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Generic Minimal Wallpaper

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Thursday, December 4th, 2014 10:35 pm
Made by Theorem /@Wittionary

Made by Theorem /@Wittionary

“You are, A Shadow” Updates

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Sunday, April 28th, 2013 7:29 pm

Continuing from

The game is called “You, are a Shadow” and will use this post for updates :)

All time in IST zone:

April 29th, 2013

0753 hrs – LOL I just noticed that there was an hour of submission time too.. didn’t know that. Submitted before that. :)
I dont feel like booting up my machine again and adding that missing credits line… too tired, eyes shutting down and I know once I start editing something..  meticulous me is going to find more stuff to fix.. and the finally compression and host again on my server… dah No can do; sorry 😀

0714 hrs – Trying to pull myself up from all the exhaustion.. and randomly look at some entries from other Indie devs posting on IRC.
I also remember that my over stressed brain forgot to add one last source of sound credits… .. my bad.
Don’t think its a good idea to now edit the compo entry.. it’d probably make it invalid.. so I’m just mentioning here for good karma. :)

Also pic of my desk now, trying to clean up 😀

The 5 energy drinks and food (not visible in pic.. burp) that kept me going :D

The 5 energy drinks and food (not visible in pic.. burp) that kept me going :D

0707 hrs –  Damn :)  23 minutes left and I just made it in time.. Submitted the entry.  Yippie Yahoooooo!!! 😀
Here it is folks –

Meanwhile, updating log since last timestamp…  I banged my head on a spiky wall to get the music right .. and its still not there to my taste.. a lot of sounds I couldn’t get them right.. so had to use “Coin” sound effect :( ..   But hey! atleast it is complete.
I took a ton of time to find the right music that can set the mood and go well with the graphics.

Also decided to add a credits page at the last moment (not for self appreciation, but to credit the sound sources) .. oh well.. added my name too. 😀

Hoping you guys have fun playing my game 😀

Btw, facebook page is here for the Likes 😉  –

Hugs to everyone who participated.
0306 hrs – About 3+ hrs left.. I made a list of all sounds I need… it looks like I need about 16 tracks YIKES!
Streaming Live again – .. watch me pull my hair creating game sounds. Will I be able to do it?

0204 hrs – Sorry guys, long pending update.
In the last couple of hours I fixed fonts issues,
a ton of math on ‘probabilities’,
reworking some backend calculation and level difficulties,
designed more graphic sprites,
added a tutorial :),
added the final score screens and that’s about it on the game. :)
I also took a little rest in between.

So, what’s pending?  Sounds and music .. YIKES! .. I’m so noob at that… and just ~5hrs left for the compo to end… I gotta hurry.
Also, I am not sure if I will find time to do some animations :(
Let’s race for it.

Meanwhile, yet another teaser for you :) .. I hope I am keeping you guys interested 😀

Life of a shadow?

Life of a shadow?

April 28th, 2013

1418 hrs – Title screen is done. Back to graphics. A game logo is done :)

Having trouble with CSS stylings using custom fonts.. Trying to fix it.  Meanwhile, here’s another teaser to keep you interested 😀

half cut logo to keep it suspense :)

half cut logo to keep it suspense :)

1218 hrs – Finished coding 13 levels… some seriously difficult decisions for the gamers to make in the game. I’d advise not playing the game in front of your girlfriend or boyfriend. Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any break-ups that might happen :)


0513 hrs – Taking a small nap. Unable to hold my head up. Will resume coding level generation after the nap.

0453 hrs – Decision algo has been moved from paper to Code. Here’s another sneak peek of how ‘You, are a shadow’ will play with your brain. 😀

You, are a shadow.. with a  ton of troubles :)

You, are a shadow.. with a ton of troubles :)


0319 hrs – Finished scribbling level brainfuck mapping for 13 Levels… that’s right.. 13 levels :)
Now to put them in code 😀
Damn in last 41 hrs, I slept for 3.25 hrs. Too tired to work on #LD48 … AND then someone reminds me of my superenergy music playlist .Hell Yeah!
Listening 2 music tracks of Naruto, DragonBallZ, TheSocialNetwork, Rocky, TopGun, @battlefield3_ & supercharging myself.
My #LD48 is still ON


0230 hrs – Put in graphics in the game. Wrote some nice effects. Took care of player movements and collisions.
Currently scribbling level challenges on paper.
Meanwhile, 3 energy drinks, 2 dark chocolates and 1 paya gulped down.

April 27th, 2013

2237 hrs – Almost all the graphics is done.. except tiny bits I guess.. which I will do later. Honestly, tired of drawing now.. since last 12hrs.
Let’s start off on the code now. Will fill in missing stuff later.

