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I’m not gonna make it. :(

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Sunday, December 15th, 2013 4:38 pm

As it turns out, ambitions can’t be too high. My plan in the end was to make a turn based RPG with only one weapon/armour allowed to be equipped at any one time, which was a terrible, terrible idea because it’s far too high maintenance to be done in two days. I got as far as a set amount of players (up to 4) being able to fight, roughly, against monsters. I didn’t even get far enough to publish the game and CALL it something that relates to the theme. It’s, like, a building block of something that could be. Here’s a screenshot of what it looked like.:

Screenshot 2013.12.15 23.34

It has potential I think, but it’s just, not done. That chest would’ve contained all sorts of random crap based on the area, the door would’ve been clickable and lead to somewhere where you could upgrade your characters (once). Once the enemies were gone, you could move on to the next place. I really did want to finish this, but I just, well, needed more time. :(


This was fun, nevertheless, and I will attend again next time, because this is a cool little challenge. I hope I’m better next time, and I wish everybody else the best of luck with LD28! Bye everybody. ūüėÄ


I decided to have a little fun today.

¬†I took the game engine I created for Simple Dungeon and created a new adventure out of it. This one is based on the TV series LOST. I don’t know if any of you are fans of the show, but I’m a big fan.¬†

¬†Anyway, the adventure is set on Lost island. You are Locke and the objective is to kill Ben. You’ll run into many of your favorite Losties here. Maybe even the smoke monster. You’ll finally get to see how that Locke vs. Jack battle turns out.

 Code is 99.7% the same. Mostly what I changed were the two data files. Fixed a couple bugs though while I was at it. It took a couple hours to design the new world and objects and monsters.

Have fun and let me know if you enjoy your adventures on Lost island.

 Game is here:

¬†–Note, updated rar. Forgot one of the files needed to run the game.

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