming for. The other one was “Fun”. And that worked! Sure, graphics were also important to me, but nevermind :). The next thing is “Innovation”. Well, that didn’t worked. But I expected this. I made a Fruit Ninja clone. Yeah right, the game everybody played at least once, but this was important for the “Humor”, I guess. “Audio” has never been my strength. It is my weakness, but luckily, we got SFXR and the Randomize button. What an awesome tool!


So, actually thats it. My first Ludum Dare entry, wich was definetly not my last, was really fun to make. I got much feedback, wich made me happy, and I made (some) people (hopefully) happy by giving them my game.

My goal for the Ludum Dare was (sure, make a high ranking, but more important) making people happy. Maybe so happy, they download my game, play it, enjoy it and show it their friends. That would be one of the most awesome things for me. (That, and have someone to write something about my game somewhere on the internet.) And, sure, getting more experience in coding, blah blah blah ;).


Thank you all really much. Hope you had as much fun as I had and, see you next time!

Also, congrats to the winners “timtipgames” and “claw”! I love your games!

Ninja Cube: Finished!

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Sunday, April 28th, 2013 1:38 pm

Aaaand done! Here it is! Took around 36 hours of development, disregarding the time spent fighting Visual Studio to get anything sensible out as an installer. Worked out pretty well, in my opinion, considering this is my first time participating in Ludum Dares.


Insane Idea

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Wednesday, December 14th, 2011 1:47 am

So I’m entering Ludum Dare 22. So’s my brother and friend. The plan is to live stream our desktops (or the primary screen of them at least) , take a photo every 5 seconds for a time lapse, and record the information we place on out whiteboards. And here’s where I’m insane, I’m coding in a language I only decided to start learning today: Java. In about half an hour I set up a development environment, scripts to compile and run and a base program to do my logic loop (which I won’t be using come this weekend).
My set up is as follows:

  • Intel Core i7 950
  • 10GB DDR3 RAM
  • 2 x 22″ 1080p LED Monitors
  • 1 x 19″ 1440×900 LCD Screen in Portrait.
  • Windows 7 Ultimate x64

And here’s a pretty picture of it all.

Home Desk Space


  • Java (Main Client)
  • PHP (High Scores or anything web based I want to implement)
  • Game Maker (Fall back if Java ends up being insanely hard)


  • Paint.Net (Pixel Art and Touch Ups)
  • Fireworks/Photoshop (Vectorising Drawn Art)
  • Notepad ++ (Programming)
  • Open Office (Documentation)
  • Game Maker (Fall Back Programming)
  • VirtuaWin (Desktop Management, 3 Screens isn’t enough)
  • pixie (Colour Selection)

Plan is to use mainly black and white, and maybe a red or two for colours.  I’m going to be drawing and scanning my menu systems in, and then vectorising them. As for game ideas, I have a few, some that I won’t be able to do easily due to the lack of knowledge of Java, and some that would look epic and take virtually no time. Worst comes to worst I’ll make a text based adventure game and make a single nice piece of art for it.



Boat Escapade – My Entry.

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Sunday, August 21st, 2011 8:16 pm

Click to play

LD Page

Cave Ninja – Post Mortem and Stuff

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Saturday, September 5th, 2009 12:31 pm

The Good

Fun tech. Not only does some tech idea stuff you want to try out make it fun to actually program the entry, it can also makes the entry interesting. Or so I hope it did. There was two things I tried out: Destructible landscape rendered with marching squares and some sort of fluid simulation.

I’ve wanted to try out destructible terrain with marching squares for some time. Mostly when thinking about doing Blastup 3, though I’m probably more for doing pixel perfect (with alpha) stuff. But still, wanted to try this approach out. It worked pretty OK, though it requires more work to be anyway close perfect. As a note, the collisions just uses bilinear filtering of the nearby grid points and checks it against the threshold, so the marching square output is just for rendering here (which really simplified things).

The fluid simulation pretty much just happened. I had a world which was a grid of values of 0 to 1. There’s a lot you can do with that. I’ve thought about similar things for earlier LDs, for the theme flood, but that theme never won. Basically, it’s like those old water simulations where each pixel is a water particle, and it can either go down or to the sides if there’s room. I just had float values instead, so the whole of it didn’t have to move. Then marching squares on top. Anyway, the lava seems to be what people liked the most, so I’m glad I did it.

