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Being on the other end of a virus can be fun

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Tuesday, December 15th, 2015 10:39 am

Hi guys,

If you would like to play a simple puzzle game where you are the computer virus, please take a second to check out our game. We hope you like it 😉

Play it here!



It’s done!

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Monday, August 24th, 2015 8:24 pm

Second time working with my girlfriend in a Game Project and it was great! Almost killed her but she survived!
We had just 1 day and a half to finish this game, but that’s what we could do for the Jam.

Are you a monster? The idea is to ironize the bad actions that people have day by day like don’t helping old people and don’t throw garbage in right place. (We had other ideas but not the time…)
Play mini-games that get harder and faster!

Are you a Monster? - Mini Game 1
Are You A Monster? - Mini Game 2

Check it here

Have fun! 😀 (more…)

Postmortem: creating 8 games in 48 hours

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Friday, May 3rd, 2013 1:29 am

What’s the minimum time in which you can make a game that looks reasonably finished and attractive and is fun to play?  In an attempt to answer this question, I decided to spend this LD48 creating as many games as I could.  I wanted them to be classic arcade-style in a varied mix of genres, so that each game really provides a different experience.  To shorten time, I decided each game would have only one (hard) level, one enemy type, and one goal criterion, based on which you get a bronze, silver, or gold rating.  Art is always a problem.  However, with my new sprite generator I can create lots of sprites, and combined with Evolvotron, I have a “psychedelic shoestring” art style of my own :-)  I managed to churn out 8 games, taking a little over 2,5 hours for each game in total.

I consider the project altogether succesful, and I am quite happy with some of the games, which I think could be made into stand-alone games with only a little extra work.  However, I did get carried away with the technical achievement of creating games with very different mechanics.  Next time I should maximise even more on fun, even if the games would be more similar to each other.

I also made a timelapse, which I will post later along with a graphical analysis of time taken, hopefully shedding more light on the biggest time wasters this time round.  I tried to create all graphics and sound in a single batch to save time.  However, my impression was that I’ve been fiddling with the backdrops a little too long for comfort, in order to get reasonable colour schemes.  Also, just typing in the code seemed to take a lot of time.  I produced on average about one line of code every 40 seconds.  What was definitely better than last time is that I didn’t need to playtest and tweak the game and controls for ages.

>>> Play the games here <<<

NOTE: there is a postcompo version with a restart game option.

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