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Hi people!
we started working on this game years ago, during these years we worked on many other projects, but we decided it’s time to finish this one. so we continued developing it for the past months until we felt it’s polished enough.

anyways, we will hopefully publish it on 23.12.2017

here’s the game trailer! :)

for more check the game site:


let us know what you think and have a wonderful day! :)


the sunfury team

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Dungeon Burglars

Posted by (twitter: @outlandishpixel)
Monday, March 3rd, 2014 8:14 am

Hi everyone!

I would like to present a project to the group. Although it’s not a previous entry or inspired by one (as I haven’t entered yet due to time constraints) I thought I would show it to everyone as it’s this community that inspired me to actually make the time to create something. It’s only the first devlog of the game, but I do have a video showing some basic gameplay mechanics. Please go to my site to have a look at the devlog (it’s a bit long to post it all here) and many thanks in advance for checking it out. I hope the weekend of the next LD will be free for me to join in. -oP

A project by outlandishPIXEL

A project by outlandishPIXEL

Egypt hack and slash video progress

Posted by (twitter: @juaxix)
Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 12:29 am

I have made this video:

EHS 4 October

to show the current progress of the game in about 2 weeks.

Player has animations, touch control pad,physics,low poly geometry, etc

The first level consists in 2 rooms and a mage tower, all the game is related to magic and mages!, i am a bit worried about fps, with 5-7k polys for each part of the full scene (rooms and tower), 4 particle systems of 16 elements each one, collisions, object occlussion, physics, AI, animations (no lights , no shadows), the game is running at 40-50fps…
I am wondering if I would need to reduce the meshes again! Or remove particles, occlussion ,etc, so I can add bloom fx, lights and more action to improve gameplay and game itself: graphics, sounds, music, attack,fx,etc

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