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Mini LD!

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Wednesday, July 6th, 2016 8:53 pm


I am very excited for the August ludum dare! I thought I would try out posting a Mini lundum dare my self.

So for my mini dare challange the theme is: Role-Playing Game(RPG)



You must include a short story

You also must have a list of skills


Enjoy! This will end on 7/15/16

MiniLD #63 Compilation & Article

Posted by (twitter: @Jupiter_Hadley)
Saturday, February 13th, 2016 4:31 pm

I have played all of the games entered in the MiniLD #63 in my video compilation series and wrote an article on my favorites!

Side B

Sunday, March 29th, 2015 8:50 pm

Sans titre

Our little entry for MiniLD#58, from Goombat & David Box (

It’s our first try in making a game by ourselves. We used Game Maker.

Have fun and enjoy the music!

Download Side B

Intergalactic Pong – MiniLD 58 Entry

Posted by (twitter: @xanjos)
Saturday, March 28th, 2015 7:19 am

Just submitted my entry for MiniLD 58 (Intergalactic Pong) last night.

Same rules as regular pong except everything is now set in space and the ball is now an asteroid and there are planets that can pull the ball in and also the ball can wrap around the screen because space.

Click the pic to play!!

Click the pic to play!!

Warming up the mind with classic

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Friday, January 10th, 2014 3:57 am

I like to start hours before, playing classic SNES.
I play several of them and some submissions from Ludum Dare previous events too.
Today I intend to test various mechanisms within the themes covered for the event.
I have been studying for some time, issues such as ‘body mass, volumes and environments’ for 2D games, state simulations understand me.
Simulations for the player feel that is in the water .. a place that has a light that affects the character, winds that affect the speed.
I’ll try to use different types of environments and simulations of this kind today.
I’ll wait to start the proposed schedule … Which is same? heheheheh … I will be playing while I wait hehehe.

Mini Ludum Dare 48- Day Zero Dev Log

Thursday, January 9th, 2014 11:48 pm

NOTE: I wont be here for most of tomorrow, so I decided that I will use half of today, and half of tomorrow, and that will still end up as 48 hours. I hope that is allowed.

NOTE2: I will post the post explaining the game tomorrow, I just wanted to log my progress for today before I forget.

Alternate title for this post: “I FINALLY SQUASHED THE BUG!!!!!111!”, or “I am so bad I have to resort to unconventional means”.

I finally fixed the bug I was having with SpriteBatches, on my Mini Ludum Dare 48 game: Death Plot. See, I had a convoluted set up with a Sprite Class for general sprites doing the drawing for my player class. I then had the Player class call that drawing function, and then the Gameplay screen class, which is my main class, call the player one.
Much to my chagrin however, I was getting null exception errors, due to me supposedly not initializing the SpriteBatch using new. However, I was actually doing that.
Long story short, after trying multiple things to fix it, like initializing the SpriteBatch in the Game class, in LoadContent, in Draw, and pretty much everywhere, it didn’t work. I then scoured the internet for help to no avail.
So, what did I do to fix this? I moved the player drawing to the Gamplay screen class. From there it called Player.Position as a parameter to the drawing. Everything related to the player is in Player, except the drawing. It seems to be working perfectly fine now.
Anyway, I am tired, and due to school, I haven’t had much time. I got a movement system implemented, title screen art, game menus, and one of my two player controlled objects. I’ll finish the rest, as well as a design post explaining this game, tomorrow.

The Title Screen.

Follow my Twitter (Kerinova_xeon) for more about my development process.

FINS or The Metaphorical Shark Game

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Friday, November 1st, 2013 8:42 pm


So we’re doing it! I’ve finished the outline and started a sprite for this thing. As always, because my mind loves to over complicate everything, this game will feature real sharks and metaphorical ones legasp! Will be using Ren’Py and yup. Now to sleep and get back up to write-edit-draw-cry-collect-program not in that order of course ^^

Title: FINS

Synopsis: It’s 2046 in an average coastal town, and Anna-Marie thought she’d be spending her break partying it up in warmer waters. But, instead, she finds herself in a den full of cold-blooded lunatics. Because of one, minor, slip up involving letting her best friend alter a grade, resulting in her owing him big time for it… Anna-Marie has to dig up some dirt on the local big bad business in town if she doesn’t want her professor blowing a gasket. The only problem is that snooping around in a major corporations graveyard is never a good idea, and when she stumbles upon some very big and very, very illegal information, Anna needs to think fast unless she wants to end up sleeping with the fishes!

