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Come at me bro! (Some progress with “Jungle Night”)

Posted by (twitter: @BitOfGold)
Sunday, December 7th, 2014 10:18 am

jungle night


Some progress with my twin-stick one screen shooter:

– NES palette
– roughly NES resolution, upscaling with scanlines and vignetting.

Soo little time left :(

CLIMB UP!! Post-mortem

Posted by (twitter: @isharacomix)
Monday, August 26th, 2013 8:26 pm

Three cheers for me for my first successful Ludum Dare! And my first successful NES game! A lot of first successes this time around – my body will forgive me for the missed meals. :)

So a bit of post-game analysis – I had a lot of reasons for wanting to make this game the way I did. As I said in my initial post, I’m developing an online course in NES ASM programming (#8bitmooc), and part of the course is all about making a game all by yourself from scratch! So I wanted to make sure that I could develop the game using the same tools that I expect my students to use, which are the 8bitmooc playground and the documentation that I’ve been writing! I’ve been taking the text from the NESDev wiki, and rewriting it to be more accessible for people who are just interested in programming by describing the NES as if it were an API. Normally I use that wiki when I need help, but for this project, I made it a point to only use my own documentation, which I think went pretty well!

A few folks have indicated some problems with the ROM image, such as it failing in some emulators. It works perfectly in Mednafen, jsNES, and John’s Android NES Emulator, but a friendly fellow from the NESDev forums told me about some not-so-great things I was doing in my code, like writing the sprites way too late. I still have a lot to learn about the NES, but the best way to learn about something is to teach it, and I obviously know quite a bit considering that I was able to make a game in the end!

I really wanted to get a fast-paced game with goofy sounds and graphics when I made this game, and that’s why the controls are so twitchy. I spent most of the time on the physics engine and the “feel” of the game until I was happy getting a little dude bouncing around, pushing blocks, and dying every 10 seconds. Having to do collisions between 16 solid objects is tricky and takes up a lot of clock cycles. But for a simple game written in 48 hours, I am extremely pleased with my output, and that I was able to take the two top themes and run with them so quickly! I think I might have spent 16 hours at the computer in total or so. I definitely did NOT spend much on the level design, which is my least favorite part of game making.

All things considered, I’m amazed that my game has managed to get 67 ratings in just one day after submission – I’ve really appreciated everyone’s feedback! Granted, it’s hard to play others’ games when you’re running Linux, but I’ve enjoyed many of the ones I’ve gotten to run! LD really brings out the creativity in people, so I’m glad I participated this time around. :)

24 Hours into CLIMB UP!!

Posted by (twitter: @isharacomix)
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 6:09 pm

Man, nothing is as much fun as writing a game in raw assembly code! Check this out!

If you want to see the insane source code or play it yourself, visit

Game Idea: CLIMB UP!!

Posted by (twitter: @isharacomix)
Friday, August 23rd, 2013 7:44 pm
; In the game of CLIMB UP!!, you want to reach the macguffin at the top of
; the stage. But you don't want to get your hands dirty, so you send your
; lil'dudes to get it for you. Lil'dudes can push blocks around and jump
; pretty high, but have tremendously short lifespans. After 10 seconds, they
; die. But luckily, dead lil'dudes are particularly useful as stepping stones,
; as they can be pushed around and jumped on.
; How many lil'dudes do you have to go through to reach the macguffin?

For this game, I have the following checklist items:

  1. Create a stage loader and draw the stage.
  2. Write game physics (control lil’dudes).
  3. Add game mechanics (death and movable blocks)
  4. Make some basic sprites
  5. Add sound effects
  7. Extra credit: make different lil’dudes with different powers


Let’s get dangerous!

Posted by (twitter: @morphcat)
Thursday, August 22nd, 2013 1:20 am

Hey there, first Ludum Dare for me.

I’ve been into 8-bit console development for a while. While making an actual game on such a console is a time-consuming task, it is tremendously fun and rewarding.

Can a decent NES game be made within 48 hours? I’d like to find out.

Here is what I will be using:

  • Languages: C, Assembly for timing-critical bits
  • Library: Shiru’s NES library
  • Text Editor: Notepad++
  • Art: GraphicsGale, YY-CHR
  • Sound and Music: FamiTracker

While using C instead of pure Assembly makes coding quick, it has two huge drawbacks: slow speed and bulky code. C compilers, at this time, are not able to emit fast and well-optimized code for the NES’s processor (and may never be).

