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First Time

Posted by (twitter: @SpudException)
Wednesday, August 24th, 2016 12:03 pm

I think I may try it using:

  • Java and LibGDX
  • Notepad++


Saturday, December 12th, 2015 9:34 am

For the past 3 hours I have been attempting to get git working on my old windows 7 laptop. Lets just say it didn’t go well…
But Now, finally, I can begin working on the “game that may be” (Official title)….

Note: Two themes? Two themes??? One theme is hard enough, let alone two.

I am in

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Thursday, December 10th, 2015 6:07 am

Hey, guys(And girls, if threre are any of you). This is the first time I take part in LD.  So here are my tools:

  • Language: Java
  • IDE: Intelij IDEA
  • Libraries: LWJGL, Stardust2D(My custom little game library)
  • Graphics:
  • Sound: Probably sfxr. (And my electric guitar, if  rock/metal genre music is requered  m/)
  • Misc: Windows 7,  Notepad++  and tons of coffee

Good luck everyone!


Day 1 Progress

Posted by (twitter: @@JacquesYon)
Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 2:24 pm

Quite a lot more time spent on this compo than last time, which I’m certainly proud of. So far, I’ve created several rooms and have developed a bit of a story in my head. The idea is that you’re a misunderstood ghost, and eventually find happiness. I’ve been using Java and LWJGL, so I’m on familiar-ish ground. Here are some screenshots:

Screenshot 2015-08-22 20.17.34 Screenshot 2015-08-22 20.17.47 Screenshot 2015-08-22 20.17.53 Screenshot 2015-08-22 20.17.42


Nearly Finished And It Looks Nice

Posted by (twitter: @DRAGONMASTER412)
Sunday, April 19th, 2015 7:57 am

Written In: Java + LWJGL + Slick2D

Entry: Jam

Team Size: 2

Team Members:




  • Infinite Terrain
  • Perlin Noise – Used to create a hillish effect.
  • Billboard Sprites
  • Stamina
  • Health
  • Unconventional Weapons
  • 3D

Completion: 75%

Art: Me + Teammatescreenshot #19.04.2015 13.51.47

Objective: Survive waves of zombies using the unconventional Weapon

My first LD / I’m In! Post

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Tuesday, April 14th, 2015 1:32 pm


so that will be my first Ludum Dare this week-end; I will try my hand at a Compo entry.

I intend to write a JVM game – I am betting on the fact that everyone has played Minecraft and installed a Java runtime by now, right? Right?

IDE: Eclipse.

Graphical toolkit: LWJGL.

Most probably some “programmer-level” 3D assets modeled under Blender. Some GIMP perhaps?

Should there be any music/sound, or LMMS will be used I guess.

But well, mostly, I intend to *ship* something.

Thanks for hosting this event!

MiniLD #56 – I’m in

Posted by (twitter: @pi_pi314)
Wednesday, January 28th, 2015 7:02 am


I knew I want to participate in this MiniLD for a couple weeks now, but I wasn’t sure if I’ll have any time for it, so I worked a bit on a game I’d submit if it would’ve been finished by this weekend. I’ve overhauled the whole project twice and a week ago I abandoned it, cause it s*#!ed. But last weekend I started learning lwjgl, and now I’m working on a voxel based 3d engine. No, it won’t be a Minecraft clone. It’ll be a fully customizable, editable and moddable dungeon crawler. I just finished the level loader, which loads a 3d level from a single png file. I’m using Eclipse, the engine is lwjgl based, VBOs for rendering and paint.NET for graphics. My goal for this MiniLD is to make collision work properly, create a customizable monster class (and customizable boss fights possibly).

Dungeon 0.3 Dungeon 0.3

I’ll change the textures later, so they fit -Use only 4 colors

If you’re interested in this project, make sure to check my LD #30 submission and vote on this one, once it’s submitted.


Update[20:33; 28.01.2015] – I probably won’t have time to finish the thing, but I’ll do my best.

Declaration of Ludumpendence

Posted by of LoneStranger Designs (twitter: @lnstrngr)
Friday, December 5th, 2014 12:38 pm

I’m in.

I’m in.

I will most likely be working with lwjgl, Slick2D and MarteEngine. I have not been as disciplined in my game programming hobby over the past few years as I would have liked, but I have had some LD successes using FlashPunk, and Java. This time I am going back to Java to re-strengthen my skills and the MarteEngine seemed like a good fit, at least for now. It’s not nearly as complete as FlashPunk was, and development on it stopped three years ago, but Slick2D isn’t bad either and I can modify the MarteEngine stuff if I have to.

As usual, I’ll start with the idea of doing the Compo, and switch to the Jam if I feel that I need more time or assets. I am also toying with the idea of conscripting my six year old into service this weekend, perhaps with art or game ideas.

