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Our Ludum Dare entry got featured by NewGrounds and Adobe!

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Saturday, August 31st, 2013 9:24 am

Hey guys,

We released our game ‘Mr. Moore’s Last Seconds‘ here on Ludum Dare as our entry for the 72 hour jam. This game was made from scratch with no used or re-used assets. The interesting thing is, that we actually posted the game on NewGrounds, you know, just to see what the community over there would think. The creator of ‘Clockwork Cat’, ‘Captain Jack’, ‘Pull The Wire’ and more also did the same. They got the same result! I don’t know about those guys, but I’m overjoyed that our game got Front-Page on NewGrounds. Also, when we thought it couldn’t get any more awesome, Adobe decided to announce it as the ‘Gaming Rocks Pick of the Week’. The game has ~25,500 as of this post, and for us, that’s a huge achievement.

We created a small team called ‘Hexaton Games‘, and we would really appreciate it if you followed us on either Facebook(link) or Twitter(link)! If you have played the game, and you like it, the you would be doing us a huge favour by supporting us and getting the games OST for only $1 (link). We really do hope to make some more awesome games for you guys.


Anyway, I guess the main purpose of this post is to encourage the Ludum Dare developers to post the game on NewGrounds, try and get a little attention from it. I mean, you deserve it, you made a game in 72 hours, and you should all be damn proud of yourselves no matter how big or how small it was. You actually made a game. If you didn’t, or you didn’t finish in time, just try making your ideas a little smaller until you know you can develop them. We personally can not wait for the next Ludum Dare!

You can play the game at NewGrounds HERE!


Joey (Hexaton Games)

Made like 4 separate Prototypey Things No Game #LD48

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Sunday, August 25th, 2013 4:24 pm


Hey Guys, makehimanoffer here. This was my first actual Ludum Dare jam thing. I’ve done plenty more jams before though. But alas, this wasn’t my jam at all at all. I didn’t really like the theme at all. 10 Seconds was sort of annoying with whatever coming to your mind being: like X but in 10 seconds.

Like I had plenty of ideas, but with regards, implementing them.


You’re about to OD on acid in 10 seconds, so you have to take more acid to extend your perception of time. Platformer where more acid = more powers. But I quit it after I got platforming in because I was meh about the whole thing.



Like the first one but as a topdown roguelike similar to binding of isaac. But there’s already a binding of isaac so I didn’t bother continuing on past room generation.


This one I liked, but I really felt was missing something. And I will possibly expand upon it later. You’re present with a button and over the course of 10 seconds a bio of a person is give, you must decide whether to push the button and kill them or let them live. If the death is just you gain points based on when you pushed the button. if not you lose points.


It was cool concept. I could definitely expand upon it in an interesting way. But for the most part coming up with the bios was alot of effort. For something where I feel the emotional impact of what you were doing was lacking. More Design is needed.



This was basically a way of trying to have some fun. It was called Tense Conditions. And you basically would masturbate on a house by pressing space rapidly. Would have expanded. But got sick of the effort of this. In case I scrapped it tomorrow.





So that basically rounds up a fairly meh experience at Ludum Dare. Wasn’t a fan of the theme. Bit me in the ass this time round.

Oh well. I’ll be back for the next one. Cheers





Chip Away is now on Newgrounds

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Sunday, October 28th, 2012 8:50 pm

I’ve been silent this entire month during the October Challenge because I wasn’t sure what to say. Now, at the very least, I can claim I’ve officially participated. My LD24 Warmup game, Chip Away, has been upgraded and submitted to Newgrounds ( Learning their API and incorporating things like Scoreboards and Medals into my game has been a lot of fun and a great learning experience.

While I’d be ecstatic if I made my first $1 as a gamedev, I feel I’ve made the October Challenge already in a way, because this was the month I landed my first full-time job as a programmer. I feel I owe a great debt of gratitude to Ludum Dare and everyone that’s a part of this community for giving me the motivation to jump back into programming and really challenge myself. Without it, I’d still be delivering pizzas, no doubt. Thank you to everyone and I’m looking forward to LD25 in December!

Generic I’m In Post

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Monday, August 20th, 2012 1:30 am

Good day! I’ll be using Stencyl for my game, which allows people to use others’ creations. So yeah, I’m doing Jam. Sfxr’ll be used for sound effects (if needed), and Newgrounds Audio is used for music.

I’m wondering if my real life/ time zone difference will wreak havoc. Hopefully not.

AVOIDAL – home found!

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Wednesday, October 27th, 2010 10:44 am

AVOIDAL - Use Your Enemies

AVOIDAL (my August 2010 Ludum Dare entry) and October Challenge entry has found a home!

I’m excited to report I finalized on a primary sponsorship deal with Tom Fulp of Newgrounds last week and have finished all the integration and testing work required. That work included getting to create 23 fun medals (achievements) for players to win when the game is played over on the Newgrounds site with a player account. The game will launch over there next week on November 3rd. I’ve also managed to sell a few non-exclusive licenses including one to Big Fish Games. The primary sponsorship was found via posting to Flash Game License. I spent a good bit of time in October working on, play testing, and polishing the original competition version into the final version.

AVOIDAL screenshot - final version

The highscores have been reset so get in there and play!

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