More teaser

Some sprites of the game :)

Some sprites of the game :)


1858 hrs – Major part of the art is done.. except a couple of characters and items. :)  Taking a small break as of now.. wrists paining.
Here’s another teaser for you guys 😉

Ooo la la :P What was the theme again? Minimalism ;)

Ooo la la 😛
What was the theme again?
Minimalism ;)

1140 hrs –  Planned rough layout of game graphics on paper. Now live again at doing game art on inkscape.

1020 hrs  – Rough gameplay mechanics done on paper. Now to start art. Ok looks like I need my first energy drink of the day.

0910 hrs – I name the game “You’re a Shadow” :)

0900 hrs – Huaaaaaaaaa….. Just hit a super cool kick ass idea for the theme

0840 hrs – ok now, time to get serious. Lights off.. shirt off.. Seiza posture meditation.

0830 hrs – 1 hr gone. No solid ideas yet … arghh.

0800 hrs – Right of the bat @ludumdare 26 theme is making me cry 😛 Who Dafaq voted for that theme 😛

0708 hrs – Just woke up, brush in mouth.. thought I woke up 40mins late for #LD48 Sigh :( W00T, @ludumdare website says 20 mins to start! Yippie! :)

Ping – Game Complete!

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Sunday, April 28th, 2013 1:05 pm


PlaySourceAtariAge – Game Page
Note: Requires an emulator like Stella to play on computers.


For a small bat like Ping, the world is a big, dangerous place. Will little Ping make it in her new home?


Move using joystick (arrow keys or mouse with Stella), ping using echolocation with joystick fire (spacebar or left mouse click in Stella).

Pinging costs 25 points. You gain points by making progress to the right and by eating bugs. Try to ping as few times as possible to maximize your score.

Avoid owls and walls, eat bugs, and get as far as you can!


Supports AtariVox high score saving. Requires an AtariVox/SaveKey module to be plugged in to controller port 2 (or emulated in Stella).

Clear your AtariVox high score for Ping with select + joystick fire while in game.

Mute the pinging sound by setting Color/BW to BW (F4 in Stella).

Have fun!

Bonsai Bash Sumbitted!

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Sunday, April 28th, 2013 11:37 am

I finished nice and early. My project was never too ambitious and as a result I never had to compromise. It is basically exactly as I imagined which is nice. Anyways I submitted to the Jam because I bent the rules a bit. Its ok I won’t win anyways, I’m just happy I finished it up and it is decently polished.Screenshot

Minimalist TD is done!

Sunday, April 28th, 2013 8:17 am

My game, Minimalist TD is done! :) Play it here.

This was my second LD (First one being LD24). All in all, it went a lot better than the first one. I’m kind of happy with my result and I think it’s kinda playable, even though it’s probably not terribly innovative (a generic TD game really). I have never done a TD game before, so I thought that’d be fun as well as a nice learning experience.

Still not quite sure about the difficulty curve. It probably ramps up a bit quickly, but then again, there’s only one level and a bit of trial-and-error can be fun. Lemme know what you think! :)

Here are the tools I used:


FlashDevelop + Haxe + NME + HaxeFlixel


GIMP (although I didn’t need it very often, as you can tell by looking at the screenshot).


Bfxr and WAV to MP3 for soundeffects

Step Seq. for music and Audacity to record it (Inspired by Arkeus. First time I’ve ever created music, not sure if I’m happy with it. It’s kinda short and doesn’t loop very well… but better than nothing, right?)


DAME for tilemaps

The minimalist fisherman !

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Saturday, April 27th, 2013 8:30 am

Hi !
This is my first participation in this cool event !
I’m making a game with a minimalist fisherman who goes fishing with only underpants and a hat (He is really cool).
He sucks bubbles to breathe, and I will add fish soon.

The first screenshot of the game.

The first screenshot of the game.



Some minimalistic game ideas for you

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Saturday, April 27th, 2013 2:24 am

Anyone reading this and still looking for the game idea? Check out this guy for tons of inspiration. And remember:

creativity rule #1

Some Basic Concept done! I present you… The Mission!

Posted by (twitter: @fullmontis)
Friday, April 26th, 2013 10:36 pm

Ok, after a difficult 6AM rise and already 2 hours behind the schedule, I crawled to the PC to find a theme that made me gasp. Hell, I really didn’t expect this to be a theme. I mean, tell me about a game done in 48 hours that isn’t minimalistic!

So, the brainstorming session started quite slowly. Pick up the pen, go to the desk with a white paper and start writing whatever came to my mind. An hour later I’m rather happy to say that I have a clear idea of the concept of the game. And (this coming from me is actually quite unexpected), seems pretty fun to both implement and play. Let’s make a quick heads up.

My traing of tought followed this route: about 99.9% of the games that will be developed will focus on minimalistic graphics. Well, that’s almost a given, due to the time constraints. That CAN fit the theme alone but of course with a theme so ample there are a lot of stuff you can apply it on: mechanics, story, choices, number of buttons used… I see from posts that this last one is a common choice… Very interested in seeing the results!