The actual game idea. With the destructible terrain etc, I sort of wanted a game in between Worms/Liero and Lemmings. Which I think is what I got. It’s lacking things though (see below). Overall, I think it’s a good game idea.

Once again used the D programming language, which was good and makes most things easy (except in one place where a thing I did in a loop became very slow, which cost me some time). Also used OpenGL, GLFW and Fmod. Stuff that works pretty well and that I’m used to.

The Bad

Time, time. Lack of time. Or too ambitious project, perhaps. I spent 4 hours away from the compo helping some people to move, but I’m not sure those 4 hours would have made a lot of difference. The time issue had most impact on the level design, I feel.

The level design started out sort of OK. I wanted to introduce every new element by itself in a single level, then start combining them and creating puzzles.

Well, to start with, not all elements that I wanted to introduce got introduced. There was only one weapon, there was only one enemy type. I had planned for more there. And I had planned some cool movement tools, like a jetpack (and if I really had had some extra time, a ninja rope).

Anyway, as it were, I did get the elements that existed introduced in the way I wanted (though some levels was a bit too long, making them annoying). But then suddenly I didn’t have time to introduce more elements, yet I didn’t have enough materials or ideas to make good puzzles. So that first lead to a platform/jump level.

Then there was the last level. It got too hard. A little too busy. Even its name gives it away, it was named: A little bit of everything. Basically it had become apparent that it would be the last I had time to do, so wanted it real, if you know what I mean. Nothing tutorially. As a base there was a single good puzzle. But after making it, there was lots of room left, so got another semi-puzzle, some jumping, some digging, and some kill things. Too much. But maybe it suited as being the last level. I can tell you, even I have had trouble completing it sometimes.

That’s not the only bad thing with the last level though. The last level’s win condition check is bugged. So you only actually need to reach the star to win. I realized this bug existed after having gone to bed after just submitting my entry. So I got up, “fixed” it, and re-uploaded (it was within the deadline, don’t worry). Only the next day I realized the check was still bugged. I had added the correct check, but I had also left in a call to the base class update function, which just checked the star. So that was a waste of time.

Graphics. They turned out rather bland and boring. And dark. Noticed today that even just making the game 50% brighter helped a lot. But I’m not good at creating good textures or animate stuff, so perhaps it’s OK given the time available.

The Other

Sounds. It’s thanks to sfxr that I got any sounds at all. All in all, it might have taken 15 minutes to get all the sounds in. It was a great improvement over no sounds, but beyond that it was lacking. In addition, it seems that the sounds cut out for quite a few people — I have no idea why.

Heads up

I really recommend maximize the window to get a look at the whole level (if your screen is big enough). It’ll look bad that the level just cuts off if you have too large a screen, but even then it’s well worth it.

There’s a skip level cheat — it’s pressing F1 and F11 at the same time (as in most of me entries with levels).

I used a bit of base code and some utility code for rendering, fonts, and sound. Not really a library, just some random stuff (it’s what’s available in stdf in the source folder of the package). This is probably bending the rules a little, but I hope you guys are OK with it. Absolutely not game code.

Also, it’s not like I came up with marching squares during the compo. I’ve written a few application using it earlier, and actually adapted some old code. Writing it completely new might have cost me extra 15 minutes or so but it seemed pointless. The idea is really quite simple: For each square in the grid, start making a polygon. Check one corner, if it is within the threshold, make a point. Check this corner against the next corner — if one is out and one is in, find the point in between. Then do the same for the three other corners and edges. And that’s it.


There were probably some other things worth mentioning too, but none that I can remember now. Think I’ve responded to most stuff that I’ve got comments on as well. Overall, people seems to have liked the game, so I’m pretty happy. It’s been a good LD.

Cave Ninja – Tiny Ninja be chargin’ his digger weapon

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Saturday, August 29th, 2009 1:54 pm

Since last post… I first worked on creating a player character, including movement and collisions etc. It’s a tiny ninja, because everyone loves tiny stuff and ninjas.

Then I worked a little on weapons.

Then I helped people move four almost four hours. This helped the LD progress a lot.