I’m not sure which theme I am most excited about. Entire Game on One Screen might be interesting, as would be Death is Useful. The snowman will likely fall far down, as most joke themes do, but I’m sure that won’t stop a lot of people using it as a sub-theme.

Now, I must finish some “day job work” so I can get on the early bus and be home in time for the theme reveal. Have fun everyone!

Obligatory “I’m in” Post

Posted by (twitter: @toastedtruth)
Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014 10:57 am

University assessment has been handed over for marking, and I don’t have any plans for this weekend. This is my first time entering. I’m a little apprehensive of my ability to complete on time, but I have been building up to the idea of making a game from start to finish. I suppose this weekend I’ll find out.


  • Java 1.7/1.8
  • Slick2D
  • jInput
  • Audacity
  • Adobe Fireworks CS6

The final source code will be uploaded to my GitHub repo.

I’m in

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Tuesday, August 19th, 2014 8:10 am

This is my second ludum dare ^^
OK I guess I’ll use again my directx basic framwork which I can share [it’s pretty basic]:–o/LudumDare


All code I’ll use will be here:–o/LudumDare

For sound:

I’m gonna record with my new keyboard P: and maybe some guitar!


For art:

Gonna use the gfxTablet application for my tablet in case I’d have to draw some art

Or gonna do some pixel art.


I think it’s gonna be fun [My first ludum dare was the #27, it’s good to be back]!

Happy Ludum Dare 30!

What should i use to load images in lwjgl?

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Saturday, July 5th, 2014 7:24 am

I thought this would be a good place to post this question.

LWJGL doesn’t have a built in texture loader so what is the best thing to use to load textures.

I tried the slick-util but it gave me an error. If it is possible to load images without any added libraries that would be awesome.

this is the error that the slick util gave me:

WARN:class org.newdawn.slick.opengl.PNGImageData failed to read the data
java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Unsupported format for this image

Thanks in advance!!



I sorted that problem however if somebody could tell me how to use a part of an image so i can make a sprite sheet, that would be awesome

Thanks in advance !!

Just Another I’m In! LD#29

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Wednesday, April 16th, 2014 6:00 am

For LD29 I will be making, not just my first Ludum Dare entry, but my first ever game. I will be using eclipse to code and the LWJGL library. I may also use other libraries such as slick. For graphics (if there are any) I will be using and there will be no sound. if anyone knows any good tutorials for LWJGL and its OpenGl  wrapper or wouldn’t mind answering some of my questions please contact me at

Many Thanks and Good Luck,



EDIT: I will be using a couple of extra libraries for rendering. This may include (I’m hoping to find a better one or get slick to work) this text method found here:

EDIT: I will also be using an open source library that I am coding myself, found here:

2D Game in LWJGL with modern OpenGL, Has anyone done it?

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Wednesday, November 20th, 2013 2:40 am


I was planning to create a 2D game with LWJGL for LD. I know my way around OpenGL and everything but I haven’t been able to create a tile system with VBO’s, has anyone done it and / or could you give me any tips for doing it. ? Thanks for any answers.

With modern OpenGL I mean not using glBegin(), glEnd(), glTranslatef();

In other news here’s a link to a forum post about faster rendering in OpenGL with VBO’s, something you should really look in to. Here’s the link :


Time Surge!

Posted by (twitter: @Dahold)
Tuesday, August 27th, 2013 3:23 pm

Project Link!

Made the Game Jam submission deadline with about 10 seconds to spare, then we all passed out. Post Mortem coming soon!

Hitchh1k3r: Lead programmer
Naali: Director, assistant programmer, puzzle design
Solifuge: Art, game design, puzzle design
Tlynn: Writing, themeing, puzzle transcription
Willfor: Music

Special Thanks:
MysticStv, for puzzle transcription and snarky commentary
Mrs. Hik3r, for puzzle transcription and nap-enforcement
LWJGL, and Java in general. Thanks for being a thing!

So i’m in. Here is my codebase…

Posted by (twitter: @badsectoracula)
Friday, December 16th, 2011 6:48 pm

So i decided to enter this LD – finishing is another matter though since i was never good with deadlines :-P. But there is always the Jam i suppose…


I decided to use the code i wrote these days for viewing/walking around maps made with my 3d world editor in Java and LWJGL. So, as advised by the sages in #ludumdare, i declare here that i will use this codebase. I’m not sure what i’m supposed to do about the 3d world editor, so although i got told that its ok i decided to make an emergency release since the latest one doesn’t include the lightmapper or entity support. Unfortunately i don’t have a Windows or Linux box available at the moment so i can only provide Mac OS X binaries. In any case, in the file below you’ll find my “ld22-devkit”: (4MB)

The devkit contains:

