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Descent Into Planar Space – MiniLD #60

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Wednesday, July 1st, 2015 3:54 am

promotion picture for the game: descent into planar spaceAttempt of making a promotional poster for my mini ld #60 game: Descent Into Planar Space.

Please leave a comment, if you like the game! And be sure to test the other games aswell.

MiniLD #60 : Ultramom is here !

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Monday, June 29th, 2015 9:19 pm

Ultramom and her baby

Ultramom is a puzzle-platformer in which you play a mother with superpowers trying to defend her baby. The theme for this game is “10 seconds” from LD #27. I started with the “Guardian” theme from LD #1 but changed when it was time to make levels.

There are currently 3 levels you can play as well as a tutorial.

This is my second game jam ever  – my previous one was about a year ago ! – and so far both have been really fun. This one was especially instructive since I made this game using Unity, which I only started using about two weeks ago. I used my own engine for all the previous games I’ve made and I have to say, using a professional engine like Unity feels a lot better. I’m looking forward to using it some more.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it ! If you decide to try it, please leave a comment if you have anything to say about the game, whether it’s positive or negative. Anything is appreciated ! Good luck, and have fun.

Finishing my first game!

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Monday, June 29th, 2015 11:25 am

Years ago by boyfriend show me Ludlum Dare and I really like it. But I never made a game because I thought I wasn’t capable…

I have been learning Unity 3D all by my self and creating some courage to make a game.
Now here I am finishing my fist game with Galvesmash for this MiniLD #60.

We still have much to do but its becoming playable.  Tomorrow I’ll post my entry.

It’s a turn-based game with RPG elements (Skills). We picked the An Unconventional Weapon theme because ou use your hair to attack!

Here’s some of the work. We are programmers, not artists!

Some progress.


Screenshots, wheee…

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Sunday, June 28th, 2015 8:53 pm

Okay, finally some progress…
A very dark garden...

THANKS Simulator – MiniLd60

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Sunday, June 28th, 2015 12:05 pm

Hi LD,

First time Ludum Darers here! We’re a team of two – Juha’s working on graphics and helping with the design and I’m doing the rest: design, coding, sound, music.

Our chosen theme is Islands and there’s also a whiff of Game Of The Movie.. hum. Weapons of choice are Unity, PhotoShop and some analog synthesizers. Should be.. at least interesting. :)

Start of day two : we have the player and the camera moving and collision detection happening, first pass of sound effects and island generation. It’s not quite as far as I’d like but I have a clear idea what needs the most work: NPC’s and the scoring system.

I’d post a screenshot but haven’t yet figured out how to do it. Now let’s code some more!


Edit: here’s our title screen

Title screen for MiniLD60

Title screen for MiniLD60

I’m Out, We’re In

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Saturday, June 27th, 2015 10:38 pm

My original idea was a demake of the NHL series, but it turned out that getting AI players to correctly play hockey in a weekend almost certainly would have been beyond my admittedly limited skills.

So that’s canceled.

All’s not lost, though – I have a friend helping me with art and voice acting, and we’ve switched to an alternate set of themes: MSPaint As Level Editor and Monochrome. No screenshots yet, but soon!


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Saturday, June 27th, 2015 9:33 am

So I’m in for the MiniLD and so far it’s going well, I fell that I’ve gotten off to a good start, this is the first time I’ve done one of these mini ones and so far it seems far more relaxed then the bigger scarier LDs

So you can see my game (so far) here 

I’m looking forward to your feedback




p.s sorry for the poorly worded post

MiniLD #60: Let’s Celebrate Ludum Dare!

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015 11:29 pm


MiniLD #60: June 27-29. Theme: Any past Ludum Dare theme!

Past Ludum Dare themes · Past MiniLD themes

Ludum Dare has been around a long time—13+ years! (That’s over three quarters of my life! Not that I’ve known about it all that time, but still.) And soon, thanks to PoV, we’re going to be saying goodbye to this old, clunky website that has served us through so many of them. That, along with MiniLD #60 being a nice round milestoney number, made this seem like the perfect time to look back on our long history and celebrate what Ludum Dare has meant to all of us.

Of course, if you’re new to LD, that shouldn’t stop you from participating. The rules here are simple enough: pick out a theme from any past Ludum Dare event. Whichever one you like! Lists of past themes are linked above. Then, over the last weekend of June, pretend you’re taking part in that past Ludum Dare. I think it would be fun if you stuck to the strict Ludum Dare rules if you pick a full LD’s theme, but hey, I’m not watching.

This presents some interesting opportunities for you. Did a theme give you a great idea during an LD once, but for some reason or another you were unable to participate? Now’s your chance! Did you intend to enter a certain LD, but fail to finish your entry in time? Now you can redeem yourself!

But wait, there’s more!

Challenge Theme: What has Ludum Dare meant to you?

This one’s for the people who’ve been around a little while. I can at least speak for myself when I say that Ludum Dare has really meant something to a lot of people over the years. Why not share with the community what it’s meant to you?

So, if you’d like, create a game that expresses what Ludum Dare has meant to you. It can be something big or small—there’s no right or wrong answer here. Alternatively, you can write a post about it, or even make something in one of those weird non-game mediums! Make anything you want—a thank you note, a story worth sharing, or even some sort of mega post-mortem. We’d love to hear it!

In addition, I’d like to ask a small favor of you. As most of us are aware, PoV has been working full time on the new LD website despite not receiving even half the donations he needs to support himself. If, in your games and posts, you could please link to Mike’s donation page, I would appreciate it. EDIT: Mike says he doesn’t feel right about “getting money for work by others,” so we’ve had this paragraph removed er, strikethroughed. He’s very humble. =)


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Make sure to write what theme(s) you picked in your entry’s description! I look forward to seeing what you’ve come up with.

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