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May I Help you? Updated!

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Thursday, May 8th, 2014 10:56 am

Hi everyone !

Finally we managed to get some time to work and update our game, May I help you?, and fixed the first version problems. It’s mainly little gameplay issues.


Here are some of the updates we’ve done :

  • We rebalanced how the NPC moves from a place to another and we improved how fast they move.
  • We added a NPC character to balance the level (it was created during the Jam but not included)
  • The camera focus on the spoted corpse if you loose (so you know how and why you’ve lost)
  • The trust bar is now working!
  • We improved the GUI
  • We added new killing dialogues as people liked them!
  • And finally tiny improvements here and there

The game shoud be running on windows (except windows 8) and Mac and we hope this balancing will improve the experience.

We are glad to have made those fixes thanks for the feedback of the players out there. Looking forward for the next update with new features.

New feedback are always welcome!

Enjoy May I Help you?


What lies beneath these happy faces ?

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Thursday, May 1st, 2014 11:40 am



First professionnal finest critics : 

“Probably the most original idea I’ve seen so far! And I even got to kill Tim Schafer! ”

“Really awesome art style! Great job, reminded me a bit of Hotline Miami! :)”

“Very awesome! I love it!”

“Nice! Would love to play a full version.”

“Great idea! If expanded it could be a great game :D”

“Hah, being the murderous butler is a lot of fun.”


Join the party : May I help you ?


May I Help you? Now on Mac !

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Thursday, May 1st, 2014 5:12 am

It’s funny, I wouldn’t have thought that with a tool like game maker and it’s long list of available platforms, at the end making ports will be the hardest thing.

But now we had our Compo version available for Mac OsX… except for Mavericks (10.9) :(


So far, we have a windows version (except windows 8) and mac version (except os 10.9). The html 5 version has issues with the dialogues and it will be our first fix as soon as we can spend some time on it. And making a windows 8 version looks very annoying, so we’ll see. The mavericks version is a known bug, but I didn’t find the fix or it’s not released yet (hey guys, maverick is out since 6 months).

At the end exporting, testing and releasing your game is very stressfull but it’s a good lesson.

So here is our adventure reverse-cluedo game : May I Help You ?

May I help you? Released

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Monday, April 28th, 2014 1:41 pm

It’s with a great pleasure that we have released “May I help you?” and we invite you to try it here :

Currently we only have a windows version (html5 has too much issues so far). Therefore we had a query: if anyone out there owns a version of Game Maker for mac or linux and is willing to build us a version of the game, it will be very helpful !

As for us, we are going to sleep !

Good night jammers !

May I help you? Final hours

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Monday, April 28th, 2014 9:47 am

Hi everyone !

We are so excited to see all the games being uploaded now. Here is a final WIP update on our own one.

Yesterday night, at 9:18pm, we were facing the very first casualty. The first death of our mate Robert that I was able to catch. RIP man. That meant we finaly had some gameplay ! Quickly we were able to kill everyone in the mansion ! Then we re-coded all the dialogues systems which is the base for trying to change the others characters behavior or kill them so we can play the game.


Slowly today, we had all the core features coming in. Lose/win detection, balancing some stuff here and there, animated sprites, some sounds, updating the look of the map, etc.


Now Maxime is making the menus and Paul is finishing the first version, the one we’ll upload in a couple of hours. Saddly we won’t probably have time to implement more levels (maybe an update post-jam if players are interested?). At least we’ll have a full playable level that we can restart as much as we want :)


Ahead of us is the final step : exporting and having a stable exe. Let’s see how it goes !

Enjoy the final hours !


EDIT : We are looking for someone with Game Maker Studio for Mac or/and Linux to make a build if possible ! Cheers ! :)

May I help you? Day 2

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Sunday, April 27th, 2014 11:58 am


Hi everyone ! Here is a little update for our second day on the LD29.

Today we have been finishing the characters (some sprites are missing but it’s on the way). Here you can see an update on our character, Tim, which you will be able to kill in our game :)


We’ve spend some time trying to fix the size of the elements, putting together some of the characters and the environment. We should have done it earlier, but we were all focus on different things.



So we figured out that our characters were too small, that the rooms where wayyy too big and this kind of stuff. Then we resized everything untill we got something we liked.

I have to admit that we don’t have a playable version yet. Paul, our dev, is working hard on implementing the basic actions (kill, NPC objectives) and, I hope, we might play it tonight. But we have so much to fix yet. The first playable version will help us to decide some of the actions like how is the game over, how hard is our test level, how can we balance the number of NPC, etc. So much to do.

Discovering a software (game maker) during a game jam is interesting but not the most productive and fast move we can do. Figuring out how to update elements, how to script on it (how the variables work between rooms, how instanciation works), takes time.

Good luck for the guys finishing today. See you tomorrow !

May I help you ? End of day 1

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Saturday, April 26th, 2014 11:41 am

Here is a little update about what we have done since this morning.

Maxime have been working 2d assets. As you can see here, getting the right references is always important!


Meanwhile, Paul was discovering pathfinding and variables on Game Maker and I was trying the tiles system :


But as we are not planning to have an open world, but (luckily) a couple of levels, we might just drop the tile building and layout and use a background image. Yes I know, but today with all the ram we had, who cares?

Here is a preview of the current line up of characters. You play Georges, the other ones are NPC.


About references, Tim here on the left might be inspired by another famous Tim :)

And finally a sneak peak of one of the gameplay mechanics we might use: an old fashion dialogues boxe with multiple choices ! To be able to fullfill your bloody pulsions you need to have the people alone in a room but you also need to prevent the others to find out what you have done. This is where the dialogues came in to make you try to influence the NPC behaviors.


Good end of day one to everyone out there ! :)


Maxime, Paul and Flavio

May I help you ?

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Saturday, April 26th, 2014 5:32 am

Hi everyone ! Glad to be back !

We are a team of 3 in the south of France, Maxime, graphic designer, Paul, developper, and I, Flavio, somewhere between those guys. Our game working title is “May I help you?”. It’s about a buttler which might not be who we think he is. Let’s face it, beneath the surface, he is a serial-killer. And yes, you play him, and you must kill everyone in the mansion!

For the occasion we are trying Game Maker (hey yoyo games, some deal for the game jam?) as it’s a 2d game. So Paul and I are looking for tutorials to understand how it works and Maxime is building mockups of what the game might look like. We’ll talk later about the game mechanics.


See you later for some more informations !

Enjoy your game jam !

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