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I’m In

Friday, December 5th, 2014 11:50 am

This Saturday I have to go to a wedding but I will have the 50% of the time to join the Jam. I think this time I’m going to work alone, or maybe with some collaborators (like my friend Eduardo Perez). But I dont want to give any excuses. I love participate in Ludum Dare and I will try to do something simple and fun. Meanwhile I am out I will try to think about good ideas to implement to the game.

Everybody knows that the theme of this edition will be…

This time I will join as MechanicMoon (the name of our studio) and I will use the following tools:

– Game Maker Studio


– Bfxr

– Band in a Box

– Audacity

Good luck everyone!


Star Tycoons – Post Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @@MechanicMoon)
Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 3:36 am


The LD30 has finished and now is the moment to do balance. This time, the team were very motivated and our target was to do a simple game with simple mechanics, because in past editions of Ludum Dare, we ended short of time always. But the braingstorming began and… disaster again: We wanted to a Space Transport Tycoon … the time was running..


– I waste a lot of hours doing a system of movable windows, similar to an operating system. We needed a lot of screen to play and manage all and this was a big idea, but very time consuming.

– Doing a big project for a LD, we didnt learn, and about the 50% of the game is without implement. We had illustrations for a lot of events (like the pirates event), but without time to add them. We wanted to develop an enemy IA to try to obstacle your bussiness, but again without time.

– The lack of a tutorial. The barrier for this game is very high in the first moment. With more time we would have added a nice help and tutorial panels to help the player in his/her first steps.

– The sound. We didnt have a musician and/or sound artist in this LD, then I had to improvise at last moment. We know that we can improve this part a lot.


-We tried something different and we already won this time because  we  already have an incredible simulator done in 72 hours, by 3 people and with a lot of possibilities for the future. A lot of the code will be reused in future projects (like movable windows) and we are very proud of the final results.

– The graphics. Eduardo and Sinda have done an amazing work, with a lot of creativity and personal style. We always try to do games in 2d with great quality, but this time the work of these artist of Mechanic Moon, has been spectacular.

– The dynamic path system was a brainpain but at least it works well and it’s very interesting to improve and reuse it in the future. There are some bugs, I know, but the game is very stable in Html5, and we ended it in time.


– Work a lot. We always give the 100% in LD and we want to live doing games, and in this world, there isnt an easy way. The only way is to do good games.

And now, some extra art for the events that we didnt have time to add to the game :



Thanks for reading, we will see soon in the next Ludum Dare 31!!!


Going to space!

Posted by (twitter: @@MechanicMoon)
Sunday, August 24th, 2014 2:42 am

Greetings from Mechanic Moon Studio!

We are now working on a brand new project for this #LD30. Our temporal title is “Star Tycoons” and with this game we want to create a space simulator centered on planetary commerce.
Sounds awesome isn’t it? Let´s get into business!

Players will take control of one of the two main corporations who rules one planet with the purpose of monopolize the passanger and cargo transport market. In order to do so, players will conquer moons and establish trade routes between them. Did I mention that there is a huge neutral space station in the middle?

If you want to win this game you will have the chance of hiring transport spaceships to trade three different resources. Remember that laws of offer and supply will apply here, do your best to make your colony prosper or perish!

Our develop Schedule is the following:

-Saturday: In one hand main graphic design was made but on the other hand we achieve a big leap in coding and GIU. For example, we already have emerging and moving windows on the main screen.

-Sunday: It´s time to create the path between planets and moons as well as the planetary development issues such as trade ports and satellites. In a second step we will implement the resource trade system. Lastly (and hopefully) we will develop the enemy corporation AI system.

– Monday: Dynamic and random events so you cannot expect what is coming next. And if our brains didn’t melt it would be the time to test and implement several of the past tasks as well as implementation of final art and sounds/music to the game.

Stay tuned for more information about our Project. We are really thrilled about this! Space, were going to the space!

