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March of the Zombies (final)

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Sunday, June 28th, 2009 10:33 pm

Trust me, this looks awesome when in motion with zombies attacking from all directions

DOWNLOAD LINK (.exe file for windows (should work in xp/vista/7), also includes source code (copy data/ directory to src/ and run

Second download link (google code link, full setup file for windows)

Third download link (megaupload, so this might not be a very permanent link)

You are the lone survivor of… Uh, an zombie attack.
Stay alive for as long as possible! Beat your record!

Aim for the head for massive damage, shoot to the body to slow Zombie down and shoot to the legs to cripple them.
Don’t forget to conserve ammo!

Controls: A/D for movement, W or S for moving up stairs/ladders (hold down when you want to use a stairway/ladder), mouse1 fires pistol, mouse2 throws records, ESC quits, enter toggles fullscreen (800*600 pixels only)

Bonus controls: F prints fps, C counts all the zombies and prints their types to console, N adds MAX_ZOMBIES zombies (300), M adds one zombie, K kills all zombies that aren’t roaming (only zombie dogs can roam)


Finally! I spent three hours figuring out how to use py2exe, fixing a problem with fonts and trimming the package (py2exe created files worth 40 MB (exluding the temp build/ directory), I got it down to 8 MB).

Second and third house added and fully functional, including a line between the two houses (with corresponding semi-stupid Zombie AI). Also added health pack, 5 new sounds and re-wrote 600 lines of code to make it look better. Also did some simple docstring documenting. Difficulty is now well-adjusted, getting over 300 seconds is really hard: my record i 327 seconds. How long can you survive?

This is my first LD, and I must say that I have enjoyed it very much. Not so much for the community feeling (which is really bad: I guess it’s because this is just a mini-ld) but for the forced time limit (…which I broke by 7 hours. Oh well!). I have spent around 28 of the 48 hours (well, 34 of the last 55 hours) actively working on this game. I started with nothing but a 40-line code skeleton for pygame (which I had created some weeks ago). I didn’t like the theme domestic violence, but it gave me inspiration to use a house.

I made the game with following:

SciTE – Text-editing

MS Paint – Creating images

SFXR – Creating sound effects

Python 2.5 – Language

Pygame 1.8.1 – Graphics and sound library

Kebab, bananas and water – Little time for eating

March of the Zombies: part two

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Saturday, June 27th, 2009 11:24 pm

Work has been going along just fine. I wish I made more journal posts… Oh well.

*Added Feet damage system: shoot the zombie in the foot and it’ll move slower (both short-but-high-slow and low-but-permanent slow). Slowdown for player when attacked is permanent unless you heal it with band aid

*Added items (ammobox, records pickup, band aid, beartrap) + itemspawner

*Added sounds (right now I only have sounds for firing the gun and getting hit/hitting zombies)

*Added different types of zombies (“fat” and “dog”, I might add “bat”) + zombiespawner

*Added “stumble” functionality. Zombies are slowed down at random intervals

*Added roaming functionality. Right now only dogs roam, starting randomly (and lasting for 4-20 seconds) when the player isn’t on the same floor (dogs can’t walk up stairs).

*Added patrol functionality to dog. If the dog isn’t on the same floor as the player, the dog will go to the nearest stairway and patrol there (moving back and forth randomly)

*Added bullet collision

*Added player/zombie wall collision

*First house 90% complete (yes, it doesn’t get any better than this when I only have 48 hours). Added new floor, stairway down to ground floor, small cellar (not the best camping place…)

*Added health and feet status meters, also shows how much more ammo/records you have

*Added time attack. Try to stay alive for as long as possible! Right now items doesn’t respawn, but zombies do, so getting over 170 seconds is near impossible

Download current version HERE (beta, this’ll be final only if I die or something. The third house has no working ladders/playercollision)

(previous version HERE)

Python 2.x and pygame is needed (I’m using Python 2.5 and pygame 1.8.1). Unzip everything and run

Controls: A/D for movement, W or S for moving up stairs/ladders, mouse1 shoots pistol, mouse2 throws records, ESC to quit

Bonus controls: F prints fps, C counts all the zombies and prints their types to console, N adds MAX_ZOMBIES zombies (right now it’s 350), M adds one zombie, K kills all zombies that aren’t roaming

March of the Zombies

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Saturday, June 27th, 2009 9:03 am

A zombie game. You are supposed to stay alive from the zombie attack while picking up survivors. You have a pistol, but ammo is scarce.

Design is 99% complete, AI is 95% (Am I in the same height as the player? Then attack, else find closest stairway that goes in the right direction… repeat for each zombie. Oh yes!), Graphics 50% (Just have to create a better looking house and some survivors plus an ammo box), x-axis collisions 0%, shooting-part 50%, sound effects 0%, menu 0%

Zombies marching

Zombies just love to march. Surprisingly, I get a solid 60 fps even when there’s 100+ zombies on screen thinking how they should eat that delicious player

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