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Bedtime update #2 ☆

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Sunday, December 11th, 2016 9:29 pm

It’s about 03:30 on the second day, nearing the morning of the third. We’re doing the jam, so there’s one day left for us. Nonetheless Ava is already in crunch mode while Marte went to bed hours ago—there’s so much stuff to add to the room! Mechanics are mostly in place but aren’t really used yet since the room needs to be filled first, so enjoy a temporary bit of silliness in the meantime!

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Fly in the darkness – How was to create it

Saturday, August 6th, 2016 1:14 pm

Hello my friends of LD!

Well, I participated the last Ludum Dare 35, with my game Shape Invasion and I can say it was a wonderful experience. After a week of the event I decided to challenge myself with a kind of “Compo” only to myself. So I chose the theme “Darkness” and decided the period of one week. With lots of effort I managed to create a game called Fly in the Darkness. Initially the aim of the game was just dodge the obstacles and try to go as far as possible.

Fly in the Darkness











That was the first version and after that week I decided to work on the game and makes it, in fact, a complete game to be officially released. Then gradually I was implementing new ideas and polishing it. Firstly, I added a story, very simple, which would be unlocked as you progress through the game. To have an idea, nor even a story (Like a book) that text seemed, it looked more like a poem:

1 – CHILDHOOD: The darkness began when I was a child, but I was very young to understand…

2 – SAD MEMORY: I lost my family very young and often I felt alone…

3 – TIME: With some time, I was discovering what is the darkness…

4 – COMPANION: And the darkness became my companion…

5 – EMPTY: But I felt that something was missing, I felt empty…

6 – DISCOVERING: I walked on the world looking for something that complete me…

7 – FRUSTRATED: I tried to find what say be the true love, but I got frustrated…

8 – KNOWLEDGE: I decided to dive into the deep knowledge…

9 – WHERE AM I?: The more I sought, more the empty consumed me…

10 – MADNESS: Until the darkness took my soul and mind…

11 – DARKNESS: In my insanity I went deep into the darkness and I commit follies…

12 – MY LIGHT: When I became blind by the darkness, a Light lit my being…

13 – MORE ONE TIME: She lit my life and helped me to raise…

14 – LIFE: Beside of my Light I passed to live every moment as if nothing else mattered…

15 – CHANGES: However I discovered that my light was fading and that soon I would lose her…

16 – BLACK ROSES: At this moment, I heard the voice of the darkness, whispering in my ears that I should return to her arms…

17 – LAST HOPE: But in her last gasps, my light comforted me with lovely words and give in my hands her last brightness…

18 – THE SEED: I planted the seed of the brightness in my heart…

19 – BRIGHTNESS: Gradually, the darkness that was involving my soul, at that moment, gave way to my light…

20 – NEW LIFE: I said goodbye to darkness and I understood that there is something more powerful that her, the light of love.









Initially the idea was interesting, but I felt that it needed to be improve yet. So based on this text I began to imagine a universe and a story based on the theory of “Hero’s journey” (Monomyth). So I started to write a bit every day and some days after I have had a history of more than 15 pages and that actually might be called as “A book in the game”.


In this story the main character is called Benjamin Fly (Fly in the darkness) and he is a a boy that when was very young lost his parents and has since gone to live in an orphanage (The Backster Orphanage). At the orphanage he discovers something that leads him to a fantastic universe, the Kingdom of Darkness. There he discovers that he is involved in a mystery and so goes on a journey to understand the secret behind it all.

After this, the next improvement that I decided was to implement the creation of different scenarios that arise according to the chapters. In addition to the randomness of objects, directed to the scene with the technique of Object Pool. Then, other improvements have emerged were the Black Crystals Counter (Game money also called as BCs), the Dark Hangar (Ships store), new menus and animation of all UI.











Finally, months after have participated the LD 35 I managed to create, develop, satisfactorily, and release my first game to Google Play, Fly in the Darkness. The links to download, as well as the Landing Page are below. I’m in the complicated phase of post-release now and it has been very hard to get support, but I believe that the game will be even recognized and also many upgrades are already in progress. Those who wish to know more or need help with something, I’m available. ^_^

Thank you very very much for your attention, patience (If you read everything) and help!



Link (Google Play):
Official Page:
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Fly in the Darkness - Dev

FITD - Dev

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Making Progess –

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Monday, August 24th, 2015 4:39 am


Making progress

7 Hours Remaining – Finally some noteworthy progress!

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Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 1:01 pm

Yesterday evening was largely a bust, but I’ve been making a decent bit of progress today.  Hooray!  I’ve got random dungeon generation up and running now, and MY SPECIAL SECRET IDEA THING!  Let’s see if anyone can tell what it is from a pair of screenshots.

