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Cryptid Puzzle Challenge – Final!

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Sunday, February 8th, 2009 3:34 pm

Hey folks- finished my game:


You’ve received 4 scrambled images of possible cryptids:

Use your Crypto-Computer ™ to unscramble them!

You have 1 minute to complete your task before the
evidence is lost forever.  You will receive a
30 second bonus for each cryptid you discover.

Each cryptid image is made up of 4 individual pieces.
Unscramble each cryptid by clicking on the numbered boxes
to rotate a distinct piece of the puzzle image.

* Left mouse button for clockwise rotation.
* Right mouse button for counter-clockwise rotation.


CoMuTor – Final!

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Sunday, December 7th, 2008 7:48 pm

Here is a link to the updated post compo version that will stay current. ** NEW **

Here is link to win32 binaries only final compo version

Here is link to Mac build of compo version (thanks to jlnr!) ** NEW **

Here is link to full source and media archive of compo version


You are a monster who has decided you will take out your aggression on the morning commuters.  You can  crush cars and SUVs with abandon as long as you land squarely on them with your jump move.  You must be mindful of the dangerous GAS trucks!   Keep away from those at all costs and let them safely leave the screen.  Every car or SUV that escapes your wrath and flees the left of the screen costs you the same amount of negative points as if you had crushed them with a fatal jump move.  After each vehicle is destroyed it’s inhabitants flee in panic.  You can chase them down and eat them.  Don’t let vehicles run into you though as this will also cost you score as well.  The game speed will continue to increase with every 10 vehicles destroyed.  Since you are an invincible monster you are merely playing for a positive score until you retire from your activities.

Managed to cram some form of “game” into it but it definitely didn’t turn out how I meant it given all the triage and feature cuts I had to make both in programming and art.  I had an awesome time though just the same.  Can’t wait to play everyone’s entries!

Screen capture on Mac?

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Friday, December 5th, 2008 9:31 am

Quick question for any Mac users.

Is there any software that can take a desktop screenshot at regular intervals (once per minute?) and save it to a folder?  I would like to do a timelapse, but recording a video file over two days seems a bit too risky.

Final: Of Robots & Groglots

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Sunday, April 20th, 2008 6:00 pm

Introducing ‘Of Robots & Groglots’, which is a cross between an old favorite of mine, Star Fox 64, and the minimal and popular Helicoper Flash game (see link if you want to be prepared for minimalist controls):

Final screenshot of ‘Of Robots & Groglots’

The whole game is controlled using only two buttons, of which one is usually permanently down; the microplanets add another touch of minimalism. Downloads:

These links have been updated to point to a version that includes 1) a two-line fix for two levels that were unplayably slow on some systems, and 2) a one-line fix for a bug that could stop your show, depending on your style of playing. Other minor bugs and balancing haven’t been touched. If you want to see the original version, replace ‘opt’ by ‘final’ in the links. Thanks!

Be prepared for:

  • No music — no need to stop Winamp 😉
  • Gamepad support!
  • Needing a minute until you can maneuver as smooth as you want.
  • Two interwoven storylines (sort of) and very different levels. If you get stuck, see the Readme file for a cheat so you can inspect them.

Last foodphoto:

Ludum Dare, last foodphoto

The timelapse is available on YouTube. I caught a cold and look pretty exhausted =) – and it’s probably only interesting if you know the game.


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Monday, November 26th, 2007 11:02 am

Ludum Dare #3 (2003), theme Preparation. My game, PuffBOMB. Propel a hamster character to an end zone using bombs. Incredible Machine with explosives, burning, and screaming. :). The original compo version, unfortunately, featured only 2 levels.

PuffBOMB scored a Silver for sound, and came in 5th place for fun.

Download: Original compo version

PuffBOMB - Compo Version

After the compo, I continued to work on the game over a couple weekends, adding 10 actual levels to the game. Also, adding custom level support, due to Stephen Stair offering to build a level editor. The game was later featured on several on several game magazine coverdisks.

Download: Post compo version (0.8)

PuffBOMB Post Compo Shot

Eventually, in 2005, I went ahead and fancied up the original game for submission to the IGF and Slamdance competitions. Changed the graphics dramatically, toyed with some graphical effects like a cartoony fire effect, white outlining effect, and so on. Added a proper menu, and ported the game to the Mac.

PuffBOMB was a finalist for the “Popcap Casual Game Award” at Slamdance 2006.

Download: Windows, MacOS X

PuffBOMB - IGF/Slamdance Version

Today, development continues on the so called “super remake” of the game.

PuffBOMB - 2008

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