  • Runtime World 1.0 alpha 2.99, special ld22 build (this is a full build, including the docs, example textures, world files, etc)
  • Runtime World Walker for Java/LWJGL (which is now mutated beyond a simple walker and is a -awful- codebase for making 3D games with RTW files)
  • Example code in RWW ( for picking up coins and stuff.
  • Prelightmapped rtw file, model, etc for the code above
  • LWJGL binaries for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X (so that the example can be tried right out of the box) and scripts to launch the “game” from Windows, Linux or Mac OS X with proper parameters, etc

Even if you don’t use my codebase you might find the last one useful if you plan to distribute your LWJGL game and have no idea how to do that :-P. If you just want to try the example/test “game”, you can find it here (this is what i’m going to use as a base anyway): (1.8MB)

And you can watch a video of it here. If you use Runtime World you’ll probably want to use your own entities – for these, modify the entities.lil file from the scripts subfolder. The format is register-user-entity <name> <group> <size> (size can be actually two or three arguments for width/depth and height or width, height, depth).

My personal set of tools, etc is:

  • OS: Mac OS X Lion (iMac)
  • Language: Java
  • Libraries: LWJGL, own codebase (mentioned above)
  • IDE: Eclipse (with some MacVim for non-Java editing)
  • Graphics: Pixelmator, Blender, Runtime World (mentioned above)
  • Sound: ….eh, what ?
  • Video Capture: custom BASH script to make screen captures
  • Video Tools: ffmpeg, iMovie
  • Other Stuff: Colloquy for IRC, Cyberduck for FTP, Slayradio for background noise

Elastic Post-Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @bitbof)
Saturday, August 27th, 2011 6:40 am

Someone playing Elastic Prison

Alright so here go my final thoughts.

Game Mechanic:

I’m pretty happy with how everything went. The first day I spent a lot of hours just brainstorming, trying to come up with a really cool and simple concept. I’m a big fan of generated content and simulations that give the player something interesting and new to play with. Something that encourages the player to experiment instead of just running through everything completely deterministic. And I came up with a concept that was just way too abstract, and I wasn’t able to fill the blanks with working/realistic ideas. So about 10 hours in I somewhat hit a wall and was feeling quite stressed out. So I remembered to keep it dead simple and came up with what turned into my final entry. Elastic Prison, a game where the player controls a ball that is attached to an elastic band that keeps pulling it back to the starting point. And for the player to free himself, he has to cling & swing himself from one floating hook/ball to the next to maybe reach something that will remove this rubber band.

First I focused on how the player controls this ball and how the elastic band attaches itself to these hooks. I had something running pretty quickly and felt satisfied with the controls. Then I started to focus on the actual level creation. I knew there needed to be some variation so I created different kinds of hooks. I also put a few minutes into improving the performance so I could just throw everything into one big level.  The next step was creating the level. I did so by making one challenge at a time for me. Every time I tried to make it different from the previous one, or even so that it builds on the skills that were acquired earlier. I tried to make later parts of the game really hard as I hear people are complaining a lot about games being to easy these days. So I could just barely play through these final stages that I created. Still it’s not impossible and after uploading my submission I recorded a 12 minute play through.


Using LWJGL was a pretty straight forward decision but looking back it might have been smarter to choose libgdx because it’s LWJGL + more nice stuff (mp3 support). It’s been smooth sailing with LWJGL though. Currently I’m working on porting my game to libgdx to maybe have it run on android or as an applet.

Sound and Artwork:

Those were the things I was most confident about and surely enough I was really quick. Ableton and Photoshop did their job well. The sounds turned out a bit quiet though.


I have to say I was quite surprised with the feedback. Yes people liked the concept, art and sound but had a gripe with the controls, expecting them to behave differently and not really being able to figure out how to master them. And they were quite frustrated about how checkpoints work, as they won’t keep  you forever from going back to the beginning. Well I can see now how people expect the controls to work and it’s too bad that I didn’t hear that kind of feedback before I uploaded my final submission. While working on it I was told it is hard but fun, which is what I was going for. Now to the checkpoints. I guess the problem here lies completely in not communicating well enough how they work. The funny thing is that it is a really simple concept. Every hook behaves the same way. But some might hold you longer, depending on their size. You won’t end up at the beginning if you understand this concept and make sure to reattach yourself to these large hooks again when they stop glowing.

Once you get it it’s a challenging and interesting concept. And I thought it goes quite well with the theme. The player is trapped and tries to escape. Once he stops struggling he is in danger of being back where he has started.


I look forward to the next Ludum Dare. I’ll make sure to get more feedback while working on my game, and to keep it simple straight from the beginning. As for Elastic Prison, I’ll make it available as an Applet and maybe do some more with that concept sometime in the future.


My Entry

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