First, just the random dungeon as one would expect to see in a Wolfenstein-esque raycasting FPS:


Next, same dungeon, same position and everything… but now with my crazy idea enabled:


Any guesses as to what’s going on?  Any idea what my game is?  Tune in to my next post for the answers!

Ghost Digger

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Monday, December 8th, 2014 6:51 pm

We have just submitted our first Ludum Dare game! It was a great experience and it will certainly not be our last LD.

Play Ghost Digger

Ghost Digger

Murder Between Worlds – Post Mortem

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Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 1:01 pm

This was my second-third time entering Ludum Dare, and boy was it intense this time.

By second-third time, I mean this is actually my fourth time entering. Last time I didn’t finish, though, because I couldn’t get up the drive to work on a game for a theme like “Beneath the Surface”. It was mostly my own fault, since I got super pumped for the theme “Break the Rules”, which I thought was gonna win. Oh well. Regardless, this time around, I decided to make a murder mystery detective game inspired by the visual novel Danganronpa, which I’ve been playing a lot lately. I’d highly recommend playing it, it’s great. Back on topic, I decided to use a fairly generic interpretation of the theme this time, where you can press tab to switch between two worlds that are very similar on a general scale, but almost everything is the opposite of its otherworld counterpart. For those who don’t know, I tend to use very… unique interpretations of the themes, which usually backfires and makes people think it isn’t related to the theme at all (admittedly, my second game had almost nothing to do with the theme whatsoever. I realized that belatedly mid-development). I tried to avoid that this time.

Now, this was originally supposed to be a compo entry, but I ran out of time, so I ended up having to shift it to a jam entry. I actually only spent about 20-30% of the time working on the mechanics, which was weird for me, as I usually am very mechanics-based. Most of the time was spent Dark Fire Knightworking on the mountain of artwork that I set for myself when I decided to go with an anime-inspired drawing style. I’m a pretty slow artist, so the art alone probably took nearly a full 20 hours. Writing took quite a bit of time as well, since I tried to make the dialogues all very interesting and give everyone unique personalities (I even made all of the exposition from the PoV of the main character, which took quite a concentrated effort). Overall, I think the writing is probably where this game shines most, followed by the art. Awkwardly, the evidence leading to the solution was probably not that great, which is sort of important for a detective game.

A quick word on that. I made a decision from the start that I didn’t want this to be  a regular detective point-and-click adventure, where you have to collect all of the evidence to progress towards finding the culprit. I wanted to make this more of a player-centric experience. Therefore, I decided to make it so that the player can arrest anyone at any time, without even finding a single piece of evidence. Additionally, the game never tells you if you were right or not. Although it may be a bit of a strange path to tread, I thought it was better this way. This is a game about looking at evidence and trying to reconstruct what happened in your mind to figure out who was the most likely culprit. None of the evidence is concrete, and only through a combination of multiple pieces of evidence combined with your own intuition can you figure out the who the murderer was. I think that this concept would’ve been a lot better if I had more time to work on making good evidence, though. As it stands, the evidence may come across as either much too vague, much to clear, or much too misleading.

javaw 2014-08-26 11-58-34-61At the same time, though, I’m quite proud with how this all turned out. The mystery itself is quite clever, in my own opinion, and if I had spent a little more time thinking about how to present the evidence, I’m sure things would’ve been great. I actually asked a few friends what they thought happened after finishing, though, and one of them got it exactly right, so it’s probably not that bad. The art, despite taking so long, is something I impressed myself with, the music is interesting, the writing is funny, and the mechanics seem mostly solid (I did forget to add a crosshair, and one of the pieces of evidence (shown to the right) is impossible to click on. Pretty minor mistakes, though).

All in all, this was probably the most complete game I’ve ever made for Ludum Dare, and also probably the best. Also probably the one that I slept the least for. And skipped a day of work for. Nevermind that, though.

Although this exact concept isn’t something I’d particularly like to pursue completion of a full game of, I think at some point a would like to make a game with a similar feel and art style. A mystery game where you can select whoever you think the murderer was and which evidence you think helps your claim, but if you perpetually arrest the wrong person or present the wrong evidence/are missing evidence, you’ll lose face. That sounds like something I’d be willing to do. I don’t know whether I’d keep the two worlds mechanic. I feel like it adds something, but at the same time it just creates needless complexity. Who knows?

Regardless, as always, I had fun, and look forward to the next one! Now to go back to sleep…


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