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Ludum Dare 33 Coverage!!

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Monday, November 30th, 2015 11:45 pm

Finalllllly! I covered over 400 games in this Ludum Dare in my video compilation series. I also wrote a couple of articles that are now out, as well as trophies to my favorite games (just in time for the next LD!).

The articles are here – Part 1 & Part 2.

Some other articles on a few key games are located over at AlphaBetaGamer.

The Soundtrack of Tyrone Rex

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Monday, September 7th, 2015 9:38 pm


Hey! Did you like The Trial of Tyrone Rex? Did you dig those sweet melodies humming modestly in the background?  Well now you can listen them loudly right up in yours ears!  That’s right, the soundtrack for Tyrone Rex is now available on Soundcloud!  Download it! Show it off to your friends!  Bang your head violently to the smooth piano verses riddled about this game’s score!

Go check it out, yo.

GUILLOTINE a game made in 72 hours

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Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015 4:37 pm
Click HERE to play!
(click on the game in Newgrounds)
Last weekend me, Iñaki and Gonzalo made our second game for Ludum Dare 33. The theme of this Game Jam was “You are the Monster“.
Iñaki and me went to the jam and Gonzalo worked at home. This time the place was superb, a class of Area school in Donostia.
At the beginning we were quite lost after the first brainstorming. We had some vague ideas about a Frankenstein and angry villagers. The next day, we decided that we were going to make a platformer with puzzles with a headless guy as the protagonist. The headless guy could steal heads and abilities. We mixed that idea with Hammer Films and classic horror films aesthetic.


I like the decision we made about the color… to remove it! I worked faster this way. I Added and “old film” filter too (just 4 frames of darker corners and dust like spots).


In general I am really proud of the executioner. The story is that after the firts guillotine the citizens no longer need an executioner, so they chop his head and someone steals it. Help the poor executioner to find his head!
I LOVE the chicken head!!
Blazing Skull head. (or Ghost Rider head)
Key head. For some reason we couldn´t add the attack animation.
Piromaniac Skeleton.
I made every pixel you can see, Iñaki Vazquez programmed everything using Construct 2 and made 90% of the mechanics and puzzles, and Gonzalo Sardón created the amazing music and sounds.
I have to say that the game is better that I thought. May be is not an awesome game, but we made it in less than 72 hours! (I had to work). I think the ideas and mechanics have some potential. When we added the music, the game gained a LOT of atmosphere. Now the game shows a crazy, dark humor and horror setting.
It was a really hard weekend but we met a lot of new awesome friends, and we learned a lot!
Special thanks to Edu Verzinski, who gave as the idea of the introduction scene at the beginning the game, and to PINTXO DEVEPOPERS for organizing an incredible game jam and making possible the best weekend of this year.
Ibai Aizpurua and Iñaki Vazquez

Ibai Aizpurua and Iñaki Vazquez


We plan to make a better version of GUILLOTINE! So if you like Kirby and Metroidvania games, wait to see a better, bigger and longer game, with TONS OF NEW CRAZY HEADS!!!

The Curse of Koomba – Postmortem

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Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015 1:58 pm

Dani (The Artist)

I think we chose the right graphic style. The funny, cartoon style gave me many freedom  and I didn’t have to worry about technical proportions. Considering the short time that you have at any game jam, this is a great advantage.

Another benefit from Ludum Dare is that you don’t have to create perfect designs because you are not going to sell anything to anybody. You work fast and fresh, improvising ideas all around. The first character concept art I drew was my reference for the next pixel art with some minimum changes. They were easy concepts because they were based in big genre archetypes. Koomba is a monstrous angry mushroom because we want to make a homage to the first goomba of World 1-1 in Super Mario Bros.


I have done some sprite animations before Ludum Dare with 64×64 pixels proportions. If you want a fluent animation with these dimensions, you need between 10 and 12 sprites, and also these proportions demands a more “realistic” style. In 72 hours I didn’t have the time to do so much detailed sprites (and background tiles), so I decided to do 32×32 pixels sprites (some caracteres exceed this dimensions a bit). With this size, you can do a proper animation with only 4 sprites and just moving the feet (working with layers always saves you a lot of time and work). Some death animations (Koomba, the Dark Lord, the holy wizard) have between 6 and 9 sprites to obtain a smoother, cooler effect.


