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What To Stub?

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Monday, December 10th, 2012 1:10 pm

Getting ready for LD25.  I’m using GameMaker again for this one.

Most of my GM projects tend to have some similar things in them.  In order to get something more out of my LD experience, I don’t want to continually re-write the same sort of code from scratch with each project.

Compo rules say that you can use “all publicly available libraries and middleware”, so I’m considering bundling up some useful things and creating a “stub project”, that will be like the equivalent of library/middleware in GameMaker-speak, so that I don’t waste precious minutes during the compo writing the same sort of code I always write in any GameMaker game, and can put as much of my 48hrs into creativity and design.  Conveniently, this will also serve as my Warmup project this time around. Now, granted, I can only get some much done in the next couple days leading up to LD25, but over time if I continue to maintain this project it could turn into something pretty cool.

I’ll probably maintain this and add to it for future LD48 (and other game jams).  So my first question is: What to throw into this thing?

Some thoughts:

  1. A system of rooms that provides a generic Title Screen, Instructions Screen, and Game World, along with navigational objects and such that switch between them.
  2. Scripts for handling keyboard input (or other controls, such as mouse or gamepad or whatever).
  3. Handy math functions that aren’t built into GameMaker already (such as ???)
  4. A hierarchy of pseudo-abstract classes to facilitate implementation of common design patterns for Player, Enemy, Terrain, and Pickup objects.  For example, a common way of implementing a Player is to have a parent Player object, and separate objects for the Player_dead, Player_hurt, and other states.  These would be empty, or mostly-empty, to facilitate development of *whatever* type of game you wanted to make with GameMaker, but would help by providing a little bit of structure to the project.
  5. Code that supports cool visual effects (as I come up with them, over time), such as motion blur, typewriter text, or who knows what.
  6. “Engine” code for platforms, physics, or whatever.
  7. I’m open to ideas.

What would you like to see? Drop a comment, be specific.

Allright, Ill bite.

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Thursday, April 22nd, 2010 8:09 pm
This is where most of the work actually goes down...

This is where most of the work actually goes down...

Well, Im in. This is my first LD, and as of such, my intention is to be amazing and do better then everyone, on account of how amazing I am.

I plan to use Flash Develop for my ide, along with Flixel, graphics gale for art, some combination of fruity loops and all my physical gear for music, my mic, sfxr, more of fruity, maybe maxmsp, maybe soundforge for sound effects, mappy if I use tilemaps…. Thats probably plenty.

I should probably go buy more smokes before this starts, I seem to be down to one, and Im pretty sure the girlfriend is going to smoke some too….

This is probably going to be where I spend the second largest amount of time...

This is probably going to be where I spend the second largest amount of time...

Well Im out picking up addictive drugs, I should probably make sure I have an ample supply of coffee… that might be important.

I seem to have my music gear all assembled. I should probably get myself a chair though….

All the gear Ill need for the soundtrack, all in one convenient location...

All the gear Ill need for the soundtrack, all in one convenient location...

Yeah… I think Im in, I got nothing to do the next couple days. I think Im sposed to grab a beer with an old friend, but I can just make him come to me, and be kinda crazy (hell, he may actually be participating in this, didnt think to ask him… he probably isnt if he plans to bring me beer tho…)

Anyhow. Should be fun, I already have some cool ideas.

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Friday, December 5th, 2008 2:31 pm

Hi all, looking forward to my first ever attempt at Ludum Dare, should be a learning experience at the very least :-)

In the interest of upfrontness, and because it seems to be the done thing, have a link to the *extremely* primative base that I plan to use  It does very little, just provides a bit of a wrapper around some SDL + SDL_Mixer and OpenGL functionality.  Can’t imagine it’ll be of any use to anyone, but use/abuse as you wish anyhow.

Now I think it’s time to try and sleep off the Friday beers, see you all tomorrow for the event itself.  Cheers!

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