Tentacle Rails: Post Mortem

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 11:53 am

Hello, we are very proud about our entry this edition with Tentacle Rails. In the last edition of LD our game had a lot of problem with path-finding and a game of “stealth” was very frustating due the guard-Ai was very awful and didnt work well. Few months have passed and now I have learn a few tricks about Game Maker and coding that have been very useful this time…

When we read about the theme, we did a list of ideas about doing the game. But finally, the chosen idea was thought by the designer Eduardo Perez. I wanted a game with puzzles and he wanted a game with a lot of action. The final idea was a mix of both terms. We didnt wanted to do a runner, and then I thought about a top-view with a wagon.  The art and the magic of “Edu” did the rest and I was focused in find the best way to program this little monster.


A comparison between the first design of the level and the final one.

The Best

– This time we haven’t important problems with the code and the understanding between me and the designer artist was perfect. We wanted to offer a good fast experience with few bugs, and it seems that we have got it. The first day was used to design the basis of the game, the second one to develop a lot of auxiliar system and the core of the experience and the last day was used to add all the final art, animations and sounds.

The timing to complete a full level was very close, but eventually, we got it. The last three hours were very stressful: The “end screen” was done few minutes before the sending time.

Another triumph about I am very satisfied, is that this is the first edition where we have exported the game to Html5. In other editions of Ludum Dare I only could submit the game for Windows / Android, and a lot of people couldn’t play them because they use Mac or Linux. This time there aren’t regrets: You only need a beowser to play to Tentacle Rails!


The difference between first day version and third day one.

The Worst

– Using Game Maker Studio to export to Html5 gives a lot of problems. The random numbers didnt work well and I coulnd’t use random elements to complete the levels. A lot of mechanics depended of random numbers like the life of mobs, their size, etc. The position of some objects were to be random too, their scale..

– I wanted that the paths of the mine-cart were dynamic to play with a lot of combinations and more well-thought puzzles. But I had problems with collisions and when a lot of curves where allocated very near one to another. Eventually I had to do a lot of long pre-saved paths that would change in a specify position to charge the path depending of each level.

– We had planned to do a minimum of 4 levels and maybe a final boss. But the timing was (again) bad. The mapping of each level with a lot of individual elements was really slow (each rock wall has about 16 pieces + other details). I didn`t had time to program an automatic system to distribute the items, as a consecuence I only had time to map one level and do the paths code.

Here are some design in paper for two more levels that aren’t in the game:

boceto_1 boceto_2

The learning

As usual, Taking part in Ludum Dare is one of the best experiences that one can have as a indie developer. I had learned a lot about planning, working as a team and trying to release a polished, fun and challenging game. I think that nowadays, the games are each time easier, and one of the targets was to make a classic-style gameplay, difficult to pass but easy to play.

It’s important to believe in your game, in your work, and we will support Tentacle Rails with a Android version in the future with more levels (using ideas that we didn’t have time to implement). Thanks for playing it!


Tentacle Rails Entry:

Tentacle Rails was live some hours ago!

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 1:35 am

Hello everybody, some hours ago, we could finish our game in time. We are very satisfied of the result this LD, Tentacle Rails is finally live without important bugs or glitches.

The game is hard to complete but easy to control, you only has to worry about kill everything. It’s a funny game perfect for a five minutes session. I will try to write a long post-mortem about the development with some concept-arts and interesting stuff. Tentacle Rails has been developed with Game Maker Studio.

Now is the moment to rest a bit  and soon we will begin to test and rate other games. You can try my game in this link, and if you want to post a comment, please link your game to test it too 😉

Tentacle Rails: Jam entry

Sunday, April 27th, 2014 2:32 am

Hello, this is my third time in Ludum Dare (My second with a Team: Mechanic Moon Studio).

Our idea for the theme is a Rail game that mix Puzzle + Action. We are using Game Maker Studio and we already have some base mechanics: The Corf moves automatically and reacts to curves (we are polishing the effect).

The main concept of the game will be to pass zones shooting to levels and enemies to unblock more roads and the exit of the level. Ah, the title is Tentacle Rails, because there will be traps, like tentacles, slimes and other mobs that want to harm you.

