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Cell 22 it is!

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Sunday, December 16th, 2012 4:24 pm

We ended up to agree on a name for the game: Cell 22. Meaningfull, isn’t it?

So, after almost 48 hours, graphics are done. I’m still working on dialogs and scripted sequences (what kind of idea is this >_<?). Tomorrow will mainly be about polish and fixing some bugs to make it as most enjoyable as possible. It’s kind of a “pot-pourri” but I think the player could appreciate the choices we let him. We hope you’ll find them coolcoolcool!


Two Roads

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Sunday, December 7th, 2008 1:56 pm

two roads title

Two Roads is my entry for LD13 – Roads. It’s extremely simple to play, and you’d have to be sick in the head to not have the most fun ever in your whole life enjoying its extremely innovative and immersive gameplay.

POST COMPO UPDATE!  This is not cheating!  You can go ahead and download the 17mb compo edition below, or you can be smart and download the 5.4mb post-compo edition instead!  It’s the exact same in every way, except all the sounds are changed to OGG files, and all the images have been converted to 256 color.  The only code change was to change “wav” to “ogg” in the sound loading code.

Win32 download: (17mb! It must be good!)

Obviously I slacked off a lot this weekend, since this is only my second log entry… oh well. I hope you enjoy my game! It was a unique experience creating it.

Saturday Morning, First Screen

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Saturday, December 6th, 2008 6:51 am

Sat Morning LD13 I have a functioning screen that you can press ESC on, and a font that prints!  It’s miraculous!

I bounced zillions of ideas around last night, never found anything that struck me square in the face until I gave a moment’s thought to Night Of The Cephalopods.  It’s not a very good game, and I don’t think it does anything very impressive in the realm it sets out to impress in, but it’s a fun idea: having the game narrate things as the player does them.

Well, my game is no action game, in fact it’s a point & click adventure.  So narrating that is more akin to building a story that is being read to the player, based on their actions.

Or in this case…. a poem.

I chose this project because it will be *extremely* easy technically, yet a huge challenge in terms of content.  I’m going to have to invent rhyming lines that work in various sequences so that any path you take continues to conform to the poem’s meter.  Basically, I chose a project that I will have fun making as opposed to something you will have fun playing.  But it’ll probably amuse you a time or two.  It’ll certainly be interesting.

So prepare yourself for Two Roads: An Interactive Poem.

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