I will try to restrict myself to the NROM cartridge board that most of the earliest NES games used. So, for all you technical buffs out there or anyone coming from modern HLL-coding looking to get their minds blown, these will be the specs the game has to deal with:

  • Processor: 6502 (with no decimal mode), clocked at 1.79 MHz
  • RAM: 2KB
  • 32KB ROM for code and data
  • 8KB ROM for graphics

I might stream development and respond to questions at

EDIT: I should also mention that I am going to use this Makefile which I adapted a bit. It calls some command-line tools I’ve written, mainly for converting VICE label files to the format used by the emulator FCEUX, making debugging easier.

Howdy, everybody~

Posted by (twitter: @isharacomix)
Monday, August 19th, 2013 3:20 pm

Greetings from Raleigh, North Carolina! I kept telling myself that I’d do a Ludum Dare at some point, so here I am, ready for Challenge #27 this weekend!

My name’s Barry, and I’m a Ph.D. Student in Computer Science studying Computer Science Education. In addition to my research, I teach programming to pay the bills, and I’m currently developing a course to teach assembly programming – the catch is that this course teaches assembly for the Nintendo Entertainment System. I actually gave a workshop on this topic last week, and was terribly afraid that nobody would be interested in it, yet I had a pile of people attend not only the high-level intro, but the hard-core programming portion! This was super-validating, and now I can’t wait to teach my course! :D

So for this Ludum Dare, whatever the theme may be, I will be developing an NES game in Assembly. I’ll be limiting myself to only 16 KB of PRG ROM and a single 512 x 256 pixel sprite sheet, so I’m expecting this to be a heck of a challenge. The idea is that by participating in this challenge, I’ll actually get some mastery making NES games before I try to teach students how to do it.

I’ll be tweeting my progress from @isharacomix, so if this piques your interest, I’ll be sharing demos and screenshots throughout the compo. :)

In, as usual…

Posted by (twitter: @RawBits)
Thursday, December 13th, 2012 11:19 pm

Hi LD25!

This time I don’t have any new hardware to learn and I’m not really interested in HTML5 games – right now – and I don’t want to mess with Angie – it would produce a lot of bugs and code mess. However in the last weeks I used Processing a lot so that will be my tool for sure.

code: Processing
gfx: Gimp2
sound: sfxr, musagi – never done any sound before though…

I’ll reuse code from my previous game GotEL if needed – not likely though. You can find it at

I’ll certainly try to use my NES Framework  – for Processing – made during the CharityGameJam. Sadly no game was made based on it then but it developed more since so if you want then feel free to download the latest version here: YouTube video of it. Read the description for updates!

I wish lots of fun and plentygood experiences for the weekend!

p.s: My internet connection having problems in the past weeks and my PC does wierd things so I’ll may not be overly social during this jam. :(

Post-Mortem: ¡My First Entry Ever! The Charity Game Jam & An old ghost tale

Posted by (twitter: @Hyde_WS)
Wednesday, November 28th, 2012 2:51 pm

Ever since I was a kid I had something with video games, whether it was making silly card games with pieces of papers or making lame interactive stories in power point, I always looked for a way to create them…bla, bla bla! I don’t have time and nor do you to read the story of a 16th year old who always has dreamed about being a video-game designer, and has gone through everything form Modding to Unity 3d (which I guess is the case in many of us!)  so I’ll go to my point :)

When the charity game jam was first announced I told myself “Cool I’ll give it a try”…and finally, the day arrived,  November 24th at 12:00 A.M. I hadn’t read the rules or the jam’s theme until that moment. When I found out it was a NES theme I got excited and started working immediately.

After some minutes of thinking about my game, I found this book called “Mitos y Legendas de Guatemala”  (Myths and Legends from Guatemala) which is a compilation ghost stories and urban legends from my beloved country, Guatemala :D There I found this famous legend of a diabolical dog called “El Cadejo” who wanders the streets at midnight looking for drunken people, whose souls he devours. But there is another type of Cadejo, the white coated one, who instead of having a feast on it, protects the human soul from being cursed or stolen by demons and other supernatural beings. That’s how I came out with the simple story behind my game: You’re a white Cadejo who has to protect the soul of a drunken man from incoming hordes of  black Cadejos who are trying to devour it. 

