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My Experience Within Ludum Dare 30

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Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014 8:32 am

I made a post in my blog telling my experience within this ludum dare.


TL;DR version:

  • I made a game based on behavior trees, a technique for game AI which I implemented from scratch (spent >20h on it);
  • The game is about connecting people;


  • First Ludum Dare that I didn’t change the plan in the half of the compo!
  • Behavior Tree worked very well and there were no relevant bug at the final version of the game;
  • Despite the time I spent on it, the visual of the game is pretty good;
  • There are very few games on Ludum Dare that uses AI as this one, I’m very proud of it;


  • Constant fear of failing to finish it;
  • Very hard to model behavior trees programatically;
  • VERY hard to debug behavior trees without visual helper;
  • Mechanics is incredible boring and repetitive;
  • I couldn’t finish several aspects of the game, but the worse was the sound and not fixing the crap mechanics;




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Sunday, August 31st, 2014 2:04 am

Hello, everyone. Iam ‘the’, and i made a game for this Ludum Dare, named ‘KOSMOVALSE‘. It is a game where you fly in open space around asteroids, kill monsters, collect armor and health bonuses and earn scores.
Of course, i planned to make something more, but it is a 48 hours competition, right?


So, let’s talk firstly about two big fails in my game:

  1. Theme. I wanted to do really small worlds in every asteroids with bosses and NPC. And enemies in space just must interfere to player to travel between them. Now it is sounds funny, but every time i planned to make a game, it is looks like Fallout, even not first. So, after a 24 hours when only mechanics was done, i decide to do something more then color changes only when i have enough time at the end of second day.
  2. PyOpenGL. It was first public game i made with PyOpenGL API instead of pure pygame and now i have a lot of comments like “crashed after button pressed”. That is means OpenGl shaders really do not work in many systems even between gamers from ludum dare community and i need to find a way to do something with that if i want to use them. Because of this I spend Monday morning to recompile sources with exceptions and also i very very sad now.


After this i want to say what in my opinion was a good in my game :

  1. Walking on asteroids. I do not know any other 2d games when you can walk on surfaces that placed at any angle (comment, if you know). Mostly people do platformers with simple gravitation scheme and sometimes with wall jumping, because of this it was pretty interesting for me to made a game where player can run on non-spherical asteroids.
  2. Black-white color scheme. I spend a lot of time in first day to understand how the game world will be looks like, especially asteroids (try to write shaders for them, use brown texture), and finally found this awesome simple scheme. I am not god at drawing (you can check my previous ludum dare game for example) and it was really great decision.


In addition this is a history of my ludum dare weekend:

  • Day 1, progress 0% ) O no, they chose this theme =(
  • Day 1, progress 2% ) This green rectangle is player and he is moving, not bad.
  • Day 1, progress 5% ) This connected lines are asteroids, let’s make a collision system.
  • Day 1, progress 15% ) Ok, i did it!
  • Day 1, progress 10% ) No, i dont =( need to find a bag
  • Day 1, progress 25% ) Now it is a lot of asteroids and i can walk on them and fly between them!
  • Day 1, progress 35% ) Made shader for player rocket-pack trace, not bad.
  • Day 1, progress 35% ) This shader for asteroids looks ugly.
  • Day 1, progress 35% ) This shader for asteroids still looks ugly.
  • Day 1, progress 35% ) x_X
  • Day 1, progress 35% ) Why i even decide to take a part in this ludum dare when i can spend my weekends for something else, i will never add a second world and complete this game in time!(
  • Day 1, progress 45% ) This black and white scheme looks cool, draw a player sprites in them.
  • Day ?, progress 50% ) First enemy appeared, need to sleep
  • Day 2, progress 60% ) Now player can shoot, also added new enemy.
  • Day 2, progress 70% ) Now with three enemy classes and routine with they sprites load code looks terribly, no way to found something in.
  • Day 2, progress 80% ) Finally I have a headache from all of this generated sounds.
  • Day 2, progress 90% ) Hey, this menu appeared when i smashed my head on keyboard.
  • Day 2, progress 95% ) Ok, compiled file do not work under Windows, need to load extra GLUT dlls.
  • Day 2, progress 100% ) Uploa….. sleep.

PS. You can find my entry here, some of my previous games available here and here. If you know what is a problem with OpenGl shaders please post some information or link, i will be really happy. Sorry for bad English!.

NECLiD LD30 Post Mortem

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Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 2:28 pm

A-a-and this is my second successful LD48. The first one was #28 and I made a game about parallel universes with some time bending stuff. This one I continue my experiments with simple, yet unusual gameplay concepts. That’s how I decided to make NECLiD.

The core idea came to my head few months ago. I was trying to come up with gameplay ideas for (how ironic!) parallelsync. Last time I “touched” it I spent, like, a month and got literally nothing. But what can be better for creativity than limited amount of time? Nothing. :)

Oh, and here’s the link to the entry.


Neclid Tools

  • Intellij IDEA 13
  • LibGDX
  • Photoshop CS5
  • Aseprite

Good Times

  • Truly Rapid Development. The core stuff was ready after 5-6 hours from the beginning (my beginning, not the LD’s one), the whole game was written in 26 hours. What bothered me for, like, 60% of this time is level design. Gosh, I hate level design… well… I thought that I hate it but…
  • Level Design Is Fun! Yeah, I actually mean it. I had a great time making, well, three levels. As far as I can see from feedback a lot of people can’t solve level 2-1, because its geometry is weird. Can you solve it?
  • I Like It. For real, I’m very pleased with the result, I’m pretty pleased with music and graphics. I always wanted to “play” with non-euclidean (-ish) mechanics and weird level geometries. I have only one dream left: a rhythm game. Get ready, LD31! 😀
  • Games For Everyone. My last jam entry was NeuroIDE for Cyberpunk Jam in April. It was the first time I thought about accessibility in games and changed few details to make the game accessible for colorblind. This time I raised the bar: my LD30 entry features: 1). OpenDyslexia font, which made font more readable for those with dyslexia; 2). ability to remap keys, which not only helps people with non-Qwerty keyboards, but also made it playable for left-handed people and people with motor disabilities; 3). colorblind friendliness.

