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Siberian Game Jam. The end.

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Wednesday, August 27th, 2014 10:15 pm

Wow, this Ludum Dare was kinda hard. Like first time. We managed to finish the game just ended, and real work started much more later than we planned. Theme was hard. Not like “hard because rare“, but mainly because “hard because common“, I think.

Oh, I also remembered I planned to show you photo of all people who gathered at Siberian Game Jam. Here it is!

IMG_8120 LD 30


So, let’s summarize our Siberian Game Jam.

Team #1. Party Time.

Party Time gameplay

Team #2. Fender-Bender.

Fender-Bender gameplay

Team #3. Terminal.

Terminal gameplay

Team #4. Terebitter.

Terebitter gameplay


I hope all teams enjoyed their time. Next time would be fun! 😉

P.S. Post is kinda late. I was sleep, then work, then sleep again. I planned to post it as soon as LD finished, but…

Siberian Game Jam

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Sunday, August 24th, 2014 9:44 am

Hi everyone. It’s kinda late to post it, but right now we finally have time for it. This Ludum Dare is special for us. For the first time me and my friends organizing real world gathering for Ludum Dare participation. Because we live in Novosibirsk, we decided to name it Siberian Game Jam. Game Jam because we want to do it more that one time in different jams. But enough about our plans. Let’s talk about place.


In for Ludumdare 30!

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Wednesday, August 20th, 2014 2:05 am

This will be my fourth year of Ludum Dare and the seventh time I compete. I’m going to write a live blog like I always did which can be found here.

This time I have to put a bit more effort in music rather than graphics 😉 I learned my lesson.

This time I’ll be using InCourse® GameCreator again. A webbased game engine developed by Islandworks and dubbed ‘the GameCreator’. It’s a webbased game engine with an easy and no-coding editor. I’ll be using the Ludum Dare promo code for more statistics. I’m excited!

OS of choice: Windows 8.1

Game engine of choice: InCourse 3.2 – the Gamecreator

Graphics: Photoshop or Illustrator

Audio: Audicity & Anvil.

Hardware: Wacom cintiq (Pen tablet), Space Explorer (3d Mouse), M5 mouse, dual monitors etc.

I’ll post a “How did I do it” on the end as I did the last times.

Other year’s entries include but are not limited to: World AloneBe the Villain and The Dragon Journey.

Strong99's Ludumdare 22 entry - World alone Strong99's Ludumdare 25 entry

Strong99's Mini Ludumdare 49 entry Strong99's Ludumdare 28 entry

And a lot more! Visit my live blog during the event!


Good luck fellow Ludum darers!

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