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Yeti Fights Biology ( Late Entry )

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Monday, March 9th, 2009 3:28 pm

Well, I am late, because I didn’t had the chance to work sunday, because I play soccer, so I finished it today. I know it doesn’t count but I’m posting the game here for you to try it and criticize positively and negatively if you want, so I can make better games.

The Destruction of Viruses + Yeti Fights Back ( my last entry ) = Yeti Fights Biology

This time I used XNA from Microsoft, but I will remake it with SFML and C++… Because I don’t know what dependencies are needed with the game. The images have the background around them, because I don’t know (after googling for it) how to mask a color in XNA, the XNA framework might be really good, but as for documentation it surely sucks. That is why I want to remake it with SFML/C++, and that way I can port it to Linux, sorry Mac users, I can’t compile for Macs..

Also, I don’t know with dependencies to deliver with the Exe so I recorded a video for you to see the final game. And I am giving the source code for curious people.

Video (YouTube)
Download ( src )

Hello world! ;0)

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Wednesday, March 4th, 2009 5:08 am

Hi there I’m just getting ready for my first Mini Ludum Dare this weekend, just setting up the blog and going to get some code and drawing practice in to limber up, not sure how I’m going to get a game done in 48 hours but let’s go for it!

I’ll be mostly using BlitzMax, some art packages and lot’s of caffeine!

My current games can be found here, but they took me a lot longer than 48 hours!

Right have I got enough caffeine, milk and healthy snacks!

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