I want to illustrate the last one with example.

In early builds tiles could be separated only by colors, pink or blue:


But then I applied protanopia filter and, well…

unnamed (1)

Which ones are pink? Which ones are blue? What’s going on? The solution to this problem was pretty simple and elegant:

unnamed (2)

It was a small fix for me as developer, but could be a massive improvement for those who have problems with color distinguishing.

Bad Times

  • Cut This, Cut That. Well. It’s a compo. It’s only 48 hours. It’s only one way to produce stable and polished entry — cut stuff from the initial concept. Few characters with different abilities were brutally cut from the game and it made “Change Character” button pretty useless (not to mention, that it confused a lot of people that tried to switch to human character with visible Neclid Planes).
  • HTML5, WHY YOU DON’T WORK. I hate this phase. Because I have weird problems with HTML5 ports. Every. Jam. And each time problems are totally new. This time HTML5 port on and GameJolt thought that it should leave arrow keys for browser to process. And when people tried to navigate through menu they accidentally scroll the page. It was fixed, of course, but, you know, it’s not a good stuff.

Walking On The Neclid Planes

What’s next? To be honest, I don’t know. :) I was working on a “big” project before LD, but I really like how NECLiD looks and plays. I also like the feedback and comments on it, so… should I switch the active project? Should I postpone the previous one and try to finish this one?

Decisions, decisions…

Finally! Love Craft!

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Sunday, August 24th, 2014 5:56 pm

Finally done! And now with a name: Love Craft!

I wanted to do something not related to space, since most of the entries will do that. So I thought in connect worlds metaphorically. “Everybody wants a person to share a life, to found a family, to fall in love, to marry, etc; and when this happen, one person connects its own world to the other”.

I’ve lost so much time on Behavior Trees that I couldn’t add the sounds, what is a shame. However, I kept my initial plan (first time) and I enjoyed the resulting game. It is not that fun, but I liked anyway.



(View Entry | Play Game)

I’m done the art and code!

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Sunday, August 24th, 2014 12:58 pm

I’ve posted another video which can be found here.

Essentially completed code and art wise(at least for what I’m gunna get done for the jam and almost entirely). Now to do some more levels and see what I can do about a front end!!

Morning Report

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Sunday, August 24th, 2014 1:22 am

I’ve finished the graphics but some essential mechanics are still missing. I chose to take easy this night, so I postponed the important things to the day-development.


Video of progress

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Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 11:28 pm

I’ve made a video of the progress so far that you can find here.


The ship and green blocks are still place-holders, the fuel gauge goes down when you aren’t on a planet(takes a while so I couldn’t really put it in the video), now to add the oxygen and score meters. Before I got to bed I’m going to finish the GUI and the ship and green blocks.

More art and stuff

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Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 8:01 pm

Runner 2014-08-23 21-55-52-07


Four planet sprites done, still not done the ship and those blocks are still place holder but still 4 out of 8 planets done with orbiting moons and rotation are in, the shade also stays where it is rather than move with the planets rotation. Just gotta finish those planets, the ship and those blocks then I can start/finish the ui. Once that’s all done then its onto level design (already have the first set planned out!)

3rd LD, I’m in

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Thursday, August 21st, 2014 12:28 pm

This is my 3rd ludum dare and I am going to use the same tools as always:

Independent from the theme, I’m hoping to use behavior trees to control some NPC’s (I wrote a 3-part tutorial on behavior trees on my blog) and I am praying to all gods to elect “You Are Already Dead” as the final theme!


Ludum Dare 30 Wallpaper!

Posted by (twitter: @TwoScoopGames)
Thursday, August 21st, 2014 8:14 am

Hey everyone I created a wallpaper for Ludum Dare 30, feel free to use it however you like!

Ludum Dare 30 Wallpaper ld30 ld48 by Two Scoop Games

Download the size you need here:

1920×1200 (landscape)

1080×1920 (portrait)

1536×2048 (portrait)

1680×1050 (landscape)

1920×1080 (landscape)

2048×1536 (landscape)

2560×1600 (landscape)

new sizes:
1024×768 (landscape)

2500×2000 (landscape 5:4?)

2000×2500 (portrait 4:5?)

1600×900 (landscape)

1280×720 (landscape)

1366×768 (landscape Macbook Air 11″)

Ludum Dare 30 Wallpaper ld30 ld48 by Two Scoop Games
Also for my fellow Louisvillians who will be jamming with us at GameDevLou, here are some Louisville-specific versions just for fun:

1080×1920 (portrait)

1536×2048 (portrait)

1920×1080 (landscape)

2048×1536 (landscape)

Let me know if there are any sizes you need and I might be able to whip another one up for you.

Peace, and happy jamming!

I’m in…

Posted by (twitter: @Treeaza)
Wednesday, August 20th, 2014 4:12 pm

I will be entering Ludum Dare 30.  This will be my first full Ludum Dare (I have only entered Mini-Ludum Dares until now).  I will be using:

Language: Java

IDE: Eclipse

Libraries: Standard Java Libraries, and possibly LWJGL

Graphics: Paint.NET

Sound: sfxr

Other Tools: The Sprite Sheet generator I created for MLD #51.  (Available here).


I may also create a time lapse of my entry to post on YouTube.  I would like to live stream it, but my internet is terrible. Hopefully my game will turn out alright, but I’m sure it will be fun however it is.


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