Ok, since I’m using Ren’Py for the development of my game, I’ll focus on… Drum roll please… Minimal dialogue choices! 

(Why is no one clapping?)

Ok, it is not the most original idea in the world, but hear me now. The game is about rescuing a princess. You have two choices: “yes” and “why?”. With “yes”, you save the princess and all is good. You see an image of you saving the princess, credit roll and goodbye. With “Why?”, the narrator explains your reasons. For example, “Cause you are in love with her”. Then you have the same two choices: “yes” and “why?”. With yes, you win the game, credit roll and all. With “why”, the narrator explains… You get the idea.

So, you can basically choose any time to save the princess, but you can go as deep as you can with your  The fun stuff is, this can go on for quite a while, and can lead to some pretty fun writing. With time, you will access some unique questions. And, now for the fun part: based on the question you asked, the final image will change according to the details you unveiled. More question you will ask, more details you will add. Think Binding of Isaac: each power up adds up effects on the character. This will be the same but with the final image.

The title for this game is (since the theme is minimalism, let’s keep it simple):


The Mission

(Oh yeah!)

I’m pretty happy with the concept so far. I really didn’t expect to be happy with a concept of a game less than one hour after waking up. I have some basic idea on the Ren’Py script to use, now let’s get down to work!

maximalist screenshot : a ‘cover’ of GBgames minimalist LD#11 entry

Posted by (twitter: @OMGWTFGAMES)
Saturday, November 8th, 2008 4:18 am

I really enjoyed the simple, satisfying feel of GBGames LD#11 “minimalist” entry. The anxiety-inducing two-tone audio was also great touch. Not wanting to work too hard this weekend, it’s also simple enough that I was sure I could make a cover version without to much stress ….

Here’s a quick screenshot of where I’m up to.

These might turn out to be placeholder graphics (or they might just remain :) ). So far I have the basic feaures of GBgames original implemented, including the anxiety-inducing audio. I’m also adding a new spin on the idea … the enemies move a little, and can be ‘baited’ to coax them away from the exit.

Exxon – The decontaminator

Posted by (twitter: @drZool)
Sunday, April 20th, 2008 4:03 pm

Exxon - The decontaminator

You are on a mission, decontaminate that oil! Instructions are in game. The name Exxon comes from a oils spill disaster in the USA.

Download in following flavours:

Flash 0.2MB – Requires Flash 9 installed
Windows Executable 1.5MB
Macintosh Executable 3.9MB

Running the game in a browser is possible, but cripples the framerate. I recommend running the executables or running the swf in flash player 9 not in a browser.

Exxon - The decontaminator


There are two modes: Level mode and Free mode. Click: “Click to play” for level mode. And 600,1200 or 2400 for Free mode, where the numbers are how many oil spills there are. Note, if you by any chance run the game in the browser, the Level mode might not work and falls back to Free mode 600. If you see a lot of (N)’s around, you are in free mode. Go back (Esc) and click “Click to play” again for Level mode. (Xml loading issue)

Edit2: Those on Vista could not run the game in level mode. It turns out that running it in a browser worked.
Same as the exe but online, will hurt perfomance though… keep the window small for better fps.

Still Pond – Final Entry

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Sunday, April 20th, 2008 12:14 pm

still pond screenshot

Yep, that’s a shot of gameplay! Hey, it’s supposed to be minimalist.

you may download the intense thrills of Still Pond: (2MB)

It is for windows and includes source code.  Developed using PTK, and I think I did things in the semi-proper way, shouldn’t be too tough to recompile for Mac.  There are two exes, a windowed and a fullscreen, but on my computer the fullscreen one constantly minimizes itself, which is beyond annoying. I consider the windowed version official, but if the fullscreen one works for you, it is better for the gameplay.


Posted by of LoneStranger Designs (twitter: @lnstrngr)
Friday, April 18th, 2008 7:20 pm

I made a list of the probable theme winners yesterday and I pretty much had ideas for all of them.

Except Minimalist.

So I’ll probably just take one of my other ideas…. and minimize it.

Oh well.  Time to get crackin’.

late night cereal..

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Friday, April 18th, 2008 6:24 pm

a minimal cereal..?

a minimal cereal

Well, while I try and step back from the IRC channel for a bit to collect my thoughts on the theme announced ‘Minimalist’ I feel nothing would hit the spot better then some minimalist toasted -o’s.  No fluff here, just the bare essentials.

Ah Minimalist

Posted by (twitter: @sgstair)
Friday, April 18th, 2008 6:15 pm

So, I had a premonition that this theme might win, and have been thinking of games that would work well in it. Not going to reveal much yet but I have a very clear direction and I’m looking forward to being able to put this game together!

So for now I’m going to write up all the things I think the game should do, and come up with some scheme to ensure they all get done. Onward!

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