Since I’m not good at 2D games in Unity, I decided to use an old tool called Game Maker. Everything (except the music and sound effects) was made from scratch for this game. The music is from ‘Retro PC Games – Tokyo Japan’ and for the sound effects I used SFXR. The barks and growls are from Nine Tails and Venusaur from Pokemon :( I would have loved to use my own FXs but I don’t know a thing about creating 8-bit sounds!

At the end of the post there are some screenshots of my game. You can look for it at the funkytron as “El Cadejo: A Guatemalan Horror Story” or if you don’t feel like it, go directly to the mini-site where you can download the game (just a simple .exe ;)) and watch the first five minutes of gameplay! I’ll be adding more levels and a boss fight at the end. If you are interested, follow me on twitter (@Hyde_WS) so you can know when the update has been done.

In conclusion, I LOVED the Charity Game Jam. It was a great experience and I learned a lot, I’m definitely in for the next Ludum Dare. I hope you enjoy my game and If you feel like giving some feedback and constructive critics, please do it :)






You saved the princess!

Posted by (twitter: @McFunkypants)
Monday, November 26th, 2012 6:12 pm

The Charity Game Jam was a huge success. Our initial fundraising goal was $250 and as you can see, we destroyed it! Mission accomplished. Achievement unlocked. Boss battle won. Princess saved. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, EVERYONE! I’m humbled and grateful for all your enthusiasm, hard work, and generosity. Should we do this again next year?
Play The Games Here! | Keynote Video | Announcement Post

Not the most ‘Super Theft Auto’

Posted by (twitter: @Alex_ADEdge)
Monday, November 26th, 2012 12:22 am

But close enough!

Certainly didnt get around to a few major features that Id really hoped for (like being able to steal a car – kinda important in a game that references Grand Theft Auto)

But I’m certainly happy with what I did get done over the weekend. ‘Super Theft Auto’ is a good start for an interesting little mini game.

You can play the current version of the game at the following link after installing the plugin (links/instructions are on the page- the only major OS not supported is OSX):

[LINK] (youll also find it on the CharityGameJam games submission screen of course)

Theres also a link on the page to a .blend download of the setup for the computer VideoTexture scene, youll need Blender 2.64a if you want to mess around with it.



  • A game within a game – You start in a 3D world with a 3D computer, the (kinda) NES style game plays on the screen of the Funkytron computer (press space to zoom in and focus on the screen to actually see what youre doing)
  • Large city area to explore (sadly only on foot at this stage)
  • Pedestrians wander around the city (they make good target practice)
  • Cars driving around (rare and very basic implementation)
  • Gun ammunition to pick up
  • Basic scoring system (you can score points for killing people)
Either way, this was a fun miniLD to participate in, was great to see the charity fundraising goals surpassed! (for a second time) Now I look forward to playing some of the other games :)


Lock N Key! for #charitygamejam

Posted by (twitter: @@ZakChaos)
Sunday, November 25th, 2012 11:22 pm

got this game done just at the deadline, and overlooked a very simple error that caused me to stress for the last 5 hours lol, figured it out, and have the game submitted! enjoy, and I look forward to checking out everyones games!


Arrow keys,

*Wanted to use gamepad, but unfortunately my usb gamepad wouldn;t work with chrome :(

Play Lock N Key!


Just submitted “Dolphin Story” for the Charity Game Jam

Posted by (twitter: @OMGWTFGAMES)
Sunday, November 25th, 2012 6:14 pm

I just submitted the 48 hour version of my Charity Game Jame game, “Dolphin Story”. I followed Ludum Dare compo rules – all graphics from scratch with the Gimp, engine is Unity + Orthello 2D. It uses the NES palette.

It looks awesome inside the Funkytron … but in reality it’s not really finished yet. There are still two scenes to be made to finish the mini-chapter of this mini-adventure game, and sound is still to come. I plan to do this over the next two days.

I went against all sensible advice and used Orthello 2D for the first time for this compo … as a result I ended up wasting some time wrestling with it, but now I have the simple ‘point-n-click’ adventure base code written expanding it should be easy (famous last words :) ).

You can play directly it here, or find it in the list on If the Unity plugin starts flickering (like an old TV with bad vertical hold settings – authentic !), blow on the cartridge then try reloading the page. I’ve no idea what’s up with that.

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