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All I need is to play some samples now.

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Monday, June 23rd, 2014 11:40 am


I am surprised I reached it so far. The collision was something I was afraid because CPC+ hardware sprite do not have collision detection (like the C64). The screen is HW scrolled and I just render the new incoming tiles at the right side. So, I don’t have a full map to track which tiles are solid in comparison with the hardware sprite. But I did manage to keep track of floor/ceiling edges in an array and compare the Y coordinate of the UFO with these incoming data. And it worked perfectly, tweaked it even to be precise. I am so happy about that!

Then I am surprised how much easier my job was with some great CPC+ capabilities. Easily to setup raster with line interrupts (almost no need for perfect NOP synchronization). And then drop few more sprites for the energy bar and LVL number and they stay there and are even another layer to the scrolling background, with no crazy programming effort. I love the CPC+! If only the original CPC had the same hardware chip..

Another feature of the CPC+ is some DMA chip to transfer data fast to the sound chip, many times per second. I know it’s used to play sampled sound effects, I just don’t know how easy it will be to use it and there is not enough time. Maybe this will be the next I will try, also maybe make the passage more narrow every other level (right now just the colors are changing every time a level is passing), and maybe some score (I have a lot of hardware sprites to abuse) and in the future some enemies/bonus (I don’t think I’ll finish this now). At least now it’s playable enough, more than just a scrolling preview, you can loose and reset to the beginning, or pass levels.

Astroid: first playable version

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Sunday, June 22nd, 2014 2:39 pm


Finally, my first nes game is called Astroid. Currently, only the core of the game is developed. There are still many things to improve and complete… the sound, a title screen, etc. Everything is incredibly slow to program in assembler (especially for a beginner).

Click on the screenshot to go directly to the Astroid entry (with rom, source files and gameplay video).


Of course, all your comments will be very welcome. I’m not sure I have time to rework the game tomorrow… the first playable version might be the last :)


Finally, some progress.

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Sunday, June 22nd, 2014 12:18 pm



From single color blocks with default CPC palette and random pixels for sprite placeholder, to something that looks a bit better, not perfect but I am surprised I came so far. This a CPC+ project, which originally started as an attempt to make flappy bird for CPC+ (which I learn in some news someone already is working on). So, now this is Flappy UFO or something like that, and all I have now is a bouncing sprite that doesn’t collide, smooth scrolling background and raster sky colors (courtesy of CPC+ line interrupts magic!). Hopefully I will finish this tomorrow and it might even have gameplay if I am not too lazy.

My first NES game for Mini LD 52

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Sunday, June 15th, 2014 1:59 am

The last weekend, I was still hesitating between making an action game for Amstrad CPC using BASIC (like when I was child) or doing something new. Finally after consulting various tutorials, I decided yesterday to start on programming a NES game in assembler… what I would have dreamed of as a child.



  • YY-CHR
  • Tile Molester

Here’s a screenshot of my (very simple) game after a first day of work:


This is a one-button game. The flying saucer goes right when you press the A button and left otherwise. Of course, you have to avoid asteroids. My first feeling is that the NES is very pleasant to program (hardware scrolling, hardware sprites and so on).

Obviously there is a lot to improve… to start by changing this ugly color palette!


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