Then I worked a little more on weapons. And added making holes to the dirt.

Here’s a screenshot showing the tiny ninja charging his first weapon, the digger only weapon.


Ninja Kitty Vs. The Nukebots (final)

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Sunday, October 5th, 2008 7:45 pm

It’s done! It took longer than the alloted time by quite a bit, not to mention I massively cheated (about half the final code is from existing work, not new). But it’s fun, in a weird and weird, weird way. It’s a goofy game. But it’s got skills and leveling up, so that makes it good. it’s also very hard with most of the maps I found, but they all seem winnable if you got ninja skillz.

Enjoy Ninja Kitty’s neverending battle against the horrid Nukebots.

Download: Windows EXE (660kb)

Ninja Kitty Vs. The Nukebots

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Saturday, October 4th, 2008 3:57 pm

Here’s a screen! You can’t actually get hurt yet, but I can tell it’s nearly impossible so far. Kitty is a ninja in the shinobi style – that means he can teleport dash through the air freely. And he clings to walls and ceilings and throws stars. The only controls are left mouse to dash to cursor, and right mouse to throw stars.

Nukebots, of course, contain nuclear explosives inside. So killing one will cause an explosion that will hopefully help you, but might kill you too. And all those yellow blips are the absurd amount of firepower the robots currently have. They also have way too much life, or you do way too little damage. The color of the Nukebot tells you its abilities. The less green it has, the faster it moves, the less red, the more life, the less blue, the faster it shoots (I know less is weird, but there’s logic to it, I think).

This design supports absolutely any colors you want, not just the official ones! Of course, black=walls, white=space, and FF00FF=player start. But other than that, it’s all robots. And those big colorful blocks make for an awful lot of robots.

Teeny Tiny Ninja

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Wednesday, November 28th, 2007 7:59 pm

I was quite pleased with how this one worked out, The game only has three levels and I was quite worried that the last level might be impossible. As time was running out on the clock I was trying to figure out if it could be done, I finally got a single ninja home and went “that’s it! ship it!”.

playing post compo I actually managed to figure out how to get all of the ninja home on that level by using a few tricks.

Teeny Tiny Ninja

I also liked the look of Teeny Tiny Ninja. I got the stars idea from a previous Bluescrn entry. Adding a bunch of stars does indeed liven up the look of things. Also The ninja home came out surprisingly well for programmer art. I thought the sound worked well too, but the scores the game got suggested I was in the minority. when a ninja goes ‘Hut!’ every time he jumps it’s cool, but people found it less so when there were a couple of hundred Ninja doing it, serves themselves right for picking swarms as the theme I say.

The game used a homebrew physics engine made during the 48 hours. this worked quite nicely, Ninja were all implemented as tiny triangles

Ninja Triangles

See. There was no Line to object collision detection so it was possible for Ninja to get stuck on corners by impailing themselves on a point and having their triangle points go either side. There were alsdo a few other little quirks that caused th ninja to get stuck. The solution worked brilliantly. I checked to see if a ninja hadn’t moved for a while and if so just added a huge random vector to its movement. A lot of people took this to be an intentional behaviour because it looked very ninja like. sometimes a ninja would jump to a wall or point and stick there for a bit then jump away again.

Once again the controls were a bit unintuitive. But I thought the use of a mousewheel worked well.

Download the game

Wee Ninja

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Monday, November 26th, 2007 10:22 am

LD48 #8 theme was “Swarms”. It also occurred right around the initial release of the Nintendo Wii. Thus, you get Wee Ninja, a game where you are trying to beat an insanely large horde of other shoppers to the last remaining Wees in stock during the holiday season. It’s fun to play, simple, and includes achievements to unlock bonus abilities. One of the more complete entries I’ve ever done (possibly because the gameplay was so incredibly simple!).

Wee Ninja

Hitsuji: Shears Of Fury

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Monday, November 26th, 2007 9:49 am

LD48 #2 theme was Construction/Destruction, with a minor theme of Sheep. As such, I created Hitsuji: Shears Of Fury, a game where you destroy construction equipment as a ninja sheep. It featured a really cool tweening animation system I wish I had used since, as well as some lovely use of very default Allegro fonts. It also included zombie construction workers, and pelicans. Pelicans appear often in these games.


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