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Friday, December 20th, 2013 7:19 pm



I uploaded Linux and OS/X versions of my game,
so you can now test Web or Windows or Linux or Mac OS versions of
superfrozenkittengetsonlyonesecretbottleforyou game:)

It’s ->  here!
(it’s 1:1 game jam version)


The Present v2

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Sunday, December 15th, 2013 8:07 am

I’ve now made the game more polished and I’ve added pretty textures and “animations” such as snow fall and santa flying!

The following video shows what I’ve done so far:

To do list now:

  • Create Christmasy Music
  • Add said music to gain
  • Refine controls
  • Refine falling “logic”
  • Compile and bundle for Windows/Mac/Linux
  • Add Awesome Sauce
  • Remove Rubbish

Tools Used:

  • Programming Language – C++
  • Graphics Library – SFML 2.1
  • Audio Library – SFML 2.1
  • Image Editor/Creator – Photoshop CS5
  • Music Editor/Creator – Garageband and Logic Pro 9

Getting ready…

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Friday, December 11th, 2009 3:47 pm

This is gonna be my third LD. I’m pretty excited and I hope the theme is not gonna be Twilight Fandom.

Here are the tools that I’m going to use:
Compiler: FreePascal 2.4.0rc
Target platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X (and maybe GP2X if I have too much time)
Editor: Komodo Edit
Graphics: Cinema 4D, Gimp
Music: GarageBand
Sound: cfxr (Mac port of sfxr), maybe Audacity

You can download my basecode here: LD16_Basecode (It uses SDL + OpenGL for graphics, SDL_mixer for audio and has support for Lua scripts)

I also wrote a little command-line tool to help creating timelapses on Mac OS X, download it here (32 bit executable for Snow Leopard and source are included). It basically just uses the “screencapture” utility to create a number of images (quite similar to the AppleScript that has been posted here) which then just need to be converted into a video (using iMovie, Window Movie Maker or similar). It should also work on Linux (if scrot is installed), but I haven’t had time to test it.

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