Annamarie 1.0
Anna-Marie Gutierrez: A young freshman in college overwhelmed, under-employed and suffering from a severe case of apathy. Due to an ‘incident’ involving her best friend fudging a grade for her, she has to uncover dirt on Tributary Inc. and finds herself way over her head.
Logan Cho: The resident all-around activist and genius in the making, he’s passionate about uncovering all the dirty deets on Tributary Inc. and publishing them up anywhere and everywhere he can.
Experiment F-2V or Fien: A highly, highly illegal Splice Anna-Marie encounters while uncovering the Inc.’s secrets. Splice being a slang term for humans genetically crossed with another species. In his case, you guessed it, a shark.
Big White: A local loan shark and small town gangster, that is working in step with Tributary Inc. to cover up what they don’t want to be known to the public. Is harassing the Gutierrez family over past due loan payments.
Tributary Inc.: A shadowy, international organization that participates in some highly unconventional activity behind the mask of a family-friendly corporation.

Sharks, Sharks, Sharks– Oh my!

Posted by (twitter: @CScribes)
Friday, November 1st, 2013 9:32 am

Can’t wait to play all these shark themed games! I wonder if anyone will make one that’s not a great white? Or not have a physical shark at all…? Who knows, I’m more worried about making one myself haha. And seeing as Jaws scarred me for life, it’ll be an interesting ride ^^

Announcing SharkJam! (aka Mini Ludum Dare #46)

Posted by (twitter: @IcarusTyler)
Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013 4:12 am


SharkJam is over! 87 shark-games have been made, which means this is one of the most succesful Mini-LDs ever! Thanks guys, this is awesome \:D/


Guns Rule

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Saturday, May 19th, 2012 12:30 pm

It’s on! I’ve decided to make a protoype of a game idea I had, so please be detailed in your feedback!

It’s a game about guns. There’ll be tons of attributes and combinations, and lots of monsters to shoot them at.  It’ll have fun sci-fi laser effects too; although I decided to leave out the Lightening attack type.Basically you have fun trying to find the optimal (or the weirdest!) gun. The monsters will have the same guns you can have, too!! Although i MAY give them limitless ammo.

It’s going to be called Guns Rule.

Will put up a screenshot when I have something to show; I’m just about to dive into coding.

Cheers! :)

UPDATE: It’s working! I still have to hook up being the HUD and improve the monsters and add bosses (and polish), but I’ve got the engine in place!


It’s looking cooler now…





UPDATE: Finally figured out how to get it to let me put up screenshots!! Yay! (It’ll look better when it’s done.)



I’ve got my game idea for the Mini-LD.

I’m interpreting the theme as follows:

  1. Getting it done is the most important thing
  2. The actual “theme” is less important
  3. It’s a Mini-LD, so the rules can be bent
  4. Therefore: It’s more important to get the thing done, so the actual “theme” can be neglected and it’s not too much of a big deal

That being said, my idea has very little if anything to do with the potential themes. I really love the idea, though, and want to make it happen.

The premise has a wide scope, though, and I’ll only be able to get a subset of it working during the Mini-LD. That’ll be a good push for me, though.

The game is about a fox that has to get eight elemental crystals (Fire, earth, water, air, and four others I’ll figure out) into their respective altar-type places to get the Forces of Nature back into balance before the World is Destroyed. The Mini-LD version will have the first crystal and a “To be continued…” at the end.

The game will be a Metroidvania where the player collects various skills. The Mini-LD version will have at least two of them.

Looking forward to this,

— Mr. Dude

Mini-LD #26 – I’m In For This One

Posted by (twitter: @henrythescot)
Wednesday, May 11th, 2011 7:34 am

I’m in for Mini-LD #26.

Here’s what I plan to use for this:

  • ActionScript 3 – Programming Language
  • FlashPunk – Boilerplate Library
  • Flex – AS3 Compiler
  • Geany – IDE
  • Inkscape – Graphics
  • as3sfxr – Sound Generator

I’m not sure what I’ll make just yet. But, I’ve realized that I really do like Flash and I really do like AS3. I shouldn’t fight that love.

Peace, love, and clean code,

— Mr. Dude


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Sunday, July 26th, 2009 5:26 pm

Brickplacer screen

Well, I had the start of an idea, but then never really figured out where to go with it.  It could have come out worse, I guess, but I really feel like I should be better at this by now.

In the future, I think I will actually spend time figuring out how I want the game to work instead of going with something extremely vague and getting right into implementing something before I know what I want.

Live and learn, I guess.


for those interested:  Source Code

time-lapse: link

Punch the Red Ones Only

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Sunday, June 28th, 2009 11:28 pm

Punch the Red Ones Only screenshot

I fortunately have no real experience with domestic violence, so it is more on my feelings about people treating the ones they love poorly.  Just general misdirected meanness.

