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Ludum Dare Experiences

Thursday, September 11th, 2014 3:20 pm

I’m edemmester, a 15 years old child from Hungary and in this post I want to write a bit about my experiences. Sorry if my sentences are hard to understand, maybe my English isn’t the best.


When I was a little child (1st or 2nd class in primary school), I askd my dad: “Dad! How can I create a webpage for my LEGO city?”. I asked this again and again and one day my father gave me a paper with the HTML basics on it. I was very happy so I ran to the computer and I started to build my first webapge. There was no CSS, no JS, no PHP, only HTML. After this basic site I started to learn more and more things from the internet. At the beginning it was hard because the Hungarian documentations aren’t as good as the English docs, but after few years I learned the English language and since then I use the English websites, for example . I learned CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL database managment and after theese I learned and I use my knowledge in my free time. Now I’m attending to a secondary school where we learn programing (now in C# but few years later we will learn C++). This is my second year in this school and it is amazing!

My 1st Ludum Dare

I saw some Hungarian videos about Ludum Dare games and in April I visited thiswebsite and I thought that I should make a game too so when the competitions started then I started the programing. My first LD game was Orpheus (the idea is from the book “Gift” by Andrea J. Buchanan). The beginning was a bit hard because I had no ideas but a few hours later I started planning this game. Okhay, the result is not as good as I expected, but I think it is a useable game.

It was a very good experience because I learned a lot! I never used the HTML5 canvas in published webapps before this so I had to read some documents about it. Since then I learnd more about canvas and now I see that the Orpheus game is programmed terrible, that can be much better and much more optimised, but that is working!

My 2nd Ludum Dare

Yes, it was now. I’m the creator of the game called Dreamland. It was a hard 2 days because I was on holiday in England and I arrived home about 16 hours after the competition’s beginning so I had very few time to create something awesome and now I learned lots of things again.

To this game I had to plan some new algorithms I never used before and it was interesting. I like creating new interesting stuff. Okhay, I don’t like debugging but that is a part of the programing.


When I planned the design of theese games I planned very basic designs so the images were easy to create but I never thought about the sound. I can’t create good sounds so the background music was very hard to create and it’s weird and terrible BUT NOT NOTHING so you can hear that (if you use a supported browser) I tried to create something awesome.


I think Ludum Dare is a very good place to try to program something awesome. It is challenging and I think this is a place where you can REALLY test your knowledge because the more you know, the faster you can work. If you wasn’t created LD games before but you like programing then come and create a game to the next Ludum Dare! I will be here! And you?

The spirit of Ludum Dare

Posted by (twitter: @azurenimbus)
Wednesday, May 9th, 2012 11:41 am

(Edit: this is the game I made, if you’re curious. I will be posting my own late post-mortem and list of favorites next.)

The past couple of weeks have been insane, and I got way too carried away with meeting so many people through Ludum Dare that Twitter’s system suspended my account under suspicion of my being a bot. I took this as an opportunity to step back and take a look at all that has happened.

Ludum Dare is not the only game jam, but it’s the most significant. Because of its size and reach, long history, and incredibly strong community, each Ludum Dare creates actual ripples in the game developing world.

The best examples of how awesome people are to each other in LD are the game reviews and the posts on favorites. There is a lot of effort put into encouraging people to see the qualities of their games and how to improve. No matter how unfinished the state of the game, sometimes even unplayable, the comments are always incredibly encouraging. There is always something awesome about it.

It has moved me deeply to see what a wonderful gateway into game making this is. For me, being so readily embraced even though I had never made a game and knew absolutely nobody before the competition caused something long dormant in me to awaken. I’ve learned many lessons that, if it’s not too corny, I’d say might have saved my life.


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