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I hate it when this happens!!! DX

Posted by (twitter: @BrainSlugs83)
Sunday, April 28th, 2013 3:27 pm

Someone already made my game. And probably better.

You get psyched on an idea that you think is totally unique, and you start coding it… and bam, you see a video online, and someone already made it, and it’s better than yours (well yeah, ’cause you just started, duh).

Fuckers, dammit, fucking fuck, !$#@$^%&*.

Oh well, I’m’a keep going anyway… fuckers… stealing my ideas before I had them. ~sigh~

On the plus side, I’m learning a lot of new technologies (ones that I wanted to learn), like MVC4, and SignalR so that’s pretty bad-ass.

Anyway, as far as the “it already exists” thing goes, just *shush* don’t tell anybody, pretend it’s not there… and keep coding. XD

Good luck everyone, esp. all you LD48ers who are almost done for the weekend. :-)

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