We wanted to do two or three scenarios, but soon we realised we only had time to do a proper level. So we decided to do the interior of the Dark Lord’s tower. I only had to paint some old stone brik tiles with minimum adjustments and three assets: a gargoyle, a candle and some dungeon jails. At first we had some problems with transparencies, but soon Antonio fixed it.

gaggola JAIL lampara

We also wanted a different death for every knight when they collide with the Dark Lord’s shield, but we had no time so at last I only did a customised ash death for the base knight (not used) and one generic ash death for everybody.


Antonio (The Coder)

At first, I thought we would be unable to submit an entry with a decent level of quality. The first hours were a continuous rush, with many decisions to take, many code and art to put in place and always hearing in my mind the tick of the clock (let’s do remember that this was our first Ludum Dare). Once the initial adrenaline surge was over, the work to do was clear and we did have enough time to add even more kind of enemies than which we figured out at the beginning.

Another challenge was the selection of the game engine, because we had never use Unreal Engine 4 Paper 2D plugin in a serious endeavor (although we are proficients in its 3D and primary workflow). Besides our lack of knowledge, it did not take much time to have our first prototype working, so I must say “YAAAY” for Paper2D.


Regarding theme and mechanics, I think we choose well. A sidescroller platformer (even with the ‘You Are a Monster’ twist) is easy to implement, so we could have enough time to polish other aspects like add one or two different enemies more or a proper Wave System. However, at the end of the third day, the Wave System was half-implemented and we did prefered to use the last hours adjusting some gameplay values, smoothing the controls, and so on.

Although I am very glad with the final result, it turns out that we forgot an important element of any videogame. Yes, you’ve nailed it. I am talking about the audio. So here we are, awaiting our chance to go beyond ourselves and make a game with audio next time.

See you on December!

You can play The Curse of Koomba right here!

Monster Production my Ludum Dare entry

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Monday, August 24th, 2015 9:41 pm

Well it’s friday night after a long work week and I want to start on my entry but I see the theme and  I absolutely draw a blank. So I crashed and while in bed it hit me. What if I made a game about a working monster.

So I began work on my game Monster Production saturday morning. I worked most of the day on the artwork. I took a nice break in the afternoon to spend time with my family. I resumed work  on the game mechanics.

Needless to say after a long while I started making some pretty funny mistakes like putting semi-colons on the end of if statements. I worked late Saturday and managed to finish the game up Sunday afternoon.

The basic premise of the game is you work a standard 8 hour shift with the usual coffee and lunch breaks. After working your 80 hours you will collect your Monster pay cheque.

This is my fourth Ludum Dare in a row so I’m hoping I will do a little better than my last outing.


What have I done?

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Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 1:01 pm

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Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 11:58 pm


Notzilla: ice cream vendor

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Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 4:08 pm

Jamming hard here in Las Palmas…

Here’s the idea: you are a giant Godzilla-like monster who’s definitely NOT Godzilla (he’s infact a Notzilla), but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a living doing an honest job, right?
So you’re a giant godzilla-like monster, but you’re also an ice cream vendor. You have to hand your ice cream to these tiny people without crushing them and yes, it’s gonna be HARD AS HELL.

As you can see we’re now implementing the ability for the customers to rub the monster’s intimate parts (just kidding, that was just an unfortunate incident).

Wish us luck!

I’m in.

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Friday, August 21st, 2015 5:53 pm

First time! Very inexperienced! But that’s cool! Let’s do this!

Things I’ll Use:

  • PyCharm Educational version
  • Python 3.4 with pygame and Tiled Tmx Loader
  • Dunno About Music. (Might make it)
  • Tiled (if needed)

That’s it! Wish me luck, and I might stream it on Twitch. I’ll test it.

I’m in!

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Friday, August 21st, 2015 5:53 pm

I need some distraction from my main project!

Tools: Unity 3D of course, Photoshop, audacity, Blender and my brain (cheesy, I know).

This will be my first jam!

LudumDare #33 !?

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Wednesday, August 19th, 2015 6:58 am

My 1st LudumDare challenge was #32 and it was so much fun!  I’ve been practicing 3D modeling, Unity, voice acting & 2D art since the last one.  Though I’m on schedule to work this weekend, when the theme is announced I will make a decision as to whether or not to participate.  If I don’t try to dev a game of some sort, I’ll definitely be playing submissions like I did last time – what a blast!

For LD32, I modeled the cow for Soccer Cows, made a new YouTube channel JenniNexusPlaysGames & compiled my Let’s Play Twitch stream videos, in this playlist → Let’s Play: LudumDare #32

One of my favorite features of game jams is the social aspect and making new friends / connections from around the world, with complimentary interests in game art, play and development.

Looking forward to seeing ya all around this weekend!

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