Now, here is some concept art of the main character and a screen of the first map:




Now, its our second day and we have to do a lot of things:

– Designing the rail-change with levels

– The system of shooting and enemies

– Treasures, tnt boxes..

– Add the final sprites with the correct animations

– More levels (if we have time!)

Hidden Prison: Good feedback = Remake?

Thursday, December 19th, 2013 2:40 am

Hidden Prison entry

Hello everybody. We are very pleased with the feedback of our game, Hidden Prison. We know that we didn’t have time to finish it and polish, but we have worked to fix some bugs (critical bugs) and do the game enjoyable (now you can finish it). The main reason of this post is asking you about the possibility to do a remake, only based in the feedback. We believe that our idea es very good and interesting to develop and create new levels, develop the plot, dialogues and do a really complete game.

The main reason to do the remake is to thanks to everybody that played (tested) our game an told us that they wanted more! We think that we can improve the experience with some aditions:

  • Better graphics and ilumination system
  • Faster characters
  • Better AI (We will use the grid system of GM Studio to do the paths)
  • More skills
  • A good story with a surprising plot and dialogues
  • More puzzles, traps, and stealth!
  • And, of course, more levels.

We want to start the remake in a few weeks (after Christmas), and I beg you to vote us and help us with your feedback, to try to achieve some advertisement and financing in the future, that REALLY will help to do an awesome game. Thanks for reading!

Hidden Prison: Looking for future

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013 9:34 am

Finally, we have fixed some bugs and we think that Hidden Prison is playable. It’s a game where is important to work in team and select the right character to surpass each obstacle. Some friends think that it remembers to The Lost Viking with top view. I invite you to try it and give us some feedback for a future version in Tablets.

Try it! Hidden Prison

Thanks everybody and good luck with the votation!!

Only 4 hours

Monday, December 16th, 2013 2:54 pm

hidden prison

No time! We are in a hurry. The plan of 4 levels will be reduced to only one, with every character of the game. This Ludum Lare edition is being very stressful, now.. I must continue work, good luck everybody!!

Dev Diary: The last day of Hidden Prison

Monday, December 16th, 2013 6:38 am

We have around twelve hours to complete the development of our game. It’s an ambitious project, but we have learned a lot and the level of fun has been gorgeus.
The abilities of four of the characters han been done and now is the moment to put a To-Do list for these last hours..
Some sprites..

  1. Final sprites: Prison, enemies, items..
  2. A low AI for Guards
  3. A final touch to music and fx
  4. More traps and obstacles
  5. Dialogues to develop the plot
  6. Start menu, pause menu
  7. Map final stages (4 I think…)

You can follow our development in our twitch channel, thanks!!

Hidden Prison Dev diary 1 (Temporal title)

Sunday, December 15th, 2013 10:56 am

Hello everybody! This is my second time in Ludum Dare, but my first time in the Jam category. I am working with Edu Perez (the graphical designer) and Felix Herrero (Musician) in a game based in stealth & puzzles.


The goal of the game is simple: You have to escape of a spacial prison with your team . Each member of your team has only one skill, and you can control all of them, changing your selected character with 1-5 keys.

We don’t know if this will be a great game or if we will finish the game in time, but we are going to try to do a fun game with puzzles, stealths and interesting mechanics. We dont have visible screenshots (the artist is working in the objects, walls, floor), but I can show you some of the avatars 😉

Follow our stream:




Hello everybody! This will be my second time in Ludum Dare. The last time I participated in the Combo competition and now, three months later I am going to participate with my incredible team of Mechanic Moon Studio:

Eduardo Perez Pastor: Designer and artist

Felix Herrero: Musician

Me – Javier Martinez: Programmer

The last time I did a simple puzzle game called Scorpio 10. Its main fault was that the game was too serious and the music and graphical design was not enought good due to my lack of skills, but today I have a great team and we will compete trying to do an original and fun game. This time we are going to use Game Maker Studio again and we will try to our best. We will keep you informed through these blog entries (in English) and our website (in spanish).

Good luck everybody this weekend!!

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