Early today I decided I hated how the game was turning out and gave up.  Then later, a friend said something encouraging and I had to come back and at least get it presentable and post it.


for those interested:  Source Code

March of the Zombies (final)

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Sunday, June 28th, 2009 10:33 pm

Trust me, this looks awesome when in motion with zombies attacking from all directions

DOWNLOAD LINK (.exe file for windows (should work in xp/vista/7), also includes source code (copy data/ directory to src/ and run

Second download link (google code link, full setup file for windows)

Third download link (megaupload, so this might not be a very permanent link)

You are the lone survivor of… Uh, an zombie attack.
Stay alive for as long as possible! Beat your record!

Aim for the head for massive damage, shoot to the body to slow Zombie down and shoot to the legs to cripple them.
Don’t forget to conserve ammo!

Controls: A/D for movement, W or S for moving up stairs/ladders (hold down when you want to use a stairway/ladder), mouse1 fires pistol, mouse2 throws records, ESC quits, enter toggles fullscreen (800*600 pixels only)

Bonus controls: F prints fps, C counts all the zombies and prints their types to console, N adds MAX_ZOMBIES zombies (300), M adds one zombie, K kills all zombies that aren’t roaming (only zombie dogs can roam)


Finally! I spent three hours figuring out how to use py2exe, fixing a problem with fonts and trimming the package (py2exe created files worth 40 MB (exluding the temp build/ directory), I got it down to 8 MB).

Second and third house added and fully functional, including a line between the two houses (with corresponding semi-stupid Zombie AI). Also added health pack, 5 new sounds and re-wrote 600 lines of code to make it look better. Also did some simple docstring documenting. Difficulty is now well-adjusted, getting over 300 seconds is really hard: my record i 327 seconds. How long can you survive?

This is my first LD, and I must say that I have enjoyed it very much. Not so much for the community feeling (which is really bad: I guess it’s because this is just a mini-ld) but for the forced time limit (…which I broke by 7 hours. Oh well!). I have spent around 28 of the 48 hours (well, 34 of the last 55 hours) actively working on this game. I started with nothing but a 40-line code skeleton for pygame (which I had created some weeks ago). I didn’t like the theme domestic violence, but it gave me inspiration to use a house.

I made the game with following:

SciTE – Text-editing

MS Paint – Creating images

SFXR – Creating sound effects

Python 2.5 – Language

Pygame 1.8.1 – Graphics and sound library

Kebab, bananas and water – Little time for eating

March of the Zombies: part two

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Saturday, June 27th, 2009 11:24 pm

Work has been going along just fine. I wish I made more journal posts… Oh well.

*Added Feet damage system: shoot the zombie in the foot and it’ll move slower (both short-but-high-slow and low-but-permanent slow). Slowdown for player when attacked is permanent unless you heal it with band aid

*Added items (ammobox, records pickup, band aid, beartrap) + itemspawner

*Added sounds (right now I only have sounds for firing the gun and getting hit/hitting zombies)

*Added different types of zombies (“fat” and “dog”, I might add “bat”) + zombiespawner

*Added “stumble” functionality. Zombies are slowed down at random intervals

*Added roaming functionality. Right now only dogs roam, starting randomly (and lasting for 4-20 seconds) when the player isn’t on the same floor (dogs can’t walk up stairs).

*Added patrol functionality to dog. If the dog isn’t on the same floor as the player, the dog will go to the nearest stairway and patrol there (moving back and forth randomly)

*Added bullet collision

*Added player/zombie wall collision

*First house 90% complete (yes, it doesn’t get any better than this when I only have 48 hours). Added new floor, stairway down to ground floor, small cellar (not the best camping place…)

*Added health and feet status meters, also shows how much more ammo/records you have

*Added time attack. Try to stay alive for as long as possible! Right now items doesn’t respawn, but zombies do, so getting over 170 seconds is near impossible

Download current version HERE (beta, this’ll be final only if I die or something. The third house has no working ladders/playercollision)

(previous version HERE)

Python 2.x and pygame is needed (I’m using Python 2.5 and pygame 1.8.1). Unzip everything and run

Controls: A/D for movement, W or S for moving up stairs/ladders, mouse1 shoots pistol, mouse2 throws records, ESC to quit

Bonus controls: F prints fps, C counts all the zombies and prints their types to console, N adds MAX_ZOMBIES zombies (right now it’s 350), M adds one zombie, K kills all